Tuesday, October 13, 2009

75 Year Old Superman

Seventy-five year old ARCA driver, James Hylton was involved in a violent, fiery, wreck during Sunday's American 200 at Rockingham Speedway. Hylton was taken to an area hospital where he was treated and released with no major injuries.

The top pic is of Hylton during pre-race ceremonies at the frontstretch stage. The other pics were taken during the race. The race was red flagged while emergency workers had to cut his steering wheel off to extricate Hylton from his wrecked car.

Hylton says he will race again and plans to attend ARCA's post season award's ceremony in December.



  1. Great frames , Now wheres is the Frame by Frame of the crash.lol.. Great work and hope you had a great time at the Rock.


  2. I took a liking to Mr. Hylton after the blog I did on FOX about him running his car with a rebel flag. I'm glad he'll be alright. Did you see a rebel flag anywhere?lol

    Great coverage. Another job well done!


  3. Glad James is ok. The guy is a iron man!

  4. F2....I could barely figure out how to post the pics on this site. I know I could never do the FxF...LOL.

    Bev...No Rebel flags at The Rock.

    CR....He didn't want to go to the hospital. They thought he had a broken ankle, but it's just real sore.

  5. Glad he is okay.

    That pic is AWESOME!! Thank you again.

  6. Great shots on James' car. At 7, he needs to think retire. Those hard hits are brutal as you get older.