Thursday, October 22, 2009

Right Sides Only©

The Jimmie and Chad Show heads to a NASCAR legacy track this weekend. Martinsville Speedway has seen 'em come and go for sixty years of short track, slam bam, excitement. This flat, paper clip is where feuds used to be it's where Chase points are counted.

Ho Hum

In the last 31 Chase races, Jimmie Johnson has 11 wins, 21 top-5s, and 27 top-10s. He also has not finished lower than 15th in that 3+ years. That is how Chase championships are won. Why don't any of the other teams try this formula? Juan Pablo Montoya's team tried to, this year. Made the Chase, and lasted all of four races.

He has now hit everything but the lottery

Michael Waltrip, once again, showed off those razor sharp reflexes Wednesday night. Seems Mikey missed the entrance to the ol' Crystal Pistol Saloon. No spotter, I guess. Then, like the pro he is, pulls a Uwee. Like most of his route changes on the track, this one ended with contact.

A motorcycle just happened to be in the way of Mikey's u-turn. The cyclist was transported to an area medical center, and is okay. Waltrip was given a field sobriety test and passed. Finally all the years of training pay off. Waltrip only showed a .06 blood alcohol level on the Breathalyzer. Under North Carolina's .08 limit. Not bad for 7:30 in the evening, Mikey.

In a related note, Waltrip's sponsor this week at Martinsville is NAPA Adaptive One Brake Pads which feature 'stop on a dime' braking power. I wonder if there's time to change the slogan to 'stop on a Harley' braking power?

Who's the bad guy, and who's the good guy?

JGR teammates, Kyle Busch and Joey Logano will be the guest hosts of Monday Night RAW this Monday night in Buffalo. It will be a live pro wrestling show in which the guest hosts usually have some interactions with the wrestlers. Will Kyle turn against the upstart Logano? Is Ric Flair coaching Kyle? Tune in at 9pm et on USA Network to find out.

More Kyle, Really?

This weekend Busch competes on two NASCAR tracks that he has yet to win on, Martinsville on Sunday and Memphis Motorsports Park on Saturday. The #18 Toyota will feature a Halloween paint scheme this weekend at Martinsville.

The new American Formula One team, US F1 wants Busch to be their driver in 2011, after his JGR contract is up in 2010. A lot of smoke being blown in search of a sponsor. This team would take Danica Patrick if she brung the noise.

Don't sing it, bring it!

2007 F1 Champ, Kimi Raikkonen is being dropped by Ferrari and has no racing plans for the future. When asked if he would consider NASCAR Kimi said, "I could race there if I wanted, but I'm not one of the biggest fans of NASCAR."

Seems he would like the F1 like qualities of NASCAR, where one car gets out front and no one can pass him.



  1. Mikey drinking before 7:30 p.m.? Wonder if he was going to meet up with ole DW? That might cause anyone to have a drink or two. lol

    Kyle Busch in F1? Hmmm....wonder if he really will consider it?

    And I love your title for Jimmie Johnson: Ho Hum! Perfect description for the way the chase has become this year!

  2. Remember Mikey's "Asleep at the Wheel" accident a couple of years ago and he was charged with wreckless driving but no alcohol was involved?

    Martinsville was our most frequented track. The scenery is beautiful there! I'll always remember Junior hitting everything on the track before his Dad told him to park it and then he hit the wrecker!lol

  3. Outstanding!!! Betwenn jbroomy's All Filler No Killer, this week's RSO, and Beverly's Junior comment, I can skip my ab routine again. I tell you there's a great fortune to be made here- "Laugh Your Way to a Flat Tummy".

  4. Ooooh! Ladies night!

    Tsfan....DW has driven me to drink more than once. Of course it was a short trip.

    Bev....He also was charged with leaving the scene of an accident back then. Somehow the whole mess was dismissed.

    SB14....JB's AFNK is always hillarious. Required reading.

  5. Ooooh! You should declare Thursday as LADIES NIGHT on Spinout with our very own Damn of the Day/Night! Some of our very own blogguys would qualify!lol

  6. I would make a comment about Waltrip, but have been adviced by legal counsel not to do so at this time.

    How about a bsttle royal on RAW with Jack Roush, Childress, Hendrick, Giibs and Ganassi going at it?

    That is the on thing about Formula One that never changes - there is always one young, talented, arrogant motormouth to replace the one in the seat. Hasta la vista, Kimi...

  7. Nice brake job Gene.

    Gene, DW does drive you to drink, what Liquor store does he take you to ?

    Geeeezeee, As many times that Mike has spum out on the track you would think that he could handle a u turn ?

    Back to drinkin .....watching a Nacar race makes me fell like I have been.

    Enjoy the JJ ...I mean race and the weekend.

  8. Gene, good RSO as usual. Your bit about Mikey was hilarious! As far as Kimi, he'd fit right in with NASCAR: trailing behind the leader, in this case, JJ. DW almost drives me to drink straight Jack Daniel's. (On a side note, too bad JD won't be sponsoring the 07 any more; I think they were pissed when Bowyer left to drive the 33 car. But it was a case where General Mills wanted Bowyer to drive the 33.)