Thursday, February 18, 2010

Right Sides Only

After a splendid season opener, that even a crazy crater couldn't ruin, the boys go West. Is there anyone out there that's fonda Fontana? Why does NASCAR schedule it's most boring race track for the second week of their season? Afraid they might build too much momentum?

New Rules

It is so hard to believe that after years of denial, NASCAR listened to their remaining fan(s) and actually changed some rules to make the racing more exciting. They cashed in immediately, as the unlimited bump drafting in Daytona certainly made for better racing. But, the biggie was the do-overs for the green-white-checker restarts. I slam NASCAR all the time. Mostly for being lazy, and not brilliant (them, not me damnit). So, I will admit, it looks like they got this one right.

Blue Streak

Does winning the Daytona 500 make a driver's year? The latest winner, Jamie McMurray might want to hope so. Kevin Harvick won the 500 in 2007, and hasn't won a Cup race since. Ryan Newman won the Great American Race in 2008, he hasn't won since. Matt Kenseth won it last year, but he did manage to win one more race (the next week in California). That's a lot of losing after winning the big one.

Good Riddance to the Rodent?

Not that I was looking for him, but I don't recall seeing Digger during Fox's broadcast of last week's Daytona 500. I'm just glad that we didn't have to go to Congress to remove him from our children's eyes... ala Joe Camel.

Won't Make it Two Straight

Also missing during the Daytona 500 was NASCAR's reset, the caution for debris. Fontana, coming up this Sunday, better have two or three. Did I mention that this is NASCAR's most boring race track?


You may have heard, Danica Patrick was in preliminary races at Daytona for the last two Saturdays. The ARCA race on February 6 drew the highest ratings ever for that series. Then the NNS had their best ratings ever the following week as Danica piled into a non-moving wreck and finished 35th. The 1979 Daytona 500 was the first one ever televised in it's entirety. We've all seen the Cale Yarborough/Donnie Allison slam bang finish. The ratings were off the hook. We have also heard about the East Coast blizzard that had everyone indoors watching that race. Guess what the weather was like on both of the past two Saturdays? I'm not saying that she didn't drive the ratings, I'm just saying...

Baby It's You

A lot is being made about Jeff Gordon allegedly losing the drive to be the best after having a baby. Now, some misguided fans are saying that Jimmie Johnson, who's wife is due this summer, will lose his edge too. Why would anyone even think having a kid would squelch the fire? Richard Petty and Dale Earnhardt won 14 titles after having children. Cale Yarborough, David Pearson, Bobby Allison, Dale Jarrett, and the Labontes were all proud Papas when they won Cup championships. It is insulting that people think that a person, male or female, can't do their job once they become a parent.

Sure Thing

Carl Edwards

Dark Horse

Brian Vickers


  1. I shall be watching this race with great I can compare it to Loudon later as I still reckon that's the most boring track they go to, lol

  2. Tez.... I may have been too harsh on Fontana. There IS a lot of competition for the most boring track....Loudon....Kansas.... INDY...

    The race for the Chase is ruining all the tracks.

  3. Nice RSO as always. I remember the February Fontana race last year actually being pretty good with Gordon and Kenseth battling it out at the end.

    I guess I'm one of those misguided fans about Jimmie... lol.

  4. I can't do my job because I have a 22 year old daughter that dates. Does that count? Boring race on TV. Worse in person. I went twice and didn't like it. I won't go back and I live about 10 miles or so from Fontucky.

    Great RSO. I look forward to this every week.

  5. Yup, it is worse in person as Socal says...I nearly fell asleep on a tire in the pits leaning against Kurt's PR guy 2 years ago but alas hanging with the crew is too fun to pass up!

    ah, lets not forget POCONO!

    Lets see if I can go two for two...

    Sure thing - JJ! duh...
    Dark horse - Bowyer

  6. I've been reading on other sites that FOX execs have decided to limit Digger's exposure this season. NO MORE LAME CARTOONS!! (Besides, I thought The Digger Chronicles were way funnier than anything FOX ever came up with.)

    Still, just to make sure, Katie wouldn't mind getting a stuffed Digger voodoo doll for her birthday(Feb. 23).

  7. Gonger...My only memories from that race were of Kyle trying to win 3 races in about 36 hours. I probably slept through half of

  8. SoCal....Take the daughter and boyfriend to the race! Be sure to act like Jr is this close to winning six championships in a row. You know, like a typical Jr fan. You'll never see the D Bag boyfriend

  9. KLV....Agree on Pocono. Although, a lot of fans love that place. I haven't a clue.

    Agree on RCR this weekend I think I have Bowyer and Burton on the team.

  10. SB14....I didn't mind the cartoon with the badger security guard. I just hate the future roadkill blocking 1/4 of the TV screen for 3/4 of the race.

    Happy B'Day, Katester! How many in dog years?