Friday, October 16, 2009

Right Sides Only©

The boys are back in town. After a two week western swing, the NASCAR Chase continues at the home of most of the teams, Charlotte, NC. This 500 miler under the lights will be the halfway point in the Chase.

The official NASCAR Hall of Fame announced it's inaugural class earlier this week as part of the race week festivities. Instead of putting the five best drivers in the first class----like baseball did with it's players----NASCAR's first class will nave the France family as 40% of the inductees. Yeah, that doesn't make the sport look like a bunch of hayshakers and carnies.

Bill France Sr deserved to go in first. He took NASCAR from nothing into a high profile major league sport. Bill Jr did a lot for the sport also, but I doubt that even one fan ever bought a ticket to see him on Sunday. The drivers are the straw that stirs the drink here....not an executive.

Lesa France Kennedy (Brian's sister) was recently named the most powerful woman in sports by Forbes Magazine. She is the CEO of International Speedway Corporation. I guess we'll see Lesa in the Hall of Fame next year.

Lots of different sponsors and paint schemes for Saturday night's race. Almost half the field will be sporting something different on their wrappers. October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and several cars will be rocking pink in support of this and the Susan G Komen for the Cure.

Among those going pink are...Kyle Busch in the M&Ms Toyota #18, Bobby Labonte's #96 AskMen Ford, Bill Elliott and his #21 Ford, Elliott Sadler in the Stanley Tools #19 Dodge, and Mike Waltrip in the #55 NAPA Toyota.

Lowes Motor Speeday held their first race on October, 16, 1960. It was won by the Woods Brothers. They will make their 100th start at Lowes on Saturday. Maybe after the entire France family gets in, the greatest driver the Woods ever had, David Pearson,will make the Hall of Fame.

Check the replays out folks, Da Biff never touched Joey. He carried him high going into the turn, definitely not his normal line. Free advice to time someone gets you in that situation, tap your brakes. Or, turn left, not right!

Since 2000, four drivers have scored their first Cup win at LMS. How many can you name?



  1. Another great read. As for the answer to your question: 3- Casey Mears, Jamie McMurray, David Reutimann

  2. McFlurry, Mears, Reuti....that's all I got, lol

  3. I know Jimmie and Kasey didn't....who else has won at Lowe's?

  4. Since it is the first HOF class, why didn't they just put 10 in? That's about the right ratio to start with 8 drivers to 2 sport influences.

    I agreed with Junior Johnson going in. But The Silver Fox got screwed - no question! Hell, Bobby Allison should have been in the first class. He did more with less than anyone. You know Lee Petty and Ned Jarrett would eventually get in and even Jaws Waltrip. Cale deserves early entry also. Should have just put a bunch in the first class like they did for the RocknRoll HOF in '88.

  5. At this rate, Fireball Roberts will be inducted sometime around 2050. You have to figure there's some little France's running around that we never hear of. Of course they will have to be inducted as soon as they hold an executive position.

    Kasey, Reutie, ? ?

  6. POST #300 - Congratulations, Han! I nominate you for the Blogsters HOF!lol

  7. SB14...Congrats you got 3!

    Tez....Congrats you got 3!

    Moseby....I think they should have placed 10 or 12 in the first class. Down the road, they should have an oldtimer's comittee to select a pioneer each year.

  8. CR....LOL. If they take 5 each year, will the selections get too watered down in 20-25 years? I mean how many drivers have won 50 races? Only 10-12 I think.

    Bev....Me and

  9. *****UPDATE*******

    I didn't see the Biff/Logano deal live on Sunday. Just replays, all the same angle. I just saw a replay looking at the fronts of their cars.....and Biff may have touched Joey first after all. Still why turn right instead of left, Joey?

  10. *****UPDATE II******

    Who is stuffing the ballot box? LOL

  11. Nice post. For the wins, I have the same three as the others. I'm going to go out on a limb with the fourth one though and say Matt Kenseth...

    Went on a driving day-trip to Talladega today. Will post some pics later...

  12. NIce job Gene, with you on the France's

  13. Gonger....Once again, you are correct sir. Kenseth got wis first W at LMS in 2000. Check out my pics on FB. I have some from inside the museum at Talladega.

    FBall....Doesn't it take something away from what Bill Sr did when they put his son through with him....they weren't equals.

  14. When has NASCAR done something right after Bill France Sr die,,,, nothing... ok the double file restart has been over do...

    Why would NASCAR HF be any different??

    Nice run down as all ways<< I know your sick of me saying so I will leave it out next