Sunday, August 28, 2016

Slap On The Wrists

Once again NASCAR's crack team of inspectors has detected something illegal on a car... after a race. Brad Keselowski's Penske Racing Ford was found to be not up to specified tolerances via laser technology... after the race. This, of course, will merit some sort of NASCAR "penalty" against the #2 car at an upcoming event. To help some of you 'fans' out, I am publishing the "punishments" per minor penalty as NASCAR has them noted in their "rule book".

Chapter IX, Section 43.43 Penalties per minor infractions:

1-10 Infractions: Hand written notes to all inspectors saying you're sorry.

11-20 Infractions: Team members will have to take their seats at the next drivers meeting after everyone else is seated.

21-30 Infractions: Team hauler has to wait after the race until all other transporters have exited the track.

31-40 Infractions: Driver won't be 'interviewed' during Mikey's pre-race pit walk. Seems counterproductive, I know.

41-50 Infractions: Driver's motor coach will be parked alongside entry gate and driver will be forced to sign autographs, in full uniform, through the fence all weekend when not in the car.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Much Ado Over The Carl

Social media is always good for a laugh. Where else can you hear the thoughts of so many self professed experts? And, NASCAR fans are just as opinionated as any of the other know-it-alls. So, once again, at long last, Spinout returns to set them straight.

First... the matter of Carl Edwards 'moving' teammate Kyle Busch out of the way, and taking the win at Richmond on Sunday. While I didn't care for the maneuver, if that's what it takes to win (in a supposedly faster car) then whatevs.

This 'hit and pass' move resulted in plenty of dumb comments on the web....
Dumb: Kyle would have done the same thing.
Dumber: Kyle will get him back in the future.

Think about it and let us know just how many times Kyle Busch has "done the same thing"... on the last lap, for the win? Take your time, we've got all day.

Next... name the times that Kyle Busch has "got someone back" at a later date? Once the race is over, he's focused on the next race... not payback like some other weak minded competitors. There are plenty of other drivers that have wrecked Kyle, some on purpose, and I can't recall him ever keeping a 'hit list'.

Finally, what is the BFD about Mrs Kyle Busch lip syncing the "S" word? How petty can the haters be? No one cares. Or, are we all gonna hope and pray that the "new" Samantha Busch grows up, and meets everyone's earthly expectations?