Thursday, May 27, 2010

Right Sides Only

After last week's wild and wooly finish in the All-Star race, we're looking forward to twice as much action in the Coke 600. Yes, twice as much, or about 20 laps. From daylight until dark that race stretches longer than any on the schedule. The running order tends to stretch out also, as many drivers just try to hang on until the end.

Head Coach, or Referee?

Kyle Busch wrecked in the All-Star event last week, and blamed, JGR teammate, Denny Hamlin for it. Busch drove to Hamlin's car carrier, stormed inside, and waited for Hamlin. Team owner, and former NFL head coach, Joe Gibbs came in to calm Busch down. When Hamlin was finally allowed in his hauler Gibbs had cued up their incident on the TV monitor. Afterwards Hamlin said all the right things, while Busch said nothing after sneaking out the side door. This is not over.

Salute From HMS

In honor of our service people all four HMS cars will carry special patriotic paint schemes featuring different organizations. Dale Earnhardt Jr's #88 sports an "Honoring Our Soldiers" lay out. Jimmie Johnson and his #48 supports the USO. Mark Martin is partnered up with "The Chilkdren of fallen soldiers Relief Fund".

Harvick Happy at RCR

Kevin Harvick signed a "multi-year" contract extension with RCR last week. A new sponsor to replace outgoing Shell-Pennzoil was not named however. It stands to reason that Harvick would not have re-signed at this time unless a new sponsor (Budweiser, UPS?) was on the hook.

Charlotte Chatter

Other cars carrying patriotic paint jobs at Charlotte include, the #19 Air Force Ford of Elliott Sadler. The Camo/Bud/ USO Ford with Kasey Kahne, and David Reutimann's Armed Forces Foundation #00.

Saturday's Nationwide race will start at 2:30 in the afternoon instead of at night as it's been doing for several years. Supposedly due to 'fan requests'. Here's how I see that played out...Question one, "Would you be more, or less, likely to buy tickets to our NW race if it started in the afternoon?"

Kasey Kahne won the All-Star event and the 600 in 2008.

The Others

There is also some kind of open wheel race going on up in Indy this weekend. You haven't heard much about it because, apparently, the fans are upset with Princess Danica. Can't imagine why, as shes acting the exact same as she always has. Spoiled, entitled, etc.


To all of our servicemen, and women, past, and present, who have defended our rights to do things like writing snarky blogs. Thank you!


  1. Way to get things started this weekend. Watching both Busch and Hamlin today looked like they still don't see eye to eye. They were both pretty candid in their comments for sure. I think things will be fine between them unless something happens in the next week or two, which means something is guaranteed to happen in the next week or two. lol.

  2. Watching qualifying, there were several remarks about the trailer trash talkin' last weekend... Kyle came off like its all good now. Good team mate, good guy, good grief! There was a shot of the JGR crew immediately after Logano (still on track) qualified 8th, right between Hamlin (7th) and Kyle (9th). Kyle and Denny were standing side by side, arms folded over their chests and looking toward the track with Joe Gibbs standing maybe six feet behind them. Joe wasn't watching the track, he had his eye on his two hot heads, like he half expected them to go to fist city any time! I'd love to have had a photo of that!

    Have a good vacation even though the security folks broke your puter...

  3. Nice RSO. Don't see how having the NNS race in the hottest part of the afternoon is going to sell more tickets. Sounds more to me like t.v. just doesn't want to compete with the Suns-Lakers game that evening...

  4. I suspect the race will be a snoozer for the most part and we'll have to endure the talking heads playing up #11 v. #18 hoping for some action.

    Nice to see so many special paint schemes honoring our vets. Many thanks to all who serve and who have served.

  5. Sorry to hear of your laptop's demise. Rest in peace, trusty servant.

    Heard speculation that Happy will be enjoying more cereal, while Bowyer may soon have Bud for breakfast.

    Guess Tony Kanaan had some heart-to-heart words of advice to his Andretti teamate Danica. Pearls before swine?

    What are you doing so close to God's country? Stop by if your in the neighborhood. Ejoy your weekend all, and thank a vet if you get the chance.

  6. JM....The feud may be good for Kyle... he seems to need a chip on his shoulder. Happy holiday, bro.

  7. Dwindy...Hamlin has a bunch of drivers POed at him, and he has one of the fastest cars every week. Maybe there will be some excitement during the long summer after all.

  8. Gonger....yes, the NBA playoffs have been killing NASCAR in the ratings this year, so you may be on to the real reason.

  9. KLV.... yes, I believe it will be on the boring side also. I look for whoever gets out front to lead... until the next round of pit stops.

  10. CR...Burton still needs a sponsor for next year, too. UPS? Any sponsor gets a great spokesman with Burton.

    I'm way out here between Middletown and Clear Lake. My Mom is having her 70th birthday this weekend, so I came out here to make her feel

  11. Your not drinking Pinot Noir out there are you, Gene?

    Looking forward to the day Danica is no longer in the IRL. It will take a big promotional drop, but it will become a better racing series w/o her. Can't wait until Cousin Carl flips her over at Atlanta....j/k

  12. Gene, good RSO as usual. Love the special paint schemes that several of the drivers will be sporting this weekend. I think Gonger has a great point about NASCAR not competing with the NBA playoffs, as the NBA playoffs has become quite compelling. I would LOVE to see Danica's reaction when she's put into the wall and her Indy 500 ends early, perhaps as a result of "accidental" contact. As for Happy, I've been hearing that General Mills will be on the #29, with Bud going to Clint Bowyer. And I've also heard that UPS will be going to RCR, either the #29 or #31.

    And Happy Birthday to your mom!