Thursday, June 24, 2010

Right Sides Only

Will the hard feelings and high temperatures left over from NoCal subside before the gang gets to New England? Let's hope not. NASCAR said, "boys, have at it." Usually, a week is long enough for the wronged party to get over it, but after Jeff Gordon's one man wrecking crew in Sonoma, payback(s) may still be coming his way.

Hold on Loosely

Past Champion, Bobby Labonte quit the TRG team this week and will drive the #7 for RGM in Loudon Sunday. After a much needed 2nd place run last week, Robby Gordon will be in South America meeting with a potential sponsor. So Labonte is in for a one week deal while Robby wines and dines the Escobars.

Labonte has also signed to drive the two races immediately following Loudon with Phoenix Racing. Labonte has always been one of the truly good guys in NASCAR. So, why is he dragging out his farewell tour for about six years too long? There are actually fans today that are too young to remember when Bobby was a threat to win every week.

Smoking in the Boy's Room

Past NNS Champion, Randy LaJoie failed a NASCAR drug test and is now suspended indefinitely. LaJoie copped to the charge as soon as the suspension went public. He claims to have used marijuana one time, in May. He says he gave some fans a golf cart ride in a parking lot after the 600, and ended up hitting the hippie lettuce at a party they happened upon.

If NASCAR really was fan friendly they'd give the Champ a pass on this one. They should be glad that LaJoie is such a great ambassador for the sport. Who really got hurt in this instance? LaJoie was licensed to work on the #18 NNS crew. That's the first I've heard of it. Wonder what his job title was?

Big Boss Man

NASCAR's first multi car owner, Raymond Parks passed away last Sunday on Father's Day. Parks was a self-made millionaire from Atlanta, Georgia. Red Byron won the very first Cup championship, driving for Parks, in 1949.

Louden Low Down

There have been 30 Cup races in New Hampshire, all at NHMS.

2007 winner, Clint Bowyer will be sponsored by Zaxbys Chicken on Sunday.

'Slow Ride' at the superspeedway? Foghat does the US National Anthem. I guess the State Fair shows aren't booked for another month or so.

Last year, right here, Joe Logano became NASCAR's youngest Cup winner at a shade over 19.

In a great show of appreciation, Lenox Tools gave the entire town of Lenox, Mass free tickets to Sunday's Lenox Industrial Tools 301 race at Louden.



  1. Gene, I'm with ya on Bobby Labonte. As soon as he left JGR, he was done. Great champion, but he's done. Hopefully, Robby is dining with the GOOD Escobars and not the BAD ones.

  2. Gene, do you think this will be one of the last NASCAR races at Loudon? From what I've heard Bruton Smith would love to move one of these dates to Kentucky and the other to Las Vegas. Seems he's already laying the groundwork arguing about the high cost of security at Loudon events.
    Here's a link about Bruton vs. Loudon's chief of police...

    Here's hoping for a good clean race(!)

  3. Here is hoping for some exciting racing and JJ doesn't win.

  4. Jon..... Robby better be careful, Chavez may try and nationalize his race team...LOL

    Dwindy... New England is a huge market, with tremendous racing fans. Smith might be able to take one date away, but I think they'll keep the other one up there.

    Photo... Words to live by!

  5. I'd be more than fine with New Hampshire giving a date somewhere else, preferably Kentucky. There just isn't a whole heck of a lot to get excited about for this race. Everyone has so much trouble getting their car to "roll the center."

  6. Are we doing an over/under on what lap Gordon will receive his first payback??

    I dont believe for one second that was Randy's first hit, and I have to agree with NASCAR being pretty stiff on the penalties - god forbid they start precedent of forgiving minor use to active crew members and it will look like Haight Ashbury out there not pit road before you know many guys would risk it and use. Thought he was listed as a spotter?

    Yeah, this will be a snoozer except for payback...

  7. Thanks for the info Gene. I didn't know Robby was sitting out this race. Now I've got to change one of my fantasy teams!

    Jeff admitted he was a nut case last Sunday. Louden is the perfect track for payback. Unless you're Carl Edwards, and you need the added effects of flight and fright!

  8. First of all - want to say that I am very thankful I only clicked once. Not quite sure what Gene had in store otherwise.

    I voted for Marcos. Sure I would love to pick JPM's brain - But Come On! If you get a chance to party with an Aussie, it's like doubling up on Blackjack in Vegas! No brainer.

    Bobby, Bobby, Bobby. What more can I say about him. He is class personified but hasn't been able to drive for about five years. Agree with you Gene. And it pains me to have to admit it.

    Foghat? Really? Guess Dexy's Midnight Runners were playing the Palladium on Sunday...

  9. JM.... funny you mention "roll the center". I was just thinking about doing a post on that and all the other 'obviousisms' that drivers and crews use.

    Did you know that 'track position' is important? And, 'forward bite' is a good thing? LOL

  10. KLV... Just kidding about LaJoie getting a pass. He doesn't sell enough tee shirts...LOL. I doubt it was his first time, and I really doubt it was at a parking lot party in front of dozens of witnesses. His wife may want to go through his cell phone..Hah!

    I don't think he was a spotter for Kyle or Coleman, and that's the team that was listed. I heard he's some kind of babysitter for Logano, DiBendetto and some of JGR's developmental kids when they're off testing somewhere.

  11. CR... Strange thing about Robby's trip. Why? Why not bring potential sponsors to a race? Instead of going to the South Pole?

  12. Moseby... I'm going to have to get involved and vote for Marcos.

    There were all kinds of rumors about Bobby going to the Red Bull 83 when Mears was fired. Would have liked to see if he could still drive a decent car.

  13. I loooove 38 Special and I try to live by "Hold on Loosely" but it just never works!

    Road Hawg (a blogger from back in the day), found this and posted it on Facebook. Ever heard it before? Sure goes along with this weather we're having!

    Have a great weekend, everybody!

  14. Oh, yeah, great blog! Forgive me. It's just that I'm so sick of rednecks and country music and bikers, that classic rock is a welcomed change!!!

  15. Ath... Hold on Loosely is a great song. Seemed to fit Labonte's situation.

  16. You're right, it pains me to watch B Lab going through this crap every week. I;m glad he stood up and said, "I can't do this" as a start and park driver.

    I was hoping some big time team would see what Mark Martin did for HMS and look to give it a shot instead of unproven rookies. I would take Labonte any day over half the drivers on tour now.

    Why was he blackballed, as looks to be the case? JGR was on a down cycle in his final years. Look at what his car did before and after he left and look what the 11 did with Leffler before Denny got there. It was a joke, and not Labonte's fault. The cars flat out sucked. After seeing what the 18 and 11 are doing now, on top of the world, how come no one makes a case for Bobby being railroaded by politics?