Thursday, November 5, 2009

Right Sides Only

We are counting down the races until Jimmie Johnson's coronation in Miami later this month. We hit Texas this weekend then Phoenix, Miami, and beyond! Settle down Lightyear.

Just three more races until we get that ten week break to forget all that we deem wrong with NASCAR. In three months we'll be jonesing for Speed Weeks in Daytona to begin, and will have forgotten the Chase, the Dega Debacle, and JJ winning another title.

Petty Blue

Even though I'm far from a Petty fan, there is something about seeing the Petty Blue colors streaking along the high banks. Those colors bring back great memories from an innocent time when NASCAR seemed so fair and competitive.

RPM's #44, driven by AJ Allmendinger, will sport the legendary sky blue for this season's final three races. The car switches from Dodge to Ford and the rear panels will state...."Ford in Petty Blue". Awesome.

Toyotas R Us

Look for Earnhardt Ganassi Racing to switch from Chevrolets to Toyotas once this season ends. They have been using RCR engines, and will switch to JGR supplied Toyota engines next year. EGR wanted more support from Chevy, and they just can't afford to do that at this time. With Toyota bleeding red, and pulling out of Formula One, Chip shouldn't get his hopes up too high about this new marriage.

Marcia, Marcia, Marcia

Surely the biggest story at Speed Weeks 2010 will be the stock car debut of the driving debutant, Danica Patrick. Litle Miss Can't be Wrong will be driving a JR Motorsports (HMS) Chevy in the Daytona ARCA race. Then, also in a JRM entry, will be competing in the NASCAR Nationwide Series race there on the day before the Daytona 500.

NASCAR will insist that she pass some sort of rookie test to be allowed in the NNS race. Riiiight! Her rookie test will consist of increasing ticket sales and TV ratings. That is if NASCAR has half a brain. And, that is open to debate.

Saving and/or Creating Jobs

The Administration released a report last week on all the jobs that it has supposedly created or saved. While these numbers are speculative at best, outright fabrication at worse, the Obama team reportedly wants to put thousands out of work by forcing Dodge and Chevy to get out of NASCAR.

This would 'save' a $250 million drop in the bucket, while trillions are still being poured out of the other end. Who did not see this coming? Most of NASCAR Nation did not, will not, drink the Kool-Aid so the Administration says, "Screw 'em."



  1. I am really lost for words with NASCAR, I did try and do some frame by frames but for some reason at Atlanta with the shade the track comes out blue shade. You know me and past FXF are on the money for the most part. On the over head camera from the blimp Max is the first car to back off Clints bumper. I am almost sure it was Reed Sorenson behind Max in front of Tony.

    Them both slowing down brings Tony up to Reed's bumper and then Newman being pushed by Ambrose and Robby rams Tony and pushes Tony to the wall, Same thing happen to Kurt with Brad being pushed by Vickers. ESPN gave Jimmie a cluch move award for missing a reck and he didn't do nothing but driver stright.

    John Andrett should have got it cause he was headed for Mark Martin's car while it was up side down and John cuts down on another car to the grass to miss him. I didn't catch it at first thinking another car hit him to go down but he did it all on his own.

    I hear there is a bounty on the 48 car for the Texas race, How much you think that is going for?


  2. Screw the Obama Administration and screw the Chase! The voters will take their anger out on them next year at the ballot box; that is, if The Joker doesn't impose martial law and suspends elections indefinitely.

    I recognize that Jimmie has ONE TITLE, in 2006. (I'm going by the old format.) He's won three Chases in a row and will make it his fourth Chase in a row. Under the old format, JJ would be leading Smoke by SEVEN POINTS going into Texas.

  3. F2, I'll pitch in for that bounty!

  4. Petty Blue was just the result of mixing some leftover colors so they'd have enough to paint the whole car. Sometimes, nescessity is the mother of invention. Other times, it's just boredom.

    A lot of the elements for the government take over of health care is already in place, courtesy, of the stimulous bill passed months ago. Interesting how politicians can be so clever at pulling the wool over people's heads.
    ... which brings me to Obama & Jimmie Johnson. Remember how Barry the basketball president, said in earshot of the 48 car on the White House lawn, that Detroit needed to stay envolved with racing, that it was a good envestment? Yea right, a good envestment that week, with all the media, and NASCAR fans watching. Now, it's a waste of money, and we got to get this 2,000 page health care bill passed NOW! Goodbye, sweet America...

    Jimmie will win either Texas, or Phoenix, or both. I predict that at Homestead, he'll have to finish 40th or better, to secure the championship. What drama that will be! LOL

  5. Danica in the ARCA race? If so, she might not make it to the NNS race....

    Love the Petty Blue. Hard to picture it on a Ford.

    I believe the interim elections next year are going to put away the current administration's "pipe dreams" into a recylceable container.

  6. Jon, on another note Jeff Gordon wins his 3rd title in a row over Terry Labontte under chase rules/points for the last 10 races.

    Don't ask me if he won the first 2 or his last for 4 in a row under that

    Moseby?? Walk up to Danica and ask her for her phone number,, you never know.

    Gene is busy ruling in Mafia


  7. Nice Shoot Out today Gene

    Have not been able to get up here much lately but thought to check in today.

    It means alot to me seeing your write about the Petty colors knowing how BIG of a David Pearson fan you are.

    There is more to that blue than alot of people know. They changed it several times over the years. When running the FORD in 69 it was darker. For at least the early 70's it was more of a corporate Chryler hue. The neaon STP red also changed somewhat over the years.

    Talladega .....I literally stopped watching it when Ryab went over. This is just a re run that we have seen too many times.

    I will soon write a post about how Nascar has screwed up the racing or rather the cars or better yet it is time to put out some Back in the Day pics. Been awhile.

    Enjoy the Texas Two Step and the weekend.

  8. F2, how'd he do in 1999 under the current Chase format? Does he win it over DJ, or does DJ or someone else win the title? Good thing they didn't have the Chase in 1996--Texas Terry would have NEVER won the title that year!

  9. Good RSO as always. I don't even think I'm gonna bother to watch the last three races of the season. At the rate things are going, my prediction is that Jimmie's gonna lock this thing up at Phoenix. No one can challenge him at this point...

    Still planning to write the blog about how I think the Chase needs to be improvised...

  10. gonger, here's my 2 cents on how the Chase could be improvised; Fontana and Lowes out, Sonoma and Richmond in. Too many cookie cutter tracks in there now. Also, a season champion trophy for the points leader going into the freaking Chase! Oh, and while they're at it, add the other top 33 drivers to the Chase. LOL

  11. First Obama and his screw up America plan: Just remember the American people only voted you in because they were angry with the Republicans. And the same American people will vote those stupid liberal Democrates out of office in 2010. And in 2012 you will go for the exact same reason. The news people say the American people vote for what is best for the country. WRONG! American people vote on emotions. And anger is a big election swing emotion.

    We might forget the dubacle of Dega, the ignorance of NASCAR. But unfortunately NASCAR and Hendrick will not allow us to forget 4 championship wins by the 48. It will be in our face from January to next November, when hopefully, finally a new champ will be crowned. lol

    I am already for Speedweeks, did someone say "Gentlemen start your engines for the 52nd running of the Daytona 500?" hehehe

  12. F1....I heard Max on the radio this week talking about driving at Talladega, and he did mention hitting the brake when he was closing too fast on someone. I don't know if he was takjing about the big one or not.

    Skoal, bro! doubt, he would not have 4 in a row without the Chase.

    CR....KYLE is gonna win the Cup race at Texas. Just so one of his fans will make history in the Kylefecta...LOL

    How come the 'father' of invention never gets any gloss?

  13. Moseby....I plan on being in Daytona for that ARCA race. Really. Will be nice to see 'stock cars' withour rear wings on them racing on the high banks.

    Rick...thanks bro. Back in the day, Richard's car was always easy to spot on the track. Most of the other cars were some sort of red, white, or blue.....he had the ONLY Petty blue one out there. Well, at least until Kyle P came along. LOL

  14. Gonger....thanks dude. Like CR said, the best way to improve the Chase is to add the other 31 cars to it.

    Tsfan....I'll be glad when Homestead is over. I don't think I've watched a total of 50 laps there in five years. Then I can cruise on the NFL. Super Bowl is the week before the Bud Shootout. I'll be ready for more NASCAR by then.

  15. Gene by the time Christmas is over I start counting down the days to Speedweeks. By the time the NFL playoffs come around I am constantly pestering my husband when is the Super Bowl? Because I know the next week racing starts.