Thursday, November 19, 2009

Right Sides Only

Nine long months ago we began this romance on the warm sands of Daytona Beach. Now, along the edge of the swampy Everglades, we welcome our newborn champion. A bouncing baby boy named JJ.

Nine months of this will wear on a relationship. NASCAR says it loves us, and we want to believe it, but it always ends the same. They don't listen to us, they don't respect us, they treat us as disposables, yet we always come back for more. Is this love, or dysfunction? Paging Dr. V.


DeWalt Tools pulls the plug on Matt Kenseth and his #17 RFR Ford after the race on Sunday. DeWalt has been with Kenseth since 2000 when he won the Cup Rookie of the Year Award. They were along for the ride during his Cup title winning season of 2003. They were a great sponsor with a large presence outside the track with their interactive displays for the fans.

Welcome to the 20th Century!

It's reported that NASCAR will race with fuel injection on their engines beginning in 2011. The four barrel carb that they've used since the early 1960s finally calls it quits. This of course, means there won't be any restrictor plates after next year. It will be interesting to see what brilliant plan NASCAR comes up with to slow the cars down.

Last Call for Alcohol

Casey Mears is looking for a Cup ride as Jack Daniels leaves RCR and the #07 team dries up. Mears is vying for the #09 ride at Phoenix Racing. Crown Royal leaves Jamie McMurray high and dry as the #26 Ford is history. With Jim Beam pulling the cork, Robby Gordon's self-owned #7 team may be done.


Homestead-Miami Speedway (H-MS)is the only track on the schedule that Jeff Gordon has not won a race on. Jeff's team, HMS, has also never won at H-MS! RCR has also never won at H-MS.


Big thanks to all of you guys/gals who actually read my wanderings week after week. We're almost to the finish line. One more RSO next week, to recap the season, then everyone gets a much needed break. I know I'm burnt out, and not looking forward to more of the same next year. But, I'm sure we will all be recharged when Speed Weeks roars around. Thanks to everyone for your input, and, hey, you lurkers, don't worry about hurting my feelings, go ahead and say what's on your minds. LOL



  1. I CAN NOT HEAR THE FAT LADY SINGGING ALL THE WAY OVER HERE YET.LOL. Now some may say I am crazy and just vantting my hopes for Mark Martin to be champion. Now if I have this right he has to finish 25 or better no matter where Mark finishs.

    IF, and if is a big word when it comes down to the unexplained happening but whats to say Jimmie's motor blows up or a long list of things.

    Ok here is the run down with no bonus points for JJ,& what Mark needs.
    26 for JJ, Mark wins race + 10 wins by 2.
    28 for JJ, Mark wins race + 5 wins by 3.
    30 for JJ, Mark wins race.wins by 4
    32 JJ, Mark 2nd place + 10. if he only gets 5 they tie and Jimmie takes ties
    34 JJ, Mark 4th place +10 wins by 1 point.
    36 JJ, Mark 4th + 5 wins by 2
    38 JJ, Mark 5th + 5 wins by 3

    Fingers crossed and you better hope it don't happen cause you will be eatting crow cause you said no way Mark will win championship or be a

    Cheers Bro and have a great and safe weekend.

  2. It would be nice to see Mark take the title.Hey can we get some of the drive and park guys to take out JJ Sunday? Maybe we could set up a donation fund to pay the driver that does.

    Now I don't want some righteous NASCAR fan to denounce my thought. Crikey!, NASCAR has been rigging the races all year. I am onlysuggesting one race. Homestead.

  3. Next year I am taking up Cricket for excitement on Sunday afternoons. BTW, what is Cricket? It is? Oh well, alligator wrestling can be exciting.

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  5. last chance for Roush-Fenway to maintain their aura of invincibility at Homestead and salvage something from what's been a pretty dismal season after the cracking start they made.

  6. F-2....Yeeeaaaahhhh, ahhh, good luck with that. I was wrong about Martin this year, fo sho. I didn't believe he could make the Chase in HMS's 4th best equipment. He certainly proved me wrong.

    Photo....NASCAR better do something. They are losing fans every week, and a lot of them won't be back.

    Tez.....Yes. I would think that Edwards will be the one again this year.

  7. Whew, definitely a tough year for the RCR boys, but they've shown some life here at the end of the season (when it doesn't really count). Wouldn't shock me to see the 31, 33, or even 29 car win Homestead while the 48 just circulates the track for title number 4 in a row.

    Please, please let the 29 end this nightmare season with a win. If the racing gods have even the slightest bit of compassion then it will be so. Or a big bolt of Florida lightning will strike the 29 car in the pits and put it out of its misery right away. Either way.

    Obviously I'm still relatively new to this Nascar Sprint Cup stuff but if racing is involved then I'll always tune in, no matter what the series. Good work this season bro, the RSO's are always primed with neat words and cool knowledge.

    A wise man once said, "Knowledge is good."

  8. Well, whether you and I agree or disagree is not important, Gene. You, like Gunny, give a person a chance to say what is on his/her mind and you allow that person to freely express him/herself. That is why I have so much respect and admiration for you and your writing. You are a fair person with an open mind. I thank you, my long distance friend, for all that you write for us. I apologize that I am not always able to read and comment, but I sure look forward to the times that I can. Take a nice break and refresh yourself and PLEASE come back for us next season.

    Try to watch and enjoy the last race.

    Very sincerely and with respect,

  9. Nice RSO as always. You're one of the most devoted bloggers we have around here. I haven't written my bullets since Fontana... lol. Sunday might call for a grand finale one though...

  10. Jokerswild - said-

    JJ -

    Damn four in a row- He only has to finish in the top twentyfive and it's his crown - again --

    Carl Edwards not winning a race - theres the shock of the season

    - JR -didn't get Victoria - But i'll hang in there with him for one more season -


    Damn of the day was nice -

  11. BC525....Thanks. At this point it would be nice to see a 'new' winner. Anyone but HMS!

    Volly...Thanks for the kind words. I may be a little hostile towards some NASCAR figures, but I try to let the commenters have their say without belittling them. No sense in me arguing with them. I just put stuff out there as I see it, and if they disagree that's fine.

  12. Gonger...Thanks man. Yes a 'Bullets' to recap the championship would be great. The more you write, the better you get!

    J Dub.... Jr is disappointing even me! Edwards not winning is a shocker, but a lot of great drivers didn't win this year either. See ya on the other side...LOL

  13. Gene, thanks for all your blogs, er... wanderings. I, and mant others appreciate you.

    I'll miss all the alcohol and working with Dewalt tools. Some of my best accomplishments have been a combination of those ingrediants.

    F-2, give up bro! Jimmies name is already engraved on the trophy. :-0

  14. Go Mark! Go Mark! Go Mark!

    I am dreaming too! But I know that it is only a dream. But that is what keeps me coming back. Dreaming that someone, somewhere out there will take the trophy away at the last minute.

    Sorry, can't say Congrats to Jimmie and the 48. Because if it were not for the chase, he would not be winning his fourth. But the chase is what we have and he is winning his fourth. So regardless of how sick it makes me to know that he is I will have to live with it, at least until Daytona Speedweeks. Then I can dream again of someone taking that trophy out of the grubby little hands of Hendrick, and the 48 team. lol

  15. Thanks to you Gene for all the entertainment and excellence in writing during the long season! You managed to keep it up!!

    I am the odd ball that would rather see JJ make history than MM win...the only race left in my eyes is to see if Jr can find his pit stall and if Kurt can catch Jeffy.

    Just watch - all this "ABH" (anyone but Hendrick) wishing will get Kyle is first Cup champ next year...hehehehe

  16. Cord....thanks, brother. Alcohol and power tools...Oh Yeah! The perfect Christmas presents!

    Ann....Well there is always next year. At least Smoke and JPM lent a little excitement to the final

    Kristen...Thank you. And thanks for getting the ball rolling for everyone here at LN&FA. It's a great community we have here.