Thursday, October 29, 2009

Right Sides Only

This week we go from NASCAR's smallest track at Matinsville to it's largest one in Talladega. See, this is the kind of Wildcard they throw into the Chase to make it more exciting. Right? Goosebumps, yet?

Ratings Killer

Look for NASCAR to realy shake up the Chase format during the offseason. Their TV ratings have went Tango Uniform this year. Jimmie Johnson's dominance is only hurting as several long time fans have said, "Enough!"

Since it seems as no one can work hard enough, or spend enough, to beat the 48 team, look for NASCAR to bring some kind of 'luck of the draw' element to the Chase or the Race for the Chase. Something that will allow something totaly random to factor into the competition.

He hasn't driven one lately.

Elliott Sadler will be in the #19 Stanley Tools Ford this weekend. RPM will be getting a head start on their merger with Yates by putting E Sad in a Ford for this restrictor plate race. Evidently this is just a test session to collect data for next year's Daytona where RPM will have four Fords entered.

Was that his name?

Steve Addington is out as Kyle Busch's crew chief after the race Sunday in Talladega. Addington was paid a lot of money to listen to Busch complain. In return he got to call himself a crew chief. A title that he will never hold again in the Cup series. Did he ever make a pit call that won a race for Kyle? Magic 8-Ball says, NO!

While it would have been interesting for Busch to take one of Dale Jr's old crew chiefs and turn him into a winner, JGR has already announced the new chief. Dave Rogers comes over from the JGR #20 NNS car where he won the Owner's Championship last year while using four different drivers. About the same amount of personalities that Kyle has, so Rogers should be perfect.


Bobby Labonte has met with Robby Gordon Motorsports. I would like to say that it wasn't concerning a ride for Labonte next season, but I can't. It's bad enough that Robby Gordon is out there running 36th every week, but why would a champion like Bobby want to become a ham and egger also? RGM would like to have a second car next year, and Bobby has a past champion's provisional that they could use.

Labonte left a sweet ride at JGR a few years back and began a shamefull slide into pity and obscurity when he went to Petty Enterprises. From there he dug farther down until he found himself at Hall of Fame Racing. Now RGM? Bobby, you are the only thing Hall of Fame worthy at HOF Racing. If you can't get a ride with a team that has won a race in the last three years....retire. Please!



  1. Falling ratings, Talladega- sounds like Junior wins this week to me.

  2. Rogers and Kyle. That is going to be interesting.

    A sugestion for the 48 team. Forcefully retire them or start getting a little more picky in inspections. Hard to believe that one team can out run the rest of the field so consistently.

  3. Nice RSO as always. Interesting new way you're doing it now.

    It won't be too long until Bobby will become a start and parker...

  4. comment

  5. Well if the Government were running NASCAR, the "problem" of the 48 team would be a quick fix. Just spread the wealth, and make sure HMS chooses the public option. Might be interesting if Robby Gordon became the model for sucsess. Jeremy Maifeld could drive the 48, and Jimmie could drive for Furnature Row? There I go again, rambling...

    Kyle's personalities are at war with each other.

  6. All I know is we will hear all race long where is the 48 car and he may/might/ and is very close to being in the big one. The network is bias to the 48 team so much that it makes you not want to watch.

    We have to hear Chad say, and the 48 takes the lead or new leader 48,, You telling me Jimmie can't figure it out he has just taken the lead. That car is so pump up on steroids Robby Gordon can win in it. I am waiting for them to have him mic up for the race so we can hear him talk to his crew.

    Dave Rogers will have alot to figure out the COT, Its not going to be a walk in the park to a nationwide car. Kyle will want results from the get go..

    Have a great weekend,, Cheers

  7. would seem like NASCAR would go out of their way to get him in the mix. Like they do with JPM.

    Photo....There have been different eras in NASCAR when one team dominated, and it probably was as boring as it is now...LOL

    Gonger...thanks. I decided to change RSO and have fewer items but with more opinion on each item. Poor Bobby....and Terry isn't helping the Labonte name either.

  8. Moseby...I feel ya bro. I suffered through Schrader leaving HMS and sinking lower and lower each year. Ugh! Terry and Billy Stavola are starting a team next you have that to look forward to.

    CR...Once you put it that way, NASCAR's capitalism beats BO's socialism. The 48 is a shining example of hard work and should be rewarded.

    F2....Wow! The announcers will continue to talk about JJ until someone can beat him. It could be worse. Kyle's new chief can not be any worse. I wonder why Kyle's fans never blamed his chief for him not winning?

  9. Hmm, wonder if Rogers will be bringing his magnets with him? I mean the little round ones that go under the throttle, not Kyle and his sparkling personalities!

    What to say, what to say - why arent there team orders to take out JJ? Oh wait, thats what Stremme has been trying to do...

  10. Only problem with Streeme is he keeps missing.

  11. Wasn't Sadler driving for Yates when he flipped and rolled in 2003 & 2004? Is the test session to see if he can stay off his roof?lol

  12. Kristen...Smoke and Logano were the drivers with the magnets, so I think Tony took the magnets with him when he left JGR....and I don't mean his sparkling personalities

    Stremme only gets close to JJ 3-4 times a he goes another lap down.

  13. PLEASE, Bobby Labonte, DON'T go with RGM. I know of a team in Welcome, NC, that would LOVE to have you drive the 07 car...

    With qualifying being rained out, and JJ starting from the pole, engrave JJ's name onto the trophy next year. My solution: have the top 43 drivers draw their starting positions at random. You could have Max Papis, or better yet, Todd Bodine, starting from the pole, and JJ starting 30th. Now THAT would be more fair than the arcane rules where the leader starts from the pole.