Thursday, July 1, 2010

Right Sides Only

It's that time of year again. The time when we celebrate our nation's birthday with cookouts, parades, and fireworks. Perhaps no where else in the country will the fireworks match those in Daytona Beach, Florida this weekend. The boys will be flat out on the steep sweeps of DIS for the last time before the big trioval gets repaved later this summer.

Opening Acts

The Nationwide Series gets it started at DIS on Friday night as they debut their new cars. The new models include the Ford Mustang and Dodge Challenger. NASCAR is allowing these cars to be recognizable to the fans in the stands. The Rolex Series cruises 250 miles Saturday morning at 11.

One Tough Customer Jr

The famous blue and yellow Wrangler Jeans Chevy returns to the track in the NNS race, as Dale Earnhardt Jr follows in his father's foot steps and drives for Richard Childress. Dale Jr says it's just a one time deal and he won't drive the #3 after this race. Listen for the roar when Little E takes that car to the front, and take a look at the long lines at the souvenir stands.

Even Worse Now

Days of Thunder, a NASCAR themed movie, debuted twenty years ago this week. Tom Cruise starred as a lone wolf, daredevil type. A beautiful actress co-starred as the obstacle/love interest. Yes, it was Top Gun on four wheels. The only fans I've found that liked this movie were either under 12 when it came out, or were not racing fans.

Daytona Dope

While Tony Stewart has yet to win the Daytona 500, he has won three of the last four 400s here.

Pick up some silly glasses and watch the race in 3D on Direct TV and

The repaving project at DIS starts the morning after the Coke Zero 400 ends.

Bobby Labonte makes his 600th start Saturday night.
Darius Rucker will sing the national anthem before the 400.... without the Blowfish.

In this race, NASCAR will issue the largest restrictor plates since they first mandated them over 20 years ago. Look for up to 40 additional horsepower than the engines produced here for the 500 in February.


  1. Nice RSO. Too bad I'm only going to be able to watch the first half of the race. I'm going to bed early because I have to get up at 4:30 the next morning to run the Peachtree Road Race.

  2. Gonger.... hey bud! Got your drivers license and don't have time for blogging. LOL.... it's cool, we know you're busy.

    Good luck in the race. Do you know a big-time runner in Atlanta named Scott Ludwig? He has run (outdoors) every day for the last 30 years. He wrote a couple of books that I've read.

  3. Gene,

    Watching the NW and Cup car practices yesterday and the drivers were having a heck of a time, especially with the new pony cars. Something about the back end on those cars. Seems if you get nudged just a little bit the back end immediately gets loose. There was more than a couple of spins and they were finding the wall.

    The Cup drivers were having a time. Kyle got into a dust up with several other drivers then later spun out Hamlin. Several cars got tore up including Tony Stewart so they had to pull out the back-ups. This is practice???

    The new track surface oughta make the 500 very interesting. Any word whether the larger plates is going to carry over into the future? Other plate tracks?

    Thanks Gene.

  4. Dwindy... I believe the larger plates caused those wrecks in practice. The drivers are used to having no throttle response with the old plates. Now, they have not gotten used to the closing rate on another car with the 40 additional HP.

    The bad (or possibly, good) news is there is no more scheduled practices for NNS or the Cup cars at DIS before both series qualify this afternoon.

    NASCAR maybe should have had large packs of cars testing these new, larger plates before throwing them out there on race week.

  5. The commentators, concerning the pony cars, were pointing at the temperature differences between when they were initially tested and yesterday during practice. It was cooler yesterday. What in the world has that got to do with running these cars in a pack verses individually as they were earlier?

    Also, I heard an older, long retired driver talking about these current drivers not caring about the cars they drive kind of like our throw away society has taken hold in NASCAR. The older driver said in the old days they had names for their cars and hated like hell to have anything happen to 'em. Somthing to say about that? Seems like something these guys should be thinking about give the economy...

  6. D-One... not sure what your question is.... but I heard that the configuration of the NNS pony cars doesn't allow much, if any, fresh air in through the driver's window. The other window is closed.

    Those old drivers always think they had it tougher. Ben Hur claimed that when he had debris on the track, it was lions and gladiators and such.

  7. Never heard of him but just looked him up. He has run 118,094 miles so far, wow. He also happens to live in the town next to me.

    I'm not gonna totally quit on blogging. Planning to post something soon on the past couple of months that have been bulletless... lol.

  8. Hey Gene - whats up with the vote options? No JUNIOR!?!? His butt in Wranglers is all I think about! LOL

    Dwindy I love it that I dont have to watch practice because you always talk about the highlights and keep me in the loop!

    Announcers might have been talking about the air flow coming in the front grill of the car to keep the engine cool - when they run in tight packs the engine cant get any air = bad so even if it is only a few degrees cooler out that sometimes helps. You'll see drivers duck out of the pack if the car starts to over heat.

    I hope to be able to watch the whole thing - I think it will be a wreck fest myself...

  9. Gene... I voted Barrel Racers, but vote didn't show up. Is ACORN running your poll?

  10. Would like to see Jr. run five races a year in the #3 in Nationwide. Maybe have a special paint scheme for each at both Daytona races, Dega, Darlington and maybe Richmond. Think that would be pretty damn cool.

    Where the hell has Labonte been for the last 250 races?

    Rucker was terrific opening for Brad Paisley. Really enjoyed it.

    Gene, I hear ya on the Days of Thunder spiel. But, Robert Duval is great in just about anything. And who would have thought Randy Quaid could be a car owner?

  11. Kristen... I couldn't remember if Jr shilled for Wrangler or Levis. Guess I don't pay as much attention to his jeans as some of you, LOL

    I think it'll be a wreckfest, too!

  12. CR... Hmmm? I paid off, err... I mean hired, the New Black Panthers to do the security for my poll. I don't know what could have gone wrong.

  13. Moseby.... Seems like an unlimited ATM if Jr drove the #3 in different sponsor schemes for a handful of races. I predict they will set a new record for trackside souvenir sales Friday for Jr and the #3!

    I would rather watch Stroker Ace than Days of Thunder. Really. Stroker's storyline is more believable. Really.

  14. Both reaces will be interesting. Sadl to say it will be a wreckfest again no matter what they drive.

  15. The Nationwide race was pretty good. No surprise that Jr. won. But I really liked the way those new cars looked on the track. Much better than the cup cars.

    The race tonight should be very exciting with more horsepowering.