Thursday, October 8, 2009

Right Sides Only©

Race four of the NASCAR Chase finds us in Fontana, California for the Pepsi 500. Do they make Double Caffeine Pepsi?

It might be interesting to see how moving this race from the Labor Day holiday to the Chase will affect ticket sales. Surely, having to be at work the following day, instead of it being a holiday, should increase sales. No?

Could NASCAR be *this* close to giving up on Auto Club Speedway? Moving this race to the Chase won't help attendance. By giving the Labor Day date to Atlanta, NASCAR helped that track to sell out.

Previous plans to increase the degree of banking in Fontana's turns, and narrow some parts of the track have been put on hold. Why? Why isn't NASCAR in a hurry to dump more cash down this money pit? Are they really making more money from TV and movie shoots at the track than from their version of 'racing'?

NASCAR listened to the fans and will start races at 1 pm/et next year. Hey, it works great for the NFL. Five western races will start at 3 pm/et, and night races will all start at 7:30 pm/et. The lone exception is the Coca Cola 600 which keeps it's 5:45 pm/et start. Indy is moving it's 500 start up next year, but couldn't the 600 have moved back 45 minutes, to help any drivers looking to double dip?

A movie (infomercial) on HMS airs this Sunday before the race on ABC. "Together" celebrates the 25th anniversary of Hendrick Motorsports. The narrator is Cole Trickle.

GoDaddy would like Danica Patrick to run a limited NNS/ARCA schedule next year. She has met with Stewart/Haas Racing, and Mike Waltrip has thrown his team into the mix. But JR Motorsports, which already has GoDaddy funding, appears to be the front runner. When she and Jr finally go public, ratings will skyrocket. Even more so if she joins his race team.

Carl Edwards is one of six 'coverboys' on ESPN The Magazine's "Body Issue" out this week. Anyone? Anyone at all?

I'll be in Rockingham this weekend, covering the ARCA finale. Look for interviews, pics, and live race updates at, and on facebook.



  1. Love the RSO! The race at California will still suck. No surprise there. But, it is great news that NASCAR will start races earlier. That is something that I thought used to be standard but it kind of eroded throughout the decade as the pre-race shows got longer and longer.

  2. Nice roll Gene

    It will take more than early start times and Danica Panica to liven up Nascar's brand of diet soda.

    I'll be back ...wasn't Terminator II filmed in Fontana with the Jerkinator trying to save the world ? Can he save Cali ??

    Gene, You will completely enjoy Rockingham. If you have not been there check out to view off of the fourth turn in the stands. This is a drivers track for sure.

    Enjoy the weekend

  3. I don't like the early starts out here on the Left Coast. Fontana Parking lots open at 5 am, gates at 7, green flag at noon? Heck, I'm barely out of bed by noon on the weekends. A 1pm start on the east coast gives us a 10am start on tv here. Forget it! NASCAR isn't meant for the West I guess. If F1 was operated by the France family, some races would start between midnite and the crack of doom in the host cities, just so our precious Eastern Time Zone Heads could watch live after their lunch! Screw it! The host track should have more say, and I should be able to sleep in on the weekends! LOL

  4. Just get me some pics of Alli with her new Venturini Motorsports ride and I'll lov... er, like... you forever!

  5. I told you that Dale Jr all ready had Danica in his lap and vice versa a while ago and that Tony got a sniff and wanted in on the money tree that follows her. It started from the radio show they did back and forth about drivng each others cars.

    The only thing wrong was her cars where not owned by

    (( Previous plans to increase the degree of banking in Fontana's turns ))- I beleave it was talk from the drivers that they didn't want the banking put in? I read it on some site.

    You have a greta time and be safe,, Cheers2You

  6. I'll be buying my copy of the mag, but you already knew that.

    Hey CR, when you're down for ALMS, gimme a shout out the window! What're you doing for dinner Friday?

  7. JM....We will still have the long pre-race shows... they'll just start earlier

    Rick...I've been to Rockingham a few times. Last time back in the early/mid 1990s. Wind chill about 15 degrees for a Busch race in February. T. Labonte won, I think.

  8. CR....I think they should start the western races at 4 et not 3. Just like the NFL. Get some sleep. Don't stay up just to watch SNL. They average about one good skit every 3-4 weeks. Catch it on

    Lori...I'll get you a pic, and I'll tell her that her #1 Alabama fan said hello.

  9. F2....Danni and Junie will look so cute in matching uniforms.

    Seems like the drivers would want steeped banking at they don't fall asleep. lol

    RA6AN....That makes one of us. LOL

  10. Carl is HOT! in that photo shoot...I am buying mag too...

    I might have to be put on suicide watch if Danica drives for Junior...

    I just read on Yahoo sports that grandson of Bill France got nabbed for coke...this oughta be good!

  11. Kris....I saw the story. JC France---Brian's cousin----popped early Thursday morning for DUI and a small amount of a "white, cake-like" substance in a plastic bag.

    He probably had just dropped Brian

  12. Ra6an... The second resturant on the left on the pier in Monterey. I don't remember the name, but the have great calemari! We're geting a late start. Won't get to Gilroy until midnite now...:(

  13. Howdy Gene - great hows it going bro -

    Great RSO - as usuall -

    hope all is well and try answering your phone every now and then -LOL

  14. Nice post as always. Why don't they go to Las Vegas this weekend instead of Fontana??? I don't even know why that track got a second race in the first place...

    Sorry to say there's no bullets this week. That race was so boring it made me lost for words...

    Have a good time at the Rock!

  15. Umm I think I will buy some AMP drinks to stay awake.
    Danica and June Bug. That would be an odd mix.

    The France boy getting caught on Coke. At least it wasn't Pepsi lite.

  16. JW...glad you dropped in. Dude, I got your message, but forgot to call ya back. I'll call Fri morning.

  17. Gonger...So I guess there will be no Bullets next week? LOL Yes, I'm looking forward to Rockingham...all access credentials.

    Photo....Danica and Jr have almost the same stats for the last 3 years. She probably has more top-10s.

  18. CR, it sounds like The Grotto. Do you have my phone number from back before Infineon? Or email me if you wanna try and meet up.

  19. RA6AN... check your email. I'm in Gilroy now. Got a late start, and didn't get here till 1am! Boy, it sure smells like garlic here! LOL Guess it's the Garlic capitol for a reason...

  20. Carl on another magazine cover as a beefcake? Keeps on he is going to be come known as BeefCake Carl. Instead of Cousin Carl.