Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bring Your Wife to Work Day

The one thing that apparently is a major point of contention after the Harvick/Logano dustup is Joey Logano's comment about DeLana Harvick wearing a firesuit at the track. After he felt he was wronged by Kevin Harvick, Logano brought Mrs. Harvick's race attire into the fray with a single, unforgettable zinger concerning the pecking order in the Harvick household.

I have long thought it was silly of DeLana to wear a firesuit at the track. She is not a competitor. She may be doing some 'busy' work on top of the pit box, but she is not on the team. It's almost as cute as a high school cheerleader's mother wearing a cheerleading outfit to the games to support her daughter. Nothing more than an embarrassing distraction yelling, "Look at me!"

As long as I'm in this deep, I might as well ask, "Why are wives, girlfriends, and family members even allowed to come to work with the drivers?" Are there any other jobs where you can bring a one-night-stand to work with you the next day? Who was the first driver to bring his wife into the pits during a race?

Please don't take this as chauvinistic, I would feel the same way if Danica Patrick's husband wore a firesuit around the pits. Or, if Joey Logano's father, Tom, (remember Al Bundy's favorite TV show, 'Psycho Dad'?) wore a team uni while stalking the pits.



  1. I think that Joey mentioned that Delana wears the pants in the Harvick family. It does strike me funny that she of all the wives and business owners is the only one that wears a fire suit.

  2. Talk about rolling with the punches... Delana has tee shirts for sale with the caption "I Wear the Fire Suit in My Family!" LOL
    Now Joey's helicopter dad will probably get his lawyer to go after any proceeds from Delana's hot new sales!

    I don't mind family on pit road, as long as they mind their own bees wax!

  3. Photo.... have to hand it to DeLana for being a trendsetter. Although, if she's the only one dressing like that it's not much of a trend.

  4. CR.... I look forward to the first person I see wearing one of those shirts. I'll be sure to get a pic...LOL.

    I just don't understand why family goes into the drivers' workplace. Would you take the NFL or NBA as seriously if the wives were wearing uniforms and sitting on the benches?

  5. Well, who said I took the NBA seriously? LOL

    I think it just goes back to that old sound bite, "NASCAR is family".

    The whole issue with Delana, is the fire suit. I mean she is the only wife that suits up. Then there's the whole hat on the head issue during the National Anthym... I'm not knocking her, since I'm a big Harvick fan and all... lol

  6. BTW... I think Delana could pin Joey's ears back, and march him to the wood shed, if she felt like it!

    They asked Kevin if he talked to Joey yet. Kevin said "he's 20 years old, you can't talk to him". hmmmm... Kevin is already sounding like the older generation. I must be older than dirt!