Thursday, September 2, 2010

Right Sides Only

Let's get it started, Labor Day in the Dirty South. College football kicks off this weekend, baseball races are tightening up, and the Chase starts in two weeks. The smell of Fall is in the air... well, maybe not yet, but it's rounding turn four.

National Lampoon's Vacation

The rumors of Wal-Mart coming to NASCAR as a primary sponsor on Jeff Gordon's HMS Chevy just will not go away. Wally World even went so far as to issue a press release last week stating that they were not coming to NASCAR. Of course that did nothing to dispel the rumors.

Used Cars

Fan favorite, Elliott Sadler says that he is close to announcing where and what he'll be driving next year. Apparently he won't be at RPM, and may not even be in a Cup car. Sources have him driving a Camping World Series truck for Kevin... er, Delana Harvick full time next year.

Back to the Future

Some long-time race fans remember back when the second Atlanta race of the year was also the season finale. Labor Day meant the Southern 500 in the stifling heat of Darlington. Both races were a milestone, something to be conquered. Now they have been moved around on some network's dartboard, and are both run at night. Change isn't always a good thing.

Atlanta Assumptions

Dale Earnhardt Jr won the pole at AMS back in March. That is all.

Bobby Labonte's six wins here are the most among active drivers. Define active?

Rusty Wallace and Jeff Gordon made their first career starts at Atlanta, while Richard Petty and Harry Gant, among others, made their final starts here.

At least eight different bands are performing at AMS over Labor Day weekend. Foreigner and Drivin' and Cryin' are among them, but do yourself a favor and check out Colt Ford, what a show!


  1. Didn't some guy named Sherman drive through Atlanta too?

    Wal-Mart's not looking to sponsor a car... They want the whole enchilada, man... It's gonna be the Wal-Mart Cup Series! I can't hardly wait to see those Wal-Mart girls standing around smiling in victory lane's background! It'll be smily faces all around!

  2. Dwindy-

    Interesting that you should make that comment today of all days (146 years to the day that Atlanta surrendered).

    If Wal-Mart did get the whole enchilada, would they pick the trophy girls from the greeters pool?

  3. "Welcome to Victory Lane. Get your dang trophy and get the heck out!"

  4. Dwindy... A big smiley face on the WM Cup champion's trophy? Oh yeah!

    SB 14.... Greeters. "Hello, and welcome to victory lane."

    Tez... With the Dale Jr express lane. For driver's who don't have a victory to check out. lol

  5. This is depressing! Where's the excitement? I went to sleep reading this! j/k

    Maybe I don't know how to work the search engines on about 5 of the local newspapers from Northeast Georgia but the best I could find on the AMS race this weekend was from a blogger with the Athens Banner Herald talking about TV ratings!( Not even the Atlanta Journal Constitution was interesting!

    I expect a lot of hillbillies who hocked their cars to get tickets will be at this race for Labor Day weekend and will thoroughly enjoy the 8 bands while the Raceway Ministry team prays for their drunk souls, but I don't expect the blue color workers from days gone by to show up. Sitting in the suites at night, is it as a spectacular view like during a day race?

    Sorry such a long comment. I meant to do a post but now I think I'm just going to go have a yard sale and sell Georgia Bulldog paraphernalia and wonder if any of the kids' racing caps will sell!

    GO, DAWGS!!! ok, go, Jamie!woo hoo!

  6. I miss the Darlington Labor Day race for sure. Certain events defined our holiday's and that was one for.

  7. Sigh...I really hope this weekend brings some good racing - I am starting to wane as the season wears on.

    I agree with Athens - depressing! I can't watch the WalMart Cup - sorry...thats nearly as bad as watching Danica.

    Happy Labor Day weekend to all!

  8. ATH... if they hock their cars, how will they get to the race?

    FBall... Your right. The three big summer holidays all had a big race on the schedule, every year. miss that, too.

    KLV... Write us all a prescription for depression. LOL

  9. Hitchhike or they might have one of those school buses turned into an RV!!! I should know, they're probably all my relatives!lol

    Do any of you go to the car shows in Pigeon Forge? Just another thing I'm depressed about and would like to share. I'm going to sleep now.

  10. ESad in a Happy Truck? The CWTS will be quite interesting for sure! And it would be a great career move for him! NASCAR WHIFFED when they ripped the Labor Day weekend race from Darlington.

  11. Jon... At least Sadler will stand a chance of winning races in that equipment.