Thursday, May 13, 2010

Right Sides Only

This weekend the pros are back in Dover with a NASCAR tripleheader. All three national series will have at it on the concrete banking. The Monster Mile will quickly rear it's ugly head at the young and careless. Recently it seems that we always have a small wreck that, thanks to the narrow track, turns into the big one.

Too Much Red Bull?

Brian Vickers has been hospitalized with an undisclosed illness and is reportedly undergoing testing at this time. Casey Mears has been tapped to drive the #83 Red Bull Toyota for Vickers this Sunday in Dover. Vickers has been a great spokesman for the sport, even if you don't agree with him, you have to respect him. Here's hoping that this is nothing serious, and that he's back in the pits soon.

Hall of Fame

NASCAR's official Hall of Fame opened earlier this week in Charlotte. The inaugural class of Richard Petty, Dale Earnhardt, Junior Johnson, Bill France Sr, and Bill France Jr will be inducted on May 23. The HOF is expecting 800,000 visitors this year. Maybe.... if the same math is used that counts attendance at Fontana.

Happy Now?

Kevin Harvick just won a big one at Talladega, and he's sitting atop the point's standings. Running up front heals all wounds apparently, as Richard Childress says that he expects Harvick to resign with RCR by the end of May. Childress also says, that with Shell-Pennzoil leaving,they are talking to plenty of potential sponsors for Harvick's #29 Chevy.

This Space For Rent

Also looking for new sponsors is the #14 of Tony Stewart at SHR. Old Spice is gone after this season, leaving Office Depot and Burger King on board for about half the races next year. SHR is already scrambling to find full sponsorship for Ryan Newman's #39 Chevy this year.

Dover Data

File under: Bad News....Jimmie Johnson won both races at Dover last year.

Kyle Petty and Ken Schrader both had their last career win at Dover. Back in 90s!

Richard Petty will be the Grand Marshall, and AJ Allmendinger's #43 will sport a retro paint scheme in honor of the King's induction into the HOF.

Go ahead and hit the Dover Downs Hotel & Casino overlooking the track on Saturday. Bet the rent money on Super Saver in the Preakness in neighboring Maryland.

Three current drivers, all past champions, had their first Cup start at Dover. Guess who!


  1. Hey Gene!

    You ever bet the ponies? I've gone once in my life, the first race I bet on my horse came in. I didn't win another race all day...

    Looks like it's gonna be good weather all weekend in Dover.

    I've got a question for ya... Since the track is concrete, I've heard the term "self-cleaning" sounds like a good thing but maybe not. What's your take?

    The three current drivers... Hmmm... Jeff Gordon, Bill Elliott, and Michael Waltrip!
    (File under the category: WAG!)

    Thanks man!

  2. D-One....Yes, I've been to the track a few times. I'm going to the dog track Saturday to bet on the Preakness.

    I think the self-cleaning they refer to is that because of the banking, in the turns and the straightaways, at Dover the wrecked cars slide down to the apron of the track... most of the time.

    0 fer 3 on your wild @ss guesses...LOL!

    Thanks for dropping in.

  3. Well by now I am sure most of you know its blood clots that Vickers is dealing with, which is no small thing - pardon the pun. Scary stuff and might ruin his career. I personally like Vickers so feeling bad about this news.

    The Pundits would have you believe JJ is in a slump and wont win - hence they are picking Biffle -- hence I am picking JJ.

    Good luck betting those ponies! I'd rather ride them...

    I think Kurt got his start at Dover...How about JJ and Smoke?

  4. Jeff Gordon, Bobby Labonte and Matt Kenseth all start at Dover?

    Looks like Smoke is going to have to start eating more Burger King (Don't tell Lori that)

  5. Kris...Could the blood clots be caused by high levels of carbon monoxide intake?

    If JJ doesn't win every 2nd or 3rd race, it's a slump. What if he went 5 or 6 months?

    1 fer 3....Kurt is correct.

  6. Moseby... He is the perfect spokesman for BK. lol

    You went 2 for 3. Matty and B Lab had their first starts at Dover.

  7. Stewart might get a sponsorship from Pilsbury ( dough Boy). Fits doesn't it?

    I don't know if the clots will end Vickers career. Rather unusual for some one so young to have that problem. Hope he makes a come back though.

  8. Typically blood clots form due to inactivity - long plane flights, sitting a race car etc. Never heard of carbon monoxide being a factor.

    But what is a major factor is the treatment - if BV has to take Cumadin (sp??) the blood thinner ongoing he wont be able to race because if he gets into a wreck...bleeds...he could bleed out.

    He also went in with chest pain, not leg pain so it probably means he had a clot in a leg vein that traveled to his lungs - could have some lung damage as result.

    All very scary stuff. Red Bull doing right by him and glad to see that.

  9. Photogr....Ooooh, that's bad. Funny, but bad.

  10. KLV....Thanks for the medical info. I believe the first report I saw today said that he had clots in his lungs too?

    Even though he's been racing for awhile, he's still very young. Maybe that will help his recovery.