Tuesday, September 7, 2010

View From The Flagstand

What a Smoke filled View we had this week on the flagstand. With Tony Stewart's win at Atlanta Sunday night, he continued his streak of at least one win in each year he has competed in the Cup series. He also has scored more driver points than anyone over the last three months.


Of course Stewart gets this one with little competition. Different cars seemed strong at different times, but Stewart's was fast all race long.


Jeff Burton gears up for the Chase with a strong late run to finish 4th. Both Busch brothers overcame adversity to pocket top finishes. Kyle was 5th, Kurt was 6th. Funny talkers, Juan Montoya (9) and Marcos Ambrose (10) had nice results. Reed Sorenson (14), Regan Smith (17), and Bill Elliott (23) all had lead lap finishes.


Kevin Harvick suffered from driver error while Denny Hamlin had an engine malfunction after leading large chunks of the race. With just one race left before the Chase, now is not the time for these gremlins to affect these stout competitors.


This business where a driver gets loose, then because that slowed him down, he gets hit unintentionally from behind. Twice recently the driver getting loose has come back and wrongly taken revenge on the innocent driver who hit him. Kyle Busch did it to Brad Keselowski in a NNS race at Bristol two weeks ago, now Kasey Kahne costs Ryan Newman several positions with his wrongly blamed payback.


Everyone not named Jarrett, Petree, or Bestwick on ESPN's broadcasts. Seriously, Marty Reid is pathetic. Does he even watch the racing, or is another genius telling him what to say via earpiece? It's almost enough to make me miss Bill Weber. Almost.


  1. Gene, glad to know you saw the Khane & Newman incident the way I saw it. You have shed the "Rusty" title for that one!

    Great race to watch, with all the fish-tailing out of the turns. Too many blown engines though.

  2. I can't vote on your poll this week, Gene....I didn't start watching until mid 2004 so all 4 answers are moot, lol

    Do you think that, maybe, the payback thing is due to the guy thinking "yes, I didn't spin" then he gets the bump and goes around since he'd just relaxed a bit giving us morse code on the radio with all the bleeps?

  3. I miss Pontiac! What's next? Chevrolet? Dodge?

    Thanks for the rundown Gene!

  4. It was good to see Johnson not win. It was great to see Smoke win.

  5. CR... I just call em like I see em... LOL.

    Tez.... HaHa.. bleeping Morse code!

  6. Dwindy... Dodge is down to just one team in NASCAR, hope they aren't next.

    Photogr.... It was nice to see a new, old, face in Victory Lane... even better that it wasn't JJ.

  7. NO JJ this week! NO Carl Edwards either!!

  8. Jon... I dunno. Carl has been on a big roll for the last couple of months, and JJ will light it up once the Chase begins. X(

  9. After Denny's engine blew, he admitted that they were trying something new before they got any deeper in the Chase and since it didn't work at Atlanta, maybe they won't try that change again.

    but what did you think about the empty seats?

    and what went wrong with Jamie?

    and I actually thought I was listening to Bill Weber on 92.5's South Carolina radio station Sunday night. Sure sounded like him! Creepy!

  10. Finally done choking on the Smoke from this weekend to be able to comment. Personally I'd rather see JJ in VL than Mr Burger King!!

    It must be way harder to broadcast racing than we think - perhaps one of us should do a voice over on the action we see on the TV and see how we compare? No idea how ESPN misses every restart and nearly every wreck.