Monday, July 26, 2010

View From The Flagstand

This week's View, from Indy, was partially hindered by the sun reflecting off 100,000 empty seats. Dust and grass blowing across the track didn't help the view much either. When is the last time we saw ten cars have to pit under green due to the grass not being cut low enough?

Indy brings the history, the pageantry, the larger than life exploits of the open wheel daredevils. It just doesn't bring a lot of passing or side-by-side racing in a stock car. Not that Indy is the only track like this.

In the Indy league now they have a boost 'passing' button which drivers can use around 12 times per race. This option allows the engine to get a huge surge of horsepower, momentarily allowing the car to pass, or hold off, another car. There is the way to make the Brickyard 400 exciting... allow the pass button on the Cup cars 12 times during the race.


Jamie McMurray was strong all day, and backed up this year's Daytona 500 win with a big win here. His EGR teammate, Juan Montoya, was the pre-race favorite, but J Mac was the one who allowed owner Chip Ganassi to lay claim to the big three, with McMurrays two, and Dario's Indy 500 victory for Ganassi also.


Second place finisher, Kevin Harvick increased his points lead with a strong, steady run. His RCR teammates Clint Bowyer (4) and Jeff Burton (6) were top-10 runners all day. Greg Biffle (3), Carl Edwards (7), and Matt Kenseth (12) all solidified their Chase hopes. Bill Elliott stayed on the lead lap and came home in 18th place.


On Saturday Kyle Busch told his crew to loosen up his racer. Then he went on to the Nationwide race (which he won) instead of practicing the Cup car. So, on the first lap of the 400 he dicovers that it is now too loose. The resulting melee ruined the hopes of several teams... before even completing one lap!


The groundskeepers at the Speedway. The ankle deep, bright green grass did look good on TV, but, between Busch's slide through the infield, and others dipping their left side tires in it, the grass created problems when the loose blades clogged up radiators and duct work.It did seem as though NASCAR told the teams to stay off the grass eventually, as later in the race, no one was hitting it.


Not one, but two major auto racing series on Sunday grabbed headlines when the wrong driver won their events, and NASCAR wasn't one of them. In the German Grand Prix, Felipe Massa led 49 of 67 laps before his Ferrari team ordered him to let teammate, Fernando Alonso, pass by for the win... and the points. This happens somewhat regularly in F-1.

What happened later in the Edmonton Indy race does not. Leader, Helio Castroneves was black flagged for blocking his teammate, Will Power, on a late restart. I've seen this replay a dozen times and I don't see any blocking... even for those open wheel divas.


  1. Barnhart gave an interview later (it's on the Indy site...well, it was this morning, lol) and clarified it. The rule says that unless you are looking to overtake the guy in front of you on the restart, you cannot take the inside line from braking point to corner.

    Don't like that at all since it's saying you can't defend your position in any way but hey, I don't write the rulebook, lol

    I see it's on youtube now, here we go:

  2. A 'boost' passing in the Batmobile?lol

  3. Tez.... I heard that all the drivers knew about this rule at the driver's meeting pre-race. But, what if Danica had been in Helio's place?

  4. Danica....leading both the Penske and Ganassi cars....on a road course....HAHAHAHAHAHA!

    uh, give me a minute here to calm down....

    ok, it wouldn't have mattered if Danica was leading and had to win to keep her title hopes alive, rules is rules. And while Helio didn't weave across the track like some people do - *cough* NASCAR *cough* - he ultimately just screwed up.

    I'm putting this next to Ambrose's Sonoma mistake for this years most "oh bugger" moments.

  5. Tez.... if you listen to her, she is a road course ace. LOL Of course, she also claims to be great on ovals, too!
    I seriously doubt that Indy League would EVER take a win away from her... no matter what the circumstances may be. But, I'll guess we'll never

  6. well, Indycar officials haven't really worried about reputations before. JV is the only guy to ever win the Indy 505 and that was only after they gave the penalty that denied the media using the very funky headline of 'Goodyear wins Indy on Firestones!'...but yep, we'll never know unless she does, one day, get put into that situation :)

  7. I'M SO SICK! I don't know if it's the ice cream from DQ or nerves but I haven't been this sick since I thought I had peanut butter poison last year and we blogged for 3 days straight! I keep hearing the music to "Copperhead Road" playing in my head!lol

  8. Hey Gene!

    Now that we both have a win in the Trifecta... You ready for a side wager? lol!

    I think I've figured it out. Look at the two guys that are in the lead. Both follow the open-wheelers... Must be easier to pick those (?) (they'll never admit to that!)

    Now for Ms. Patrick... She is, bar none, the best computer game driver in the world! She wins X-country X-games, Road courses, the Baja 1,000, open wheel, superspeedways, tri-ovals, the 1/2 milers, paved and on dirt! Then there's the quarter mile drags... She's really special! Now if she can just grab a win or two at the track!

    Let me know what ya think on that side bet!

    Thanks Gene!

  9. Dwindy.... I always have one bad finish every week. Ugh. What are we betting? Donuts?

    I never knew that about Danica. Makes sense, though... I heard Jr is awesome on iracing.


    (Just what I need...)

    I was thinking pink slips! lol

  11. Dwindy; it's no secret that there are less teams and cars capable of winning in F1 and Indycar than there are in NASCAR.

  12. tez, I know that but am surprised you're coming clean... LOL

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  14. Yeah Dwindy.... all you have to do is pick one of the same three drivers in F-1, or Indy car, that the regs here pick every week. X)

  15. ....there are other reasons that I'm keeping to myself of course ;)

  16. Hey! Someones's been talking behind my back! LOL