Thursday, June 3, 2010

Right Sides Only

Thirteen down, and thirteen to go. We are now halfway to NASCAR's contrived version of a playoff... The Chase. The extended triangle that is Pocono Raceway gets us going into the second half of the regular season this Sunday.

Mute Button no Longer Needed

Buh-Bye, Fox. Don't let the door hit ya. TNT takes over race broadcast duties for the next couple of months as DW, Hammond, Meyers, and the rest of the Foxcasters get their annual early summer vacation. You know how you don't really miss something until it's gone? Well, don't expect that to happen in this instance.

200 At 25

Sunday, when he starts the ProGlide 500 at Pocono, Kyle Busch will become the youngest driver to make 200 Cup starts. He'll break Brian Vickers' (hurry back, B Vick) mark by a few months. Gee, it already seems like he's been around forever.

Turn Off Your Blinker, Gramps

61 year old Geoff Bodine is supposed to attempt to qualify at Pocono for this week's Cup race. Despite not having started a Cup event since 2004, Bodine stated that he has a shot a becoming NASCAR's oldest winner. He's driving a start and park entry. If he has a shot, I have a shot with Salma Hayek.

Pocono Patter

Mega sponsor, UPS reaffirmed their intentions to fulfill their contract next year at Roush Fenway Racing. This assures David Ragan of remaining at RFR for at least one more year anyway.

Denny Hamlin and Bobby Allison have each won three straight races at Pocono in the past.

Tony Stewart has nine top-10s in his last 10 Pocono starts.

Jeff Gordon has 8 top-10s on his last 10 races here,

At Pocono, Jimmie Johnson and Denny Hamlin both have an average finish in the top-10.

Gillette razor shill, and WWE Champion, John Cena is one of the Grand Marshalls this weekend.


  1. Hey Gene!

    Your comment about UPS sticking around to fulfill their obligation to Rouse and Ragan got me thinking.

    I've recently seen some comments about HMS having financial issues as owner Hendrick has been taking hits in his auto sales businesses. It has led to speculation about the racing team relying on Jr.'s sponsorship money to keep going. Two years ago HMS was rated the best NASCAR team and worth $350 million. Have you heard anything to indicate trouble at HMS?

    The comments I heard stated that although Hendrick would like to send Jr. packing for his poor race performances and accompanying finger pointing, he just can't do it for money reasons...

    Along the same lines Hendrick has promised Kasey Kahne a ride next year. With a four car team limit how's that gonna work?

    Martin has another year on his HMS contract. Hendrick would never force out JJ or Jeff (would he???) and now he's relying on Jr.'s income? I've heard that Hendrick might sponsor a third car with Stewart-Hass and put Kahne in there for a year, but how does that help Stewart-Hass?

    Thanks Gene.

  2. Good questions, Dwindy.

    I'm sure the economy is affecting Hendrick's car sales, but his team would probably still be the best even without Jr. DuPont, GoDaddy, and Lowes pay a lot of money too.

    Like JR Motorsports, Stewart-Haas is merely an appendage of HMS. Hendrick's way around the 4 car rule. He supplies everything to those teams.

    Kahne would bring a big sponsor along to SHR, and they need some help there.

    I could see Hendrick moving JRM from Nationwide up to Cup as a two car team to showcase Dale Jr. Sponsorship is the key to any move in NASCAR though.

  3. I know we're off the RSO subject matter with my HMS questions and I want to thank you for your responses.

    I heard that DuPont may not renew after this season. No more Rainbow Warrior? Is Jeff ready to sit down?

    I guess will know down the road.

    Thanks Gene!

  4. I think you have a shot with Salma. Wanna double date with Me and Ashley?

    How was No Cal? Learn any new gang signs?

    Is Bodine start and parking a bobsled at Pocono?

  5. LOL, Moseby.... you seem to be in a happy place today. Congrats!

    Hah! I was far away from any gangsters. Didn't even see one in San Fran. Spent most of the week at my Mom's on the first green in Hidden Valley Lake. Great place, great people, great time.

    I heard yesterday that Steve Park was going to drive the 36 at Pocono with a special Richie Evans Modified paint job. Bodine is in the car today. Maybe Park will be in the 2nd Pocono race?

  6. Almost too much information here for my head! FOX maybe gone, but we'll still have to hear about how unique the triangle is no matter who's broadcasting.

  7. Did Hamlin win the second Pocono race in 2005? If not, then he couldn't have won three straight at Pocono since Jeffy G won the rain shortened '07 one.

  8. HMS relying on someone else for money? Hmmm....didn't he do some money laundering....oh never mind...We all know that story. lol

    Been awhile since I checked out your stuff Gene. It would not surprise me to see Hendrick keeping Jr. on just for the sponsorship money he brings in. Jr. is a gold mine for any owner with all the sponsorship dollars he brings in. So no even if Jr. never wins another race, HMS will keep him on board just for the dollars.

    I just wonder how much longer Jr. will stay put before he decides to jump ship for greener pastures of his own.

    Tez if I am not mistaken Denny won both Pocono races his rookie year.

  9. CR.... Yes we will. I'll set the over/under on the number of times that the word 'roval' will be mentioned at 4...LOL

    Tez.... You're right. Denny has won three, but not in a row. I guess I should go check on Allison's wins there,

    Hey Ann.... nice to see you checking in once in awhile. Sure Rick will keep Jr as long as Jr wants to stay at HMS, and, yes, one day Jr will decide to leave, no doubt.

  10. Gene, might as well put Hershel McGriff in one of those start and park cars. It's almost maddening how desperate they are to make the field and deny a part-time team that WANTS to run the full race a spot in the field because the part-time team has no/very few owners' points.

  11. Jon.. It's all NASCAR's doing. They want a full field at every race... so they have to make sure that the S&Ps are there.

    Tez....Aha! Tim Richmond is the other driver with 3 straight wins at Pocono.