Thursday, September 16, 2010

Right Sides Only

The Chase is finally here, along with all its inherent excitement. Alleged excitement, that is. Twelve drivers, ten races. Two and a half months that will seem like six, at least. Why don't the NFL playoffs seem like they go on forever? Instead, they leave you wishing the games were still being played. Yeah, we want some of that, NASCAR.


Have you all been following the adventures of Kyle Busch this week on ESPN 2? Except for being pre-empted for tennis on Monday, 'Riding Shotgun: Kyle Busch' has been following Busch each day during his week of appearances before the Chase begins.

The Big Lebowski

Front Row Motorsports has filed suit against their former driver, Kevin Conway, and his sponsor, Extenze. Extenze was to pay FRM $108,000, weekly, for 50 weeks. Out of that total of 5.4 million, FRM would pay Conway's base salary of $540,000 and performance bonuses. In June Extenze began paying only half of their weekly payment. This led to Conway taking Extenze and heading out to RGM.

After subtracting Conway's salary, FRM was looking to stack almost five million?! Plus 85% of race purse winnings (Conway got 15%). For a glorified start and park operation? Now they are trying to collect all kinds of easy money from Extenze. What, only one Extenze joke in these two paragraphs?

Five Easy Pieces

Five drivers who made the Chase last year did not make it this year. Car number 5, Mark Martin is one of those five. Five drivers in the Chase this year have not won a race this year. Chase contenders, Jimmie Johnson and Jeff Gordon, are gunning for title number five.

Loudon Lowdown

Jimmie Johnson is driving the same car which won when last at Loudon.

Jeff Burton leads all drivers with four wins here. Anyone have him on their fantasy team?

Burton led all 300 laps to win here in 2000. He won the year before while leading only two laps.

Loudon's new start/finish line is a 6" thick, 2' wide, 65' long slab of granite. Will we now see the kissing of the granite by the winning team at New Hampshire?

The Patriot

This Dodge Viper is the Tea Party Pace Car......


  1. Lame

    Is qualifying Friday? There's a 50 percent chance of rain. How do you predict things will happen then?

  2. Gene,

    I saw Kyle the other day signing row upon row of bottles of wine, diecast cars, and on and on... Great way to spend your time. I wonder what kind of %age he gets from all that.

    Seems to me I heard something about Extenze' business projections shrinking...

    Then... I heard the company's executives were negotiating with NASCAR for a new promotion... Whenever the end of a race is put off by a caution followed immediately on the restart with another caution they hope to call it the "Extenze Moment"...

    No word on how the negotiations are going but I'm sure the latest revelations about the problem between Front Row and Extenze may cause NASCAR to pull out...

    Are you into numerology?

    That's a great idea with the granite start/finish line...

    Finally... I can see that Viper chasing down GM (Government Motors) cars!

  3. SUH-weet pace car!! Here's to tea, and LOTS of it!

    When Burton won in 2000, it was the only time that NASCAR mandated a restrictor plate at a non-superspeedway. He started second, took the lead from Bobby Labonte before the first lap was completed, led that lap, then the next 399 laps. I'm putting Burton on my fantasy team!

  4. ATH... if qualifying is rained out I doubt it will affect the race at all. 8 or more of the top-10 finishers will be Chase guys no matter what.

  5. Dwindy.... The funniest thing is they can afford 5.4 mil to advertise on a car that finishes 30th or worse every week. WTH?

    Jon... I remember the race. Probably the most boring race ever at that boring track.

  6. Yea, I saw the episode with Kyle boating with his WAG. They seem like a fun pair.

    I was thinking you were going to report that someone urinated on Conway's rug...

    Dwindy, we may need to exorcise the demons out of you. Astrology, and now numerolgy? Next you'll be handling snakes n' such! LOL

    Jeff Burton has been on my Yahoo fantasy team for the past 3 weeks, as well as Newman. The trick is picking the right race to start them.

  7. Boy, the GOP looked really stupid during the 24 hours following the Delaware primary!

    Are we going to see the Tea Party Viper in an upcoming race?

  8. I thought the SRT-10 was never officially called a how the current Nissan GTR isn't officially a Skyline even though we all know it is.

  9. CR..... Come on we know you've already used up your top drivers, now you have to use Newman and Burton every

    Those Republicans looked stupid for weeks before the Del primary.

  10. Tez... I don't know. I think they called it a Viper on their website.

  11. That stupidity virus seems to be turning into a pandemic in Washington lately.

    Lets hope sombody else besides the Chad and Jimmie show wins the championship.

  12. QUESTION....If Junyer had stayed with Theresa (professionally speaking)lol, would the #1 car that Jamie is driving really be the #8 and Junyer would be doing this great, and not Jamie?

  13. Premature gratulations to Ryan Newman for winning in New Hampshire! Modified race is under 10 laps to go, and no one can catch him.

  14. Photo.... I don't believe I ever got my vacination for that one. lol

    ATH... No

    CR... He is to modifieds what Kyle is to

  15. How'd I miss this? I think I read it and didnt't have time to comment and forgot I hadn't commented...sheesh sorry!

    That pace car scares me a bit - not a big fan of ANY politics in my sports. Ever since that offensive NASCAR dads comment...(ah LOTs of chick fans people!) LOL

    Kyle on ESPN was highly entertaining - much more true picture of who he is...

  16. KLV.... Is it strange that this show featuring the 'nice' side of Kyle comes out while he searches for a truck sponsor?