Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pile on Kyle

Tony Stewart wins his first race as an owner/driver. Reports say that Jeremy Mayfield had Meth in his system. Kyle Busch smashed a guitar.

All NASCAR news items from the past week. Guess which one is getting the most gloss on the web, on the radio, on TV? That's right, the earthshattering event of Kyle smashing a trophy guitar.

Most of the time the clueless bash Kyle for demanding that his crew be the best. Now, he smashes a guitar...specifically to give the crew a 'piece' of the trophy...and, that is wrong too!

He smashed that guitar, while cameras were rolling, for the shock value. And, Rube Nation ate it up. Free advice for the clueless, if you want to hurt Kyle....IGNORE him. No booing, just total silence. That would really eat away at him.

He thrives on your booing, and all the overblown attention for any meaningless thing he does, like the guitar smash. He takes his bow after each victory just to get the boo birds fired up, and they play right into his hands.

He works you guys just like a piece of Play-Doh. It really is a joy just to sit back and watch NASCAR's version of Pavlov's act.

This puppet master is only 24 years old, and has his 'puppets' saying that he is the one who needs to 'grow up' or .mature'. Really? One more McMurray, Sorenson, Sadler...just what we need. Albeit, one with talent, though.

So, keep up the booing, rubes. He loves it, and a lot of us love a good puppet show.

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