Monday, June 28, 2010

View From the Flagstand

Sunday's race in New England left us very unsurprised, at the results or the actual racing itself. If you like 280 laps with a handful of passes for the lead, and lots of green flag pit stops; then Loudon is your kind of race track.


Jimmie Johnson made it two wins in a row with the victory Sunday. He looks to be in dominator mode as he swashbuckles through the competition. He may have only led nine laps, but clearly had the fastest car at race's end. Kyle Busch made it look easy, winning the NNS race at NHMS on Saturday. Busch also became number one in laps led in the NNS during the race.


The top four finishers, Johnson, Tony Stewart, Kurt Busch, and Jeff Gordon have 11 Sprint Cup Championships among them! Don't be shocked if this year's champ comes from that fearless foursome. AJ Allmendinger somehow kept the fenders on his car and came home 10th after running in the top 8 for most of the day. Dale Earnhardt Jr raced as hard as he knows how, and ended up 8th.


Three drivers with sure top-10 (at least) cars didn't get those results due to gross incompetence. Jeff Burton wrecked himself and Kyle Busch with less than 10 laps left. Pole sitting, Juan Montoya was deliberately taken out by Reed Sorenson. Those three drivers led 171 of the 301 laps. Kasey Kahne led another 110 laps before his Roush test engine blew up.


Jeff Burton has been grinding my gears for years. He learned the fine art of whining and politicking from the best in the biz... Mark Martin and Jack Roush. Last month, after the race at Charlotte, Burton got in Kyle Busch's face because Busch had the ability to make it three wide on a late restart. Busch was in the middle, Burton came down from the outside and cut his own tire. Before looking at replays, Burton went off, and looked like a fool to those that had seen the incident from an outside view.

Sunday, Burton was leading with a handful of laps left. The yellow flew, everyone pitted for tires except J Burt. Of course he gets Linda Ronstadted on the restart. Then he drives too hard into a turn, on old tires, with Kyle Busch outside of him, slides up and ruins both of their days. So, just a month after screaming at Kyle to "think" and don't be wrecking him on a late restart.... JB does the exact thing he was so hot about. Burton, do us a favor and stick to something you are an expert on... points racing! Leave racing for the win to those that do it on a regular basis.


The talk of Loudon losing one, or both, race dates to another track. There are still four or five other tracks that are much more boring than Loudon. I'd rather watch 301 quick laps at NHMS than 400 miles at Indy, Michigan, Miami, or 500 at Pocono, Cali, and Texas. Why dump Loudon to add a race at Vegas. That track is no thrill show itself.


  1. I have come to realize that my 4-year-old nephew is a chauvinist! He and I were discussing who won the race yesterday at Loudon. Of course, he likes Jimmy Johnson and I don't. I said I was glad Tony came in 2nd. He looked at me and said, "Bevy, you sound like a boy sometimes."lol

    Name that tune - "When will I be loved?" I've been cheated, been mistreated.....Poor Jeff B. SportsChump says "Tracks of my Tears" sounds better by Smokey. I say NO WAY! Linda can belt out a song!

  2. I'd rather watch the battle between grass growing and paint drying than 301 laps of Loudon but to each their own, lol

  3. You're no good, you're no good, you're no good... Baby, you're no good...

    (JJ singin' to the rest of the field at Loudon's line dance while takin' the checkered flag)

    Gene, I guess there are a lot of fans that like this type of racing. Hold on for the last few laps and see who breaks free. I'm not sure what I'm after, but there's got to be something better than what we just saw at Loudon, and we get to see it again during the Chase? And Bristol isn't part of the Chase? The hardest ticket to get in NASCAR and Bristol isn't even part of the Chase?

    You can blame the drop in NASCAR popularity on a lot of things, but I've got to believe the fans being tired of racing like we just saw has got a lot to do with it. NASCAR must take a hard look at this. They need to emphasize a variety of racing venues and de-emphasize tracks that foster dull, boring results.

    I know, it's all about money, the haves verses the have nots, but NASCAR has stripped away several historic tracks in the move to be a national sport and replaced them with "cookie cutter" tracks.

    If I was God of NASCAR, I'd have these guys racing short dirt tracks alongside the superspeedways. I'm sure that would re-ignite fan interest.

    There, I feel better now...

  4. BTW, how come tez gets more than one vote in your beer drinkin' poll? LOL

  5. Ath...Not the song. Both 'Tracks' versions are great. Chris prolly likes Smokey's because it was the first one he heard. Him being a Yankee, and all, lol

  6. Tez... Now THAT would be an epic battle. LOL

    My money is on paint drying first.

  7. Dwindy.... great points. Of course, it is all about the cash.

    Fans are tired of the whole ordeal,and price, of attending live races. So you would think that TV ratings would be steady, at least. No, NASCAR is losing both audiences.

    Wrong song for you too!

  8. Did she sing a song called "Left at the Altar"?

    It would be appropriate in both cases...

  9. I think I somehow managed to vote on two seperate computers,'s been longer than 5 minutes though so I can't remember, LOL!

    You reckon Vegas does odds for it, Gene? :P

  10. D-Man...still wrong song.

    Tez.... voting 'Chicago Style' is fine.... as long as it's for Marcos.

    It may be part of a Super Bowl proposition bet. lol

  11. Yep there were plenty of empty seats up there Sunday. I think I saw some asleep in the stands. The best part of the race this week was the pre race coverage. I dozed off after that.

  12. Photo.... I believe I dozed off on the couch, myself. Can't blame those in attendance for napping. They probably had some help from the jug. lol

  13. I voted 5x for Junior...LOL (not really only 2x!)

    What to say, not much about this one just glad I had chores to catch up on!

    How's this for excitement - I might make it to Daytona in Feb in 2011...!

  14. Klvalus,

    If you make it to Daytona, Gene and I will meet you there... How's that?

    What dya say Gene?

    I'm not an ax murderer but who knows about Gene! LOL

    That would be waaaaaaay cooool!

  15. Heart like a Wheel, That'll be the Day, It Doesn't Matter Anymore, Love Has No Pride.

    My boyfriend's sister got mad & unravled my two Linda Rondstadt 8-track tapes - would have stretched from here to Athens!lol

    Where's CR? He probably had Linda's posters all over his bedroom - probably still does!LOL

  16. KLV.... Mmmm an east coast race for the Lug Nuts? Sounds like fun!

    D-Man....We'll just invite ourselves right along! LOL Count me in!

  17. ATH...No,no,no,no. Still not it.

    CR probably knows the song. It's an old baseball reference.

  18. No, I don't believe I had any of Linda's posters on my walls then, or now. Back in AZ we always called her Linda Soundsflat. She did look presentable, until Jerry Brown introduced her to granola.

    I didn't watch the race, but I understand Jeff Burton done a bad, bad, thing. I think maybe he knows the biological clock is ticking, and he won't have another opportunity to live dream?

  19. "live THE dream"... I hate posting while trying to do a job. Too many interuptions!

    Heart like a wheel?

    Maybe Paul Simon's "slip sliding away" would work as well?

  20. OK, I though CR was our last, best chance to get the song. A song that's used in baseball to reference a fastball that the batter can not catch up with.

    A Roy Orbison song, also.

    A song which I think of when the leader is the only car that doesn't pit for new tires.

    ***Blue Bayou***

    Pause between all three syllables, folks.

  21. Jokerswild says -

    Hey at least Jr finished ahead of Kyle -

    Oh wait I'm a Kyle fan now I forgot

  22. well golly g willikers look at all these former Fox bloggers - i feel like I'm having flashbacks

  23. Wha's the matter, Dwindy? You sound like you're watching the Gamecocks rule the roost?

  24. Stay with us, Joker! Please don't leave! I haven't had a good belly laugh since you've been gone! Sorry, guys, but you're just not as funny!LOL

    Blue Bayou??? I don't get it.

    No posters, CR? My ex had Linda's poster right up there next to my VELVET ELVIS in 1978!!!lol

  25. J Dub!

    Jr can thank other drivers for taking Kyle out for the last two races!

    Go Kyle!

  26. CONGRATULATIONS to Spinout (Facebook) on its 300th person who likes it! 1/4 of which are some Jackson County, Georgia racing fans that came down out of the hills who can't read or write!LOL

  27. Groan....Bev it is "blew by You"....

    Good one Gene.

    I am ALL for a 500 Lugnuts weekend - if serious I'll include you in the email exchanges!

  28. Let's figure it out Kristen. You've got my address. Please, keep me posted!

  29. ATH... thanks for sending your kinfolks to Spinout! lol

    Kristen... add me please. Let me know if you need my e-addy

  30. Ok - maybe I'll do a post on Lugnuts just in case others want in...

    I've got your emails I used to set up the Lugnut acct...let me know if you want me to use a different one!

    BTW- who voted for Kurt?!?! Assume its for the free Miller Lite! LOL

  31. Gene, you hit on something that everyone's not wanting to mention: Burton's ticking time clock. He knows that he has but 2-3 years left of top notch racing. Eventually the time will come when Childress will have to replace him in the 31. (AJ Allmendinger, anyone?)

  32. Kris.... I had to put Kurt and Kasey in the mix, because of their

    Of the two, I'd much rather drink with Kurt. Although, KK would have girls hanging off him by the dozens.

  33. Jon... that was CR;s comment. I'd bet folding money that Childress's two grandsons will be driving for him in Cup in the future. Austin Dillon maybe as soon as 2012, or 2013.

  34. I hope democrats don't look at this poll. They'll say we're a bunch of racists 'cause Juan didn't get any votes. Of course they'd turn a blind eye to the fact that neither did Jamie!