Thursday, November 12, 2009

Right Sides Only

With just two races to go, the Chase continues with this week's stop in Phoenix. Jimmie Johnson lost over half of his points lead to Mark Martin last week in Texas after an early wreck....thanks Reutimann!

Is it Drama Yet?

It may seem exciting now that Martin appears to be within striking distance of Johnson's points lead. Yeah, sure, you betcha, just be prepared for Jerry Punch to give the point totals----if the race ended now----at least once every three minutes.

I don't know anyone who likes to hear that over and over, so maybe ABC could put a small graphic in a corner of the screen showing their, and Jeff Gordon's, points they race. Other sports have been using it for's called a scoreboard! That way the fans know who is leading. Or, even who would win.....if the contest ended won't, though.

The Kevfecta? WTH!

Kyle Busch came within 2 laps of winning all three NASCAR races at Texas last weekend, and he's geared up to try it again in Phoenix. This week, Kevin Harvick will also give it a go, as he's entered in all three national series races at the one-mile track. Harvick and Busch have both won Cup races at Phoenix. Busch (2005) joins Tony Stewart (1999) as the only rookie winners there.

A Patriot Missle

After winning last week at Texas in the "Operation Homefront" Dodge, Kurt Busch and the Miller Lite team have decided to name that winning car "Patriot". Go here and check them out, or to make a donation.

EGR in the News

Turns out that Earnhardt Ganassi Racing will not be switching to Toyota next year after all. They are sticking with Chevy, and using RCR engines again in 2010. Meanwhile Aric Amirola has filed a breach-of-contract suit against EGR in a N.C. Superior Court.

Coffee and Rain-X

Too bad we're not racing in Seattle this week. Martin Truex Jr's #1 EGR Chevy will be sponsored by Rain-X and Starbucks. Starbucks makes it NASCAR debut by featuring a new instant coffee called 'VIA Ready Brew'.

I can't imagine buying Starbucks instant. As it is, I'm not a fan of their shops with the pretentious, pony tailed, poly-sci majors schlepping coffeee anyway. Oh! Maybe that will make folks buy the instant at the grocery store. Speaking of coffee....what is the deal with Dunkin Donuts coffee? Is it supposed to taste that bitter? All the time?


After the Talladega race one of NASCAR 's suited flunkies said that ABC was disparaging the 'action' on the track. Brian France jumped in and said that maybe ABC doesn't know how to telecast a non-stick and ball sport. While admitting that he did not watch the race on ABC, BF still had opinions on what ABC should be doing to increase ratings.

What a laugh! NASCAR's top execs are so clueless that they think it's the network's job to make their product exciting!



  1. Only someone named France, Helton or Poston would think it's NOT a reporters job to report what they are seeing. And what they saw was boring. I can see Dr. Punch(less) backing off but DJ... never.

  2. For once Brian is half right, the way the director calls the cameras and who he picks to show during the race can mean a exciting race or a boaring one.

    They are so stuck on showing the top 10, big name drivers like when they go threw the field showing one car for a lap or two talking about what is wrong or right.

    We have seen mnay times the camera will pick up the back guys racing 3 wide to give a us a half of lap and then got to get back to the front for single file racing. Bigger the sponsors seems to help get more air time.

    Showing too much pits stop and when a not so big name gets the lead they don't show him in the lead


  3. SoCal....Great to have you back, dude.

    Why is NASCAR even letting this air out in the court of public opinion? They are beyond clueless.

    NASCAR has everyone on Sirius Radio and MRN on their payroll, and those media outlets are shameless shills for NASCAR. So, NASCAR doesn't think ABC should criticize them either.

    DJ seems to be biting his tongue more than ever. Petree will blurt out the truth every now and then.

  4. J-Dog....If there is nothing exciting to show, then what? LOL. The problem is that all the directors' backgrounds are in football, baseball, etc.

    Football has been on weekly TV for over 50 years. Baseball, even longer. They have had decades to figure out what they should be showing. NASCAR has only been on weekly for maybe 20 years, and they are still trying to televise it like a ball sport. Maybe they'll get it right one day.

    I'm sure if Jr could run up front each week, that would solve all problems for viewers, directors, and NASCAR. So, I blame him! LOL!!


  5. Thanks Gene. I'm glad to be back. I really missed this stuff. I got busy and let the learning curve keep me from trying.

  6. All this talk of network coverage is making me sleepy. About the only thing I like during a televised race, is when they amp it up, show a lot of in car, or bumper camera views, live radio com, and generaly no announcer's annoying voice to distract. I do believe the coverage should spread back in the pack more, where the tight battles for a top 30 position are. But, then again, who cares what's going on back there? LOL

  7. CR...The best thing I can say about today's NASCAR TV coverage is that it's better than no coverage at all.....barely. LOL

  8. Yes Gene... Better than a 30 min. recap on Wide World of Sports. Although, McKay was awesome!

  9. Thanks for giving props to Operation Homefront. I met the head of it and several soldiers in Texas in 2007...awesome experience for me and a great organization.

    I found it highly amusing that Brian admitted he never see's watches the broadcasts! LOL I dont believe for a minute he is watching it live every week...

  10. Nice walk in the deset Gene

    Have to make a comparison between Brian France and Kyle Bush. Neither knows.

    It is truly amazing to think that France would critisize ABC for their race coverage. How much does ABC pay Nascar to televise the Ant Races ? Brian did not even tune in ? Oh Brian did you guys vote in Bill Sr and Jr into YOUR Hall of Fame at the same time ? Never mind.

    Mr. Kyle Bush ....winning three in one weekend is not the same as winning 3 or 4 Cup titles in a row is it? When you win we hear what you have to say but when it comes up short you hit the bricks faster than Obama hopps on Air Force 1.

    Yes indeed there was nothing like watching Jim Mckay on Saturday's, suffering through cliff diving to see a few minutes of real race cars running at Darlington or Atlanta.

    Watch out for the Rattle Snakes ....Enjoy the race and the weekend.

  11. KLV....His handlers probably show him a tape of a great race from yesteryear each Sunday...and then he wonders why everyone's bitching about his product...LOL

  12. Rick...One distinction between Brian and has talent and earns his money.... the other's last name is France.

    I'm amazed that so many non-Kyle fans are so upset because they didn't get to see him be interviewed after the race last week. What exactly do they think they missed out on? First, they say he's on TV too much, now, he's not on enough! There were about 35 other drivers who weren't interviewed after the race.

    Wide World of Sports....Demolition Derbies, Barrell jumping on ice skates, Evel Knievel, and the fireman competition.

  13. left out Bull of the Woods Logging competitions, and the Oklahoma Rattlesnake Hunt Championship!

  14. CR....Also, they would promo Knievel endlessly during the first 85 minutes of the show, just so you would stay tuned for that last 5 minute segment featuring his jump, and, or wreck.

  15. LOL... I miss those days. It was a simpler time. Of course, I was a kid, and that in it's self is simple!

  16. Extra good edition this week. The music at Starbucks is worse than the workers... lol.

  17. The Gators will play in the Rose Bowl this year. OPPS Sorry. This is NASCAR. My bad.

    For some reason ABC does not turn me on with their bland coverage. Why doesn't NASCAR let Fox keep the coverage all year.