Thursday, May 6, 2010

Right Sides Only

Is there any other track in NASCAR that screams, "Old School", like Darlington does? This track was scraped from the sandy cotton fields of northeastern South Carolina about 60 years ago. It was built on a tilt, and it's still that quirky, egg-shaped oval of asphalt. This Saturday night they'll race there, and it will be called the Southern 500....but the longtime fans know that the Southern 500 can really only be held on Labor Day weekend.

Make it Stop

Jimmie Johnson was named the first quarter Driver of the Year for 2010 by a group of motorsports journalists. Open wheeler, Will Power was second. John Force and Denny Hamlin tied for third.

Help is on the Way

Maybe Denny Hamlin or Kyle Busch will stand up to seriously challenge Johnson for his Sprint Cup title this year. Hamlin and Busch have scored the most points over the last five races, and won three of them. Hamlin's sponsor, Fed Ex, announced that it was not sponsoring the Orange Bowl game anymore. They have assured JGR that they will stay on Hamlin's #11 Toyota even though their contract is up this year.

Darlington Data

Doublemint Gum makes it's debut on the #18 of Kyle Busch this week at Darlington.

The four hosts of Showtime's Inside NASCAR will serve as Grand Marshalls for the Showtime Southern 500. With two of the four being Mike Waltrip and Chris Meyers, Showtime should not be expecting a flood of new subscribers from this brilliant stunt.

Ricky Craven won NASCAR's closest race in 2003, when he beat Kurt Busch by 0.002 seconds at Darlington.

Jeff Gordon's Chevy will feature the National Guard Facebook page on the hood this week. Click the like button.

NNS rookie, James Buescher will have his #1 car wrapped in an Andre Bauer for SC Governor theme during Friday night's race at Darlington. Bauer is the Lt Gov now, and has been stopped numerous times for speeding, at speeds over 100 mph.... on public roads, not the track. He should already have the coveted NASCAR vote locked up.

Happy Mother's Day!

A big thanks to all the wonderful women who love us unconditionally!

Stewie: Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! Momma! Momma! Momma! Momma! Momma! Ma! Ma! Ma! Ma! Ma! Ma! Mom! Mom! Mom!

Lois: WHAT!

Stewie: ...Hi! [runs out of room] Teeheeheeheehee


  1. Gene, great RSO as usual. Don't overlook Happy as far as a serious run for the title. I still think the Southern 500 should be run on Labor Day weekend. Start the race in the late afternoon and end it under the lights.

  2. Gene Gene Gene Gene GeneGeneGeneGene GENE-Y GENE-Y GENE-Y!

    Ah, that was a great Family Guy moment...Yes indeed a happy Mothers Day to all!

    As for the race - hoping Gordon or Biffle can close the deal for my fantasy team since I have fallen from grace there recently!

  3. Happy Mom's day to all the Mother's out there...and to all of the motha's

    God, I love Family Guy - "VICTORY IS MINE!!!"

    Echoing Jon - Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please put the Southern 500 back on Labor Day. Pretty please...ah well....I give up.

  4. Jon....yes, Harvick may contend at the end.

    Kris....Jeff Gordon could very well win on Saturday night.

    Mose...Family Guy is consistently funny. Also love the Cleveland Brown Show.


  5. "a flood of new subscribers" - LOL!

  6. With all the fan consideration now making calls in NASCAR the last year, why don't they move the Southern 500 back to Labor Day.

    I'm always irritated every time they this race comes around because it's on Mother's day, a ruined tradition, and it's not on Labor Day.

    NASCAR has cheapened this race when it was once one of the most prestigeous. Still my favorite track on the tour though and I guess it's better than not having one at all like Rockingham.

  7. Gene,

    The Darlington Cup is just coming on as I type. I was looking at the schedule and it seems the Labor Day race is now the Pep Boys Auto 500 in Atlanta. What are we talkin' here, 300 miles from Darlington to Atlanta? Why can't NASCAR just swap these two races on the schedule and put the Southern 500 back on the front burner? Is the owner of Atlanta's track (among other tracks) that influencial?

    Thanks man!