Monday, May 3, 2010

View From The Flagstand

This week's view looks back at Richmond's 400 lapper from Saturday night. 375 uneventful laps, followed by the standard two or three cautions in the last 25 laps. Was I the only one shocked that there wasn't a Green, White, Checkered finish?


With all the moaning and groaning over Jeff Gordon coming up just short of victory this season, Kyle Busch's near misses were somehow overlooked. Kyle finally made a dominating performance pay off with his first Cup win this year. Busch's Richmond weekend: Two races, two poles, one win, and a fourth place run in the NNS.


Jeff Gordon finished second for the eighth time since his last win. Kevin Harvick backed up last week's win with a strong third place run. Carl Edwards (5th) led two laps.... his first laps led all year! Kudos to Martin Truex (7th) and Marcos Ambrose (9th) for battling adversity in route to solid top-10 finishes.


Joey Logano seemed to think that he's paid enough dues, and that he's salty enough to run people over. Logano already has Greg Biffle cuffing him around every chance he gets, he certainly doesn't need to make more enemies as we head into Darlington, Dover, and Charlotte.


Dale Earnhardt Jr's career at HMS? After another woeful outing Saturday night, would anyone be surprised if he leaves on the first thing smoking, just to get a fresh start? If he fails to make the Chase again this year will he even stick around to ride out those last ten races?


About two hours before the race even started the analysts on Speed TV were yacking about the inevitable 'overtime' period for the race that night. Then, all through the Fox broadcast, those analysts kept spouting the same story....GWC...GWC....on and on. Yes, it does make the races more exciting with the new multiple attempts at a GWC, but they were virtually guaranteeing one before and during the race. How legit would the NFL or MLB seem if their Fox analysts 'guaranteed' overtime or extra innings every game?


  1. Hey Gene!

    Thought I'd check in since Kyle got his hair fired back up! Just give me the GREEN and checkered man! To heck with the yellow, red, black and white.

    Didn't notice any flying beer cans this time around. Maybe it's true, Kyle is growing up and the fans are beginning to appreciate him more.

    As far as Junior is concerned, I think you're right on. He's what, a billionaire? Like the song says, maybe THE THRILL IS GONE...

    Good to type with ya man!

  2. Gene, good view as usual. That was a well-earned win by Kyle. As far as Junior, I don't think he has the heart or the will to be a racer. He's got the best equipment, with a ride that a LOT of drivers would KILL for, and he's squandering that opportunity. And he WILL miss the Chase again. JPM, in a much worse situation than Jr, WILL make the Chase. He's been gaining 2-3 positions after each race the last three races.

  3. love a winner. I think I heard more cheers than boos when Kyle took his bow this week...LOL

    Are you writing anything anywhere now? Missed your awesome NFL Draft previews this year. Jags seem to be gearing up to move to L.A. after that draft.

    Stop by more often, and if you write something you can always post it here...

  4. Jon...It sure seems that Jr is just going through the motions, and will miss the Chase. NASCAR had better start working on a way to include him this

  5. Junior isnt going anywhere you silly boys! He is only 13th in the standings and higher than SMOKE! He will make the Chase and not by any magic on NASCAR's part. Something is wrong with him in the ole head I think but he ain't no quitter! =P

    Congrats to Kyle - it was nice to see him get back to VL. Fans on twitter love him now so I'd bet he has turned the tide on the boos v. cheers.

  6. Gene,

    I took your advice and put up a post on this site. Take a look, I think you'll agree.

    Thanks man!

  7. It was good to see Kyle win one. Now if Jeff can ever get everything together and win one.

  8. KLV....Well that's one vote to stay from the Nation. Where are the rest of you guys?

    I don't think he's a quitter...just maybe time for a change of scenery.

  9. D-One... I'll check it out, man. Welcome aboard. Most of the peeps on here are ex-Fox bloggers.

    Photo....You know Dwindy, right? It seems like Jeff next win is right around turn four.

  10. Dwindy - send me an email with your email addy and I can add you as an author to the Lugnuts webpage and you can post your stuff there also!

    I added your blog to the "Our Blogs" section on Lugnuts just now too...

    And Gene - I have no idea where the rest of Jr Nation is...I dont really consider myself a member of the Nation tho just his "other woman!" LOL

  11. Nice recap per usual. I too was shocked there was no green-white-checkered. Kinda sad that it has become expected. Also can't believe Edwards hadn't led until now. The Fords still don't seem to have their act together. RCR does though.