Thursday, September 30, 2010

Best. Theory. Ever!

Put it in park, turn down the jams, and walk with me for a minute. Just ask yourself, 'Is any theory that far-fetched when NASCAR is involved?'

Let's say Clint Bowyer's car was illegal after the Richmond race. NASCAR didn't want to penalize the #33 by giving his Chase spot to Ryan Newman. Much the same as they won't take the win away from an illegal car. Not to mention, what if they did give the slot to Newman, then RCR appealed and NASCAR's ruling on Bowyer was overturned.... after the Chase had already started with Newman in it?

Then, let's say NASCAR told RCR they were fortunate, and not to bring the same set-up back to the track. So, (hypothetically, of course) what does the #33 do? He smokes the field the very next race. NASCAR was not amused. Then the very public payback to RCR began.


  1. Your theory Gene? Whoever came up with it certainly was on the beam. Very believeable. I this is true though I'd think Childress would tone it down a little... Then again, like Kristen said, he's only doing what he's supposed to do as an owner. He sure doesn't want to admit to the charges...

    Question... Back in the day when Dale was the Intimidator was NASCAR as particular about the car set-ups right down to 1/16th of an inch and so on?

    Thanks Gene!

  2. Dwind..... lol. This theory was half mine and half someone else's.

    Back in the day, NASCAR concentrated more on engines, gas tanks, and, maybe, tires during post-race inspections. I believe when they went to the COT, they went to 1/16ths as standard tolerance for suspension and body parts.

  3. So, as the logical progression goes... There was a lot more opportunity to "play" with certain things and it wasn't considered a bad thing like it is today...

    Sounds like we're seeing the old dog and new tricks theory at work too...

  4. Yes, I suppose there was. Last week Mark Martin's qualifying time was disallowed due to not having the proper gas pressure in one shock.

    Ten years ago NASCAR didn't check shocks that way. Most of their parameters have came about due to the teams innovating in areas that NASCAR didn't even know were areas.

  5. I dunno Gene - NASCAR seems to take great glee in giving teams the smack down when they know they are right. If 33 was illegal at Richmond and they never over turn appeals then why not blast the 33 then and bring more controversy into the chase causing more eyeballs to watch? Attention good or bad is fine with NASCAR.

    Also alot of the tech inspection/limits are mostly do to safety - teams will push the limits of performance and create very dangerous situations. I know that is the case with the shocks and tire pressures, the lug nut thread count rule and a few others.

  6. Well, it's an interesting theroy.

  7. Kristen... The truth will never stop me from accusing NASCAR of something underhanded! LOL

    I'd say that 95% of their rules stem from the safety of the fans, cars, teams, and drivers.

  8. Mose.... looks like a bunch of M&Ms. You getting enough rest, bro?

    CR... Come on, dude. it's believable, right?

  9. Oh, what a tangled web we weave! Who knows what goes on behind the closed doors of NASCAR? Yes, Gene. It's believable, and as I said before, interesting.

  10. It would be plausable IF NASCAR was consistent ( which they aren't). Bases on todays regulations no one car could have the perfect magic set up but one car does have it frequently.

    Can we speculate that the owner has found a way to beat the rules and dominate? Will this car be inspected thouroughly if the driver is a big name or more so if the driver is a field filler? There in lies the quagmire.

  11. Photogr.... Is NASCAR like the WWE? They both have the favorites and the villains. They let some get away with cheating....

    Are NASCAR's outcomes predetermined also?

  12. "Are NASCAR's outcomes predetermined also?"

    Hard to tell. However NASCAR does seems to try to manipulate the race process to an extent mostly towards the end of the race sometimes ( mystery cautions,loose lights, or what ever they can come up with).

    Speaking of the WWE the only difference I see between the two is the WWE stars are such good actors that many end up in the movies. Don't see that with NASCAR drivers yet.