Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Right Sides Only

It is so kind of the schedule makers to have Pocono and Michigan run their events back to back. Now we can really get a handle on just which is the most boring race track east of the Mississippi. MIS will have to go way above and beyond their normal zonker to overcome the 30 minutes of racing we witnessed last week in Pocono.

Crips vs Bloods

First it was Denny Hamlin and Clint Bowyer. Then, Jeff Burton getting all up in Kyle Busch's grill. Now, Lil' Joey Logano bows up on Kevin Harvick, as the JGR gang continues to throw down with their sworn enemies, the RCR crew, in NASCAR's version of a turf (asphalt?) war.

Harvick caught Logano with a veteran move, leading to Logano spinning himself out of a top-5 at Pocono. Afterwards we had it all, crew members pushing, Harvick laughing, a Little League dad acting like a jackass, and DeLana Harvick's fashion sense being impugned. If only Logano had made that whip cracking sound effect as he questioned the Harvicks' lifestyle.

Bloods vs Bloods

The latest team-on-team violence occurred on the last lap at Pocono when AJ Allmendinger foolishly tried to block teammate, Kasey Kahne. I would love to hear the spotter replay from the Dingerling's radio during that last lap. Let's add these RPM drivers to our growing list of feuding teammates this year. Montoya/McMurray, Gordon/Johnson, Hamlin/Busch, and believe it or not Bowyer and Burton don't speak to Harvick too often.

But Which One is The Evil Empire?

Wal-Mart is close to signing on with Hendrick Motorsports in a huge marketing deal. This will include all, or partial, sponsorship of Jeff Gordon's #24. Current sponsor, Dupont, may stay on in a limited role as primary sponsor in some races next year. HMS and Wally World, a perfect fit. Don't believe me? Check out all the Dale Jr fans on this site...

Michigan Mutterings

Brian Vickers won the last race here back in August. Would some network wise up and let Vickers be their lead race analyst while he's out on medical leave?

Mark Martin led ONE lap in this race last June. The money lap as he won a fuel mileage snoozer.

JMayer thinks we should do a shot every time we hear "manufacturer's backyard" on the telly this weekend.

There have been THREE races at MIS without a caution.

Honorary starters are Adam Sandler and Kevin James. So, expect about TEN commercials from their new movie, which looks dreadful by the way. When was the last time Sandler had a funny, or even watchable, movie out?


  1. So it would be ok if I took a nap for most of the race?

  2. Okay Gene, here's the deal...

    Chevrolet gets you a shot of Canadian Whiskey.

    Dodge equates to Drambuie.

    When they say Ford it's a shot of Frangelico,

    and Toyota gets you a shot of Tequila!

    It would soon go from green to yellow to red and finally black flag drinking and the race wouldn't be more than 20 laps in!

    I saw that article on Wal Mart the other day. Who knows, their marketing people make eventually take over for Sprint. Wouldn't that be great? Wal Mart Cup racing! They could switch the trophy over to plastic and have it made in China!

    Thanks Gene

  3. Photo...AKA, Business as usual! LOL

  4. D-One.... the WalMart Cup? Love it! It would have to include the idiotic smiley face on the trophy, and on all their race signage, decals, uniform patches, etc.

    I have the Tequila in the freezer!

  5. OMG - Walmart and HMS that is almost worse than that "W" paint scheme for our beloved #43 in the truck series. I am surprised Dupont would move to associate sponsor - I thought they had lifetime deal with Jeffy?

    Best thing about Michigan - Sonoma is right after.

  6. Kristen.... they are saying that Dupont could still be the primary next year for up to half the races.

    Dupont prolly has Jeff on a personal services contract? STP signed Rickard and Kyle Petty to 'lifetime' deals back in the early 1980s. I wonder if they're still getting paid?

    If only my Mom's party was 3 weeks later, I would have been able to hit Sonoma for the race. Went to the dirt track in Calistoga while out there. They only race there 3 or 4 times a year now.

  7. Enjoyed the RSO & comments. I shudder to think of the WalMart Cup... Talk about the stereo- typical NASCAR fan... WalMart Greeters at all driver intros?

  8. Wait, another Wally's World? Now maybe he will walk through Wal-Mart stores instead of racetracks on the pre-race show. Oh the excitement.

  9. All thats need be said in a sentence is "Adam Sandler and Kevin James star..." and my insomnia is immediately cured.

    Does that mean Jeff is going to be driving the "Blue Light Special" next year?

    Between World Cup soccer and Michigan, I'll be getting a lot of sleep on Sunday.

  10. CR....Wal-Marts in the South are full of pregnant teenagers with their mulleted boyfriends... both wearing 12 year old Dale Jarrett t-shirts....They only wear their Dale Jr shirts on Sunday!

    JM....It would have to be better. Especially if he interviewed those fans. LOL

  11. Moseby.... How bout those Nats! That kid's stuff is nasty.

    Wal-Mart probably wants Jr... a match made in heaven, fo sho.

    Sandler is hopeless, but why does Kevin James suck so bad in everything he does... except King of Queens? I hate to admit, I actually watched all of 'Chuck and Larry'. There were a couple of laughs, mainly by the other actors. And, Biel is always worth the 90 minute investment.

  12. Wal-Mart entering Nascar? Aw hell, it was only a matter of time. Every time the #24 car appears on-screen they should play music from Empire Strikes Back.

    As for the Harvick-vs-Logano pillow fight, I thought Joey actually looked scared ... and he was the aggressor! Sliced Bread didn't grade well in his first "altercation". I give him a C-.

    I laughed for a bit on your comment about all the promos for Sandler's new movie. And then I realized that you're absolutely right, every chance they'll be showing previews of that goofy movie. Well, I'm not laughing anymore.

    fuel mileage race + bad movie = MIS

    oh my.

  13. Now you're just wrong for that, Gene! Leave Dale Jarrett out of it! More like 12-year old Bill Elliott t-shirts!!!

  14. Brad.... Joey looked like a high school nerd standing up to a bully. Out of his element, but at least he did something.

    ATH.... last time in WM I saw a middle aged couple BOTH wearing Dale Jarrett shirts. True story.

  15. I bet she wasn't a pregnant teenager with her mulleted boyfriend! They were probably the "classy" exceptions!lol

  16. Don't miss your chance to win a SportsChump t-shirt by correctly guessing the final score of tonight's Game Seven... which I know you'll be watching.

    Come on over to the dark side.