Tuesday, November 3, 2009

View From the Flagstand

Remember back in the day when your parents told you to leave your bedroom door open, and that they better see daylight in between you and your sweetie? It didn't work then, and, after Sunday's debacle, NASCAR is finding that it works no better now.

Shortly before the start of Sunday's plate race at Talladega NASCAR told the drivers that they better see daylight in between the front and back bumpers of the cars through the turns. It turned out to be easier said than done.

CHECKERED FLAG......Jamie McMurray led the most laps and happened to be out front when all hell broke loose behind him, TWICE, in the closing laps. It was McMurray's first win since July of 2007, and comes at a great time, as he is searching for a ride for next year.

GREEN FLAGS.....Greg Biffle earned his first top five finish at Talladega when he came home in 4th place. Michael Waltrip used the same strategy as our champion and finished 7th. Elliott Sadler ended up in 9th after driving through some wrecks. Bobby Labonte was 10th, and said the car was a total loss after hitting the wall on the last lap 'big one'.

YELLOW FLAGS.....Way too many drivers were taken out by what this race has become. Ryan Newman and Mark Martin both joined the Talladega Frequent Flyer Club on Sunday. Kevin Harvick led the second most laps, and has nothing to show for it after getting caught up in both of the big wrecks.

RED FLAG.....NASCAR, again. They are in a tough spot. Trying to make the races safe, yet interesting, all the while hoping that the Jimmie and Chad Show doesn't drive off fans for good. There is nothing wrong with NASCAR ignoring the hundreds of ideas from the fans....most of us don't have a clue about what goes on behind the scenes.

The time is long past due for NASCAR to start including competitors, current and former, to the thought processes. If NASCAR wanted to restore any of their credibility they would hire a panel of ex-racers, car owners, and engineers, with input from current drivers, and let them come up with solutions to the problems inherent to restrictor plate racing. Then they could go on to the smaller stuff.

BLACK FLAG.....Brad Keselowski. In the last two races at Taladega, on the final lap of both, somehow, BK has hit the car in front of him to cause an ugly, airborne wreck.



  1. The race was a failure. The end.

  2. Nothing gets NASCAR fans talking like Talladega and Daytona racing. It seems every time there is a plate race, the next week is filled with solutions, opinions, complaints, etc. And it's great! Good article.

  3. CR....I didn't care for it. Of course, if NASCAR had not screwed up the GWC restart 2 or 3 times, so Kyle had to finally pit for gas while in 4th place, maybe I would have liked it better.

    JM....NASCAR loves it. Anything to keep JJ's Chase dominance out of the media is wonderful to them.

  4. Hey Gene - sorry late to the comments - been sick! blech.

    Cant disagree with any of your flags esp the black flag - for Godsakes Bradley you just took out your next teammate...

    NASCAR will never admit wrongdoing so forget the idea of a panel of participants...they already know everything remember?

  5. KLV...I heard that Penske has built new cars for BK to drive in the last 3 races. I have to admit, he doesn't tear up his cars....just everyone else's.

    Get well!B^)