Tuesday, October 6, 2009

View From The Flagstand

Try as we may to focus this week's View back on the race at Kansas, we can't help but wonder how Fontana is the next race. Which leads us to mumble WTF, and try to guess why NASCAR thought either track belongs in the Chase, let alone with back to back 'races'.

Oh, yeah. NASCAR's shell company owns both tracks.

Now, where were we? Kansas? Righto, Kansas.

CHECKERED FLAG....Goes to the race winner, Tony Stewart. Stewart took "Right Sides Only" during the last, dubious, caution in Kansas, and held off Jeff Gordon at the end. Stewart appears to be gaining some momentum for a drive towards title number three.

GREEN FLAGS....Gordon was strong all day, don't know how he managed not to lead a single lap. Greg Biffle led the most laps and ended up third after that dubious caution. Juan Montoya (4th) has now finished in the top-4 in all three Chase races this year. Brad Keselowski started third, raced up front, led a lap, and settled for a 13th place finish. More on him later.

YELLOW FLAGS....Brian Vickers (37th) finds himself 12th in the Chase, 250 points out of first. Dale Earnhardt Jr (36th) led 40 laps early, and had his Nation all fired up. Then they came back to Earth as Jr had his usual problems on pit road before finally blowing his engine. With not a stepmother in sight.

RED FLAG.... The tracks scheduled for the last ten Chase races. Five intermediate, cookie cutter, tracks. Half the schedule! According to a recent poll of well informed NASCAR fans, a road race in Sonoma is prefered by 75% of Chase watchers.

BLACK FLAG....NASCAR! The sanctioning body actually told Keselowski's team that he should not race so hard against Montoya at one point. Why? Because Montoya is in the Chase and BK, the rookie, is not. Ridiculous! Does the NFL tell the Raiders not to play so hard against the Colts because the Colts are a playoff team? Hell no! They don't need to, after all it is the Raiders, but you get my drift. I think the NFL has actually threatened to impose penalties in the past on teams for 'coasting' at the end of the year.



  1. All I can say is: Nothing like rigging races to keep the interest going south.

  2. if I were king for a day, here's what I'd do to the schedule; Loudon, Fontana and Pocono all get 1 (with Pocono being reduced to 400 miles) race each while Las Vegas picks up Loudon's chase date. Montreal slides into where Infineon is, leaving Fontana's chase weekend to be in the Napa Valley instead. As for the other Pocono race...not particularly fussed to be honest; a second Darlington race perhaps?

  3. Ok the RR tire changer on Juniors crew needs to be thrown under da bus (as does Kurts...) but come now Gene, you dont think Jr is the poster boy of HMS testing right now? I am sure his parts and setups are all for next year at this point - he is destined to have parts fail in these last 7 races.

    That call by NASCAR was obnoxious. They mine as well just put the 12 chasers out there. God they are making it difficult to watch on top of crappy tracks!!

  4. Right on as usual. This was not a good weekend overall. And what happened to everyone thinking Vickers was going to go on and win the championship? This is still a third-year team that has a driver with two career wins. Time to unload that bandwagon.

  5. Have to agree with jmayer1843 anyone who really thought Vickers had a shot at this championship was living in a dream world.

    But I will say this, I am really surprised as to how well, Montoya is doing. Makes me wonder why in the world, did they keep him reigned in for so much of the year. Let the guy loose and let him win you some races.

    Montoya, very well might be the dark horse who gives the Hendrick duo pains. But I still think this championship will come down to Stewart and Johnson. But Mark and Montoya certainly are making it fun.

  6. Well, while you're getting your nap next Sunday, I'll be at the track, having some fun. The race is a little more interesting up front, and personal, even if it is Fontana. I actualy would rather be at the ALMS race in Monterey for the whole weekend, and not just qualifying day. Oh well...

  7. Photo....Imagine how boring it would be if they were not rigging them...LOL

    Tez....I agree. Pocono's 2nd date could go to a new track...Iowa? Kentucky? Or, Rockingham?

  8. Kristen....So the HMS test car led the 2nd most laps for them on Sunday? LOL. I think he's been 'testing' for a long time now. If there is one guy out there who doesn't need NASCAR fighting his battles, it's JPM.

    JM....I know a lot of peeps were happy that Vickers made it--- mainly because Kyle didn't--- but I don't recall many of them thinking he would contend. Like you say, his team's too green. I still believe he will lead the most laps in a race before year's end.

  9. Tsfan...JPM being in the mix until the end will give many of us, who are tired of HMS, someone to cheer for, and maybe make the Chase worth watching.

    CR...I thought I would be napping, but I'm going to The Rock for the ARCA finale. Will try some live updates from there. You have fun in Fontana.

  10. Yeah Gene the HMS test car leads the 2nd most laps on Sunday...how does that not fit with HMS' dominance? LOL

  11. Gene, you have fun with that Rock character... Oh, you meant the race track... LOL ...Have a great time at the ARCA race!

  12. Breaking news..... Kelsey Grammer will be the grand marshal for the Pepsie 500...

    More breaking news.... Auto Club Speedway announced today that Christian Slater will be behind the wheel of the Official NASCAR 2010 Chevy Camaro Pace Car as he leads the field of 43 stock cars before the start of the Inaugural Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup race.

    LOL, well, Hollywood is just a few blocks away.

  13. I know, Pepsi isn't spelled that way, but it's made for @#$$ies, afterall.

  14. CR....Evidently an actor's career must have to be in the crapper for them to get a gig at AC Speedway.