Monday, November 30, 2009

Man's Game

If you’ve ever scoped out or one of those other internet dating sites, and, let’s be honest, who hasn’t, you will have noticed that every woman on there is looking for a man with a sense of humor. At least 90% of the men I know have a sense of humor. So they shouldn’t be that hard to find, girls.

The problem lies in what men think is funny, and what women think is funny. There’s that, and the fact that women don’t have a sense of humor. Men think that funny stuff is funny. The Three Stooges, Dave Chappelle, and other guys getting hit in the danglers. Stuff like that, we find hilarious.

Women think that Sex in the City, kids, and chicks on the radio are funny. No, none of those are funny. That is, unless the kid’s getting hit in the junk. Women think that a coincidence is funny. They will tell you a ten minute story about how she and a stranger both ordered the same salad at lunch, with no punchline or payoff. They think some bedheaded fratboy prancing back and forth telling that same salad story is hilarious. Hellllo, Dane Cook!

Men don’t mind laughing long and loud in public. To the point of obnoxiousness even. How many times have you been perturbed by a woman laughing in public? A sober woman? Not many, huh? Are little girls taught that it’s impolite to guffaw in public? Or, is it a learned habit by seeing what jackasses men who do it can be?

Somehow, little boys learn that belching, peeing, farts, pain, and other low brow acts are funny. Once we grow up we don’t stray much from that formula. Well, except for adding sex and profanities to the list of what’s funny. Sure we get the cerebral humor, but we can’t help laughing at the low brow stuff also.

So when you girls say you want a man with a sense of humor, know what you’re going to get. Our humor is completely different from your humor. We like raunchy, physical, humor. You think four crows sitting around discussing shoes is cutting edge. That’s fine, just know that we are wired differently for comedy. Don’t ask for a sense of humor and expect it to match yours.

Funny to women…..
Dane Cook, Rita Rudner
Julia Roberts, Sandra Bullock,
Ziggy, Garfield
Those posters of kittens talking
Talking about another woman’s apparel

Funny to men……
Dimitri Martin, Chelsea Handler
Vince Vaughn, Larry David
South Park, Boondocks
Graffiti on bathroom walls
Laughing at another guy’s embarrassment

Women aren’t looking for a man with a real sense of humor, they are looking for a sensitive guy who laughs at what they laugh at. Big difference, ladies.

****This is from a book I'm writing to help women understand men. Any feedback is welcome and may also be included in the book.****


  1. While a woman's humor is certainly not as crude as men's. If most women are really honest with herself, she will see that she is actually looking for a male, who is a real man. Not a "sensitive guy who laughs at what they laugh at". Thank God my husband is not like that. Life certainly would be very boring if we alike.

    I am a firm believer Opposites attract. In every way. lol

    Great insight. But you are so right about MOST women. But do remember, not all of us, want that sensitive guy. Alot of us want a REAL man. Crudeness and all.

  2. Ann....thanks for the insights. I actually had planned on having something like "A Woman's Guide to Real Men" as the title. I'm planning on telling women what to expect from 'real' men.

  3. I left you a comment on FB, Humor is how far to take the joke/ statement/ or doing somthing funny and know when its time to get off the stage with woman. Men to men we will push the limite and nothing happens for it. Push it too far with woman it be comes grose/rude etc and your in the dog house.


  4. A state of mind effects a sense of humor. I miss those days of my youth when just about anything could be fall-down, rib-cage hurting, flat-out funny, with the right mixture of reefer, alcohol, and friends, male or female!

  5. dang it, TsFan, now I'm going to have that song stuck in my head for the rest of the day, LOL!

  6. Sounds good so far Gene.
    How about a chapter on the appropriate time to speak during games for women. And appropriate comments about your significant others girlfriends for the guys. You're doing the Lords work if you can tackle those topics

  7. Gene, the best thing a woman can do, when she mets a man is to ask alot of questions. I use to drive my husband crazy, when we were dating. He asked me to marry him three weeks after we met. And from that moment until we finally said I do, 15 months later, I questioned him about everything. His beliefs, how he felt children. How to discipline, Money, everything.

    And by the time we were married, I knew everything there was to know about him. Even how he wanted to left alone when the football games were on.

  8. F-2....that's one thing I'm trying to explain to the ladies.....A man's sense of humor is totally different than her's.

    CR...Yes, as we age, and sober up, we don't laugh as much. Probably if you got together with those old friends you'd get a lot of laughs.

    Tez....What song?

    Socal...Oh yeah, those subjects are covered. As is men talking while she's trying to watch Law and Order----not that you have to pay much attention to that show to figure it out--- but there's no sense in telling her that the first suspect in EVERY L&O show is the perp.

  9. Tsfan....sounds very smart. That way there are no surprises. Seems like a lot of people get married and don't know anything about their mate.

  10. 'Opposites Attract' by Paula Abdul...what song did you think I was meaning?

  11. I typed great stuff and it dissappeared

  12. Not all woman (or men) fit the molds> as you well know.
    Sometimes having a sense of humour simply means laughing about an incident and LETTING GO OF IT.

    If you are interested I would love to proofread anything

  13. Tez....I didn't think of that one. I was thinking of 'Whatta Man' by Salt and Pepa. LOL...both are old school.

    Yee....Yes, some people take longer to let go than others expect them to, though. Thanks for the offer. I have a lot of notes handwritten that I'll be trying to put into some type of order. I'll send you some chapters when I get them straightened out a little.

  14. I appreciate the response , Gene .
    I tend to write my stuff out of order and then try to 'fix' it later
    The important part is writing it. I have stuff I have been working on for years. Kudos to you for sharing

  15. Good stuff Gene!

    For the record - I dont find any of the things you listed under things women find funny, funny! Perhaps it is b/c I am a bit of a tomboy and/or have a sarcastic sense of humor myself...and again for the record I can be found cackling hysterically in public all the time. I guess I am a bad chick!

    I will second F2 - when the humor turns gross or rude I lose you guys...

    Personally I really like wit...nothing like a guy who can do the witty banter! Oh and I met my husband on Match! LOL

  16. dare I say that meeting someone online is no longer as taboo as it was about a decade ago?

    my list is rather short now; must like Top Gear...I've converted my gf so that's it, LOL!

  17. Over the years I've had several girlfriends that loved to laugh outloud in public, now I'm beginning to wonder if they were laughing with me or at me? Ah doesn't matter, we had some great times whatever we were doing!

    At any rate, it sounds like a fun topic Gene and if you need test readers you've got a bunch of us around here willing to help out.

  18. KLV....Ahh, if they could all be like you. I have more for the list of what women find funny. How about...Ellen dancing? Nip/Tuck? Oprah's jokes? Didn't think so...LOL

  19. Tez....I bet she says that she's converted you! LOL

    Brad...It's great to be with a girl that loves to laugh. I'm a funny guy, and if they won't laugh that's a dealbreaker.

  20. raise another good point.....sarcasm, most women don't get, don't use it. Except for my Mom....and I don't really want to hear it from

  21. Yes Gene - Sarcasm has to have a chapter, cause I do it and end up in the dog house for hours till I pull some teeth to find out why. Then I need to go over it to clear it up that it means nothing in a harmfull way. Then I get out of the dog house and back on the

    M y other half and me laught over the same things so it's all clear on that front.


  22. sarcasm is, apparently, the lowest form of wit...I counter that by using lots of it which makes me 'normal' on the wit-meter I guess :P