Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Right Sides Only

We made it through a whole two races before the Chase took a very familiar look, as four-time defending champion, Jimmie Johnson won last week at Dover. Denny Hamlin kept the points lead, while JJ moved up into second place. Tick, tock, Clarice.

Twelve Angry Men

RCR's appeal of the penalties against their #33 team and driver Clint Bowyer was denied on Wednesday. The three person appeals panel wasn't buying what Richard Childress was selling. RCR continues to claim that a wrecker push must have raised the #33 Chevy 1/16". NASCAR had video of the push, but the most telling evidence might have been the in-car, black box, telemetry from Bowyer's car itself. The data from the box showed just how hard, or light, the car was hit by the wrecker.

This should have closed the case, but Richard Childress promises to appeal the appeal. Let it go, Richard. You're not Jeremy Mayfield. NASCAR is not persecuting you, one of its most beloved figures.

Road to Perdition

Denny Hamlin made a public apology to Kevin Harvick and RCR earlier this week. Cool of Hamlin to apologize for Harvick running all over him in practice at Dover. No doubt his bosses at JGR told him to put Dover behind him and concentrate more on keeping his points lead.

Wizard of Odds

Kansas Speedway will have two Cup races next year. With the installation of permanent lights this offseason, one of the events could be a night race. The new 100,000 square foot Hollywood Casino will open overlooking turn two in 2012. Gambling while watching a race? Hmmm, not like all the on-track action is going to interfere with the off-track action.

Nationwide News

Nationwide Series hot shoe, Trevor Bayne has been let go by Diamond Waltrip Racing. Justin Algaier will be out of his Penske NW ride at season's end. Braun Racing has sold its four car NW team to Turner Motorsports. Turner immediately cut Brian Scott and placed their CWTS driver, James Buescher in that car.

Rock, Chalk, Jayhawk

Jeff Gordon has the best average finish at Kansas after scoring 7 top-10s in nine races.

Last year's race had the fewest cautions, and the most leaders. Green flag pit stops tend to do that.

Jimmie Johnson has three poles here.

Would you believe that Roush only has two wins here? Guess who.

Toyota has not won here, and Dodge has one win at Kansas. Who was it?


  1. well, I know one for Ford. Biffle was credited with the win here in 2007....but there has to be a big, huge, massive asterix next to it in the history books given that he crossed the finish line in fourth.


  2. I know the Turtle won at Kansas, or the Emerald City. ...same difference.

    I say Richard should appeal to the supreme court! Ruth B. Ginsburg has the hots for him!

    I love Inside NASCAR... Kurt's radio, "...too fast on pit road CC). What? Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! (Kurt)" LOL

    Sorry for the profane language. Sue me!

  3. Oh, and I have to confess, ACORN made me vote twice on the poll! Jimmie is the Champ, end of story.

  4. Newman won in a Ford. At least, that's how I remember it.

  5. I have to say that those are some brilliant sub-titles, Han!

  6. Gene... It looks like the economy is hitting the Nationwide series a lot harder than the Cup at this time. The sponsors are leaving pushing the owners to cut back. I guess like any other business the employees (drivers) represent the highest expense. They're the first to go when the ax comes out. A lot of young talent is going to suffer as the result.

    I think it's time for NASCAR to ban the Cup drivers from running in the NW series. I guess they're worried about TV ratings if that happens but the trade off is the loss of the young talent stream NW developes...

    Looking at Kansas Speedway can anyone say cookie-cutter?

    Thanks Gene!

  7. Tez..... Right on Biff and Newman. And right on the * ..LOL

  8. CR right on Martin. I was surprised that Edwards or Kenseth has not won at Kansas. Seems like it would be their kind of place.

    Newman in a Ford??

    I see where some counties in Oregon have more registered voters than they do people of voting age. Half the cemeteries are still registered... ala Black Sheep.

  9. ATH.... Thanks. I was going to change the subtitle format this week. Should have a new look next week.

  10. Dwindy... Bayne is probably the best young talent in Nationwide, and he can't keep his ride? Sponsors call all the shots. Owners have to put up with drivers they don't want (see Ragan in Cup) just for the money.

    The track owners will scream bloody murder if NASCAR disallows Cup stars from racing in NW. They have a beginner series now.... it's called ARCA.... with no Cup stars... no one watches it. They can't even get a TV deal.

  11. Gene- In Newman's rookie year, he drove the Alltel No. 12 Ford for Penske. I think it was the same year he got his Rocket Man nickname at Bristol. The following year, Penske switched to Dodge. NASCAR screwed with the rules, and the Dodge cars were left with a nose of inferior areo dynamic qualities. As a result, Newman was forced to hold up faster cars. End of story!

  12. Oh, and Newman's win at Kansas was in a Dodge. He won by racing the last 117 miles on a single tank of gas.

  13. I voted to engrave the trophy too, but I hope Kurt can put a run together to make it exciting - along with his bro of course!

    Kurt's radio is always X rated. Unfortunately KB Nation who usually broadcasts it has been down for 5 weeks so I haven't heard his sweet nothings for awhile.

    I got nothing else...I can barely remember who won last week let alone who won these races last year or last decade!!

  14. From what I recall about the 2007 race, they had a rain delay, NASCAR waited it out and got going again, knowing they couldn't get the full distance in since the track didn't have lights. Smoke (who was the leader at the time of the rain) got screwed big time when he had a tyre go down and smacked the wall after the restart. Apparently Biffle won since he had taken the white flag before the yellow came out and, I guess, there is no regulation at all about keeping pace with the safety car in that situation....

    CR: ahh, so *that* was the race that had Jack grumbling over the legality of Roger's car, cheers :)

  15. CR... I was at the World 600 in 2001 when Ryan won the pole in the 02 Altel Ford. I had forgotten that it was a Ford back then. He was hanging it all out. Led the first ten laps, before losing it coming off turn four, right in front of me.

    We were all impressed that night with the new kid that started 1st and finished 43rd.

  16. KLV... strange that no one is sure enough to vote that he won't win5 in a row. lol

    Kurt and someone else were on some sponsor's audio feed a couple of races back. Can't remember who.

  17. C'mon, Tez..... at least Smoke didn't win. lol

    Most of the time the bad rulings go against Roush. He finally got one to go his way. At least it was Biff.

  18. Gene...

    Bayne has a home! Roush-Fenway and he'll be driving for them this weekend at Kansas! Here's the link:

  19. Dwindy, perhaps Roush is keeping Bayne in the bullpen in case Ragan doesn't work out. It wouldn't surprise me to see Bayne in the #6 next year.

    And as far as ARCA, if they had a TV contract (with either Spike or Speed), I'D see the races! I like seeing new talent; speaking of which, congrats to Ty Dillon on winning the ARCA race at Kansas in his SECOND ARCA START.

  20. Tez... ARCA is fun to watch, but the reason they don't have a tv contract is that no one watches them. I'll be at Rockingham next weekend for the ARCA season finale.