Thursday, September 23, 2010

Right Sides Only

After the thriller in Loudon last week all the teams can head "down the shore" to Dover with their heads held high. Well, all but one, that is. Clint Bowyer's bunch falls from second to twelfth in points after being found illegal following the big win at NHMS last week. Life in the fast lane edition......

Take it to the Limit

Has NASCAR finally learned how to make the Chase exciting? Not only was the competition riveting during the first Chase race last Sunday, but they dropped a bombshell Wednesday regarding the winning car.

Upon taking the RCR #33 from the winner's circle in NHMS back to their facilities in NC, NASCAR found three direct violations of the rules. This after the #33 team was warned the prior week at RIR about pushing the boundaries. So, the #33 operation keeps the win, loses 150 points, and its crew chief and car chief are banned for six weeks.

RCR is blustering about appealing the sanctions, telling the public that it's all about the car only being 1/16" too high after the race. Believe this, it's about much more than that. Three different sections of the rules were cited as being compromised by the #33, not just one. NASCAR gave them every opportunity to pass inspections, and NASCAR would never come down this hard on a winning car unless it was deliberately illegal.

Witchy Woman

Danicamania is back! Did you miss it? She doubles down at Dover, as she's entered in the Friday NASCAR's K&N Pro Series East support race as well as the Nationwide race for JR Motorsports on Saturday. Yawn. Danica just picked up a top-5 finish in her Indy racer in Japan last week.

Best of my Love

While the teams are in nearby Dover, several drivers along with NASCAR president, Mike Helton, make the annual visit to Walter Reed Army Medical Center today (Thursday) to see the troops. Among those going will be, Kurt Busch, Ryan Newman, and Greg Biffle. Several show cars will also be on display at the hospital.

All Night Long

Bruton Smith one-ups Jerry Jones. Charlotte Motor Speedway will have a high def video board constructed in time for their May, 2011 events. The gigantic TV will be the world's largest at 200 feet long and 80 feet tall. The screen will be viewable for the fans sitting along the frontstretch from turn four to turn one. I'll bring my universal remote just in case the race gets boring.

Dover Drift

Sam Hornish Jr makes his 100th Cup start here on Sunday. Will he be around for 200?

Jeff Gordon will be in the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial #24. Check it out

Jimmie Johnson swept both races here last year.

Kyle Busch won the last race here, in May.

Martin Truex Jr got his first win here at Dover.


  1. I've got a peaceful, easy feeling that a non-Chase driver could steal a win at Dover. Unless Newman's team is forced to use another test set-up for teamate boss, Stewart.

  2. I'm waiting to see what Kristen has to say about her favorite Fox Sorts writer, Lee Spencer, stating that NASCAR gave Kurt a pass at Louden! Basicaly, that the tire infraction was on par with the RCR violation. Sure wish I had gone to Sonoma 2 summers ago! lol

  3. So it's between Kyle, JJ and Truex at Dover?

    I hear Charlotte's going to have the world's largest drive-in theater... I saw an artist's rendition of the screen sitting next to a grandstand in the Charlotte paper. That thing is huge!

    Boy is your face gonna be red when Danica wins at Dover... LOL

    Finally... I read the article CR's talking about... You should check out the reader's comments. Sounds like Lee has a thing for Bowyer and now she's goin' to bat for him...

    As NASCAR Turns...

    Thanks Gene!

  4. more important than all that (for us openwheel guys anyway, lol)....expected weather for Singapore is rain. Let's see the first wet night F1 race, bring it on!

  5. I never go on Fox anymore...let me go read what she is sayin before I react! LOL

    I'll be back...

    I agree with you Gene - has to be more than the rear bumper being to high for them to come out swinging like they did.

  6. CR.... Dover would be a good place for a non-Chaser. McMurray, Montoya, Truex, or Kahne possibly.

    I don't check Fox out too much either. I'll go see what that old crow is chirping about.

  7. Dwindy... I'm wondering if the TV screen will affect the camera shots by the networks covering the races at CMS.

    I am wrong about a lot of things, but Danica will never win a NASCAR race. Way too much competition.

  8. Tez.... ordering up the Singapore Slingshots?

  9. CR, you could have warned us that it was a video of her ((shudder)). Lee is a BIG RCR fan! Talk about your unbiased reporting. She makes you and Jon seem like fair-weather RCR fans...LOL

    Seriously, it was painful to watch her slobber over RCR for 90 seconds.

  10. Kris... don't waste your time checking her out. Basically an infomercial reassuring the RCR faithful that everything will be okay for all, but Bowyer.

  11. Gene, I didn't see a video. THANK GOD! It was a collumn she wrote under the header "NASCAR is treating drivers differently".

  12. Oh thank GAWD I didnt see the eyes! my eyes! LOL I only read the article.

    Lee definitely plays her favorites - it is how she gets her "insider" info. She was apparently beloved by Earnhardt so she has inside track to Jr and Richard always as a result.

    Foxsports likes to stir the pot, create rumors and cause trouble. When you read their stuff you can tell the "entertainment" angle runs strong...and why they even entertained the idea of letting me write for them. Unbiased they are not.

  13. I use the term 'video' very loosely with her. It's actually her sputtering in front of a laptop webcam. I'm not kidding.

    I've seen 4th grade productions that were twice as professional.