Monday, August 24, 2009

View From The Flagstand

The smoke is just now clearing from Saturday night's highbanked throwdown at Bristol Motor Speedway. War was waged, castles were stormed, and dragons were slayed. At the end of the night Kyle Busch was the last man standing as he swept both races at BMS this year. How long has it been since anyone has done that? Damn if I know, where's Bill Weber when you need him?

CHECKERED FLAG.....Kyle Busch now looks determined instead of desperate to make the playoff Chase. He kept the leaders in sight most of the night before finally taking the lead late, with an up-the-middle, three-wide pass that had his competitors shaking their heads. Busch also won the truck race at BMS on Wednesday. And had just taken the lead in route to a sure Nationwide Series win on Friday night when he was taken out by a teenaged rookie who was having trouble finding a Nickleback CD on his floorboard.

GREEN FLAGS.....Mark Martin, making his 1000th start, led the most laps, and finished second. Martin showed amazing restraint (or was he points racing) by never laying a fender on Busch for the last 40 laps or so. Marcos Ambrose has arrived! The Wonder from Down Under finished third. At Bristol. Not a road course. You gotta love this guy, always smiling, upbeat, and tells great stories. If NASCAR had one ounce of marketing ability they would have Ambrose saturating the airwaves.....The Jim Rome Show, Regis and Kelly, General Hospital, The Simpsons. This guy would be great on any show.

YELLOW FLAG....Clint Bowyer completed all 500 laps. Yet after some late race mishaps he wound up 21st and took a mortal hit to his Chase hopes. He also would not stop and give a cheerful, sponsor dripping, interview immediately after the race. But no one complained about it because his name's not Kyle Busch.

RED FLAGS.....HMS team orders. Jimmie Johnson passed Mark Martin for the lead (Martin did not just let him by). JJ was then told via radio to pull over because Mark needed to lead the most laps to help his Chase hopes. F-1 comes to Bristol?!

Can you believe it rained again? For the 18th (he's lying) race in a row! Did you know that 25% of America's meteorologists graduate from Penn State? Joe Pa and all those weathermen, no wonder they never make the top 10 party schools list.

BLACK FLAG.....ESPN's Dr Jerry Punch on play by play almost makes me want to see Dr Jack Kevorkian make a house call. ESPN spends millions on football and baseball announcers to get the best. Does the number two ratings getter deserve any less?



  1. Are you suggesting that Kyle Busch should have picked "Desparate but Not Dangerous" by Adam Ant as his theme music this weekend Gene? LOL

    Team order suck indeed. Obnoxious.

    Dr Punch not so fun and what is up with them cutting to commercial as soon as the race for the lead heated up!?!?

    I think it has rained 18 races in a row, no?

  2. kyle is a shoe in for the Chase, with Richmond to come. I just hope Newman's not the one to fall out. Sad for Kenseth, but he's looking worried...

  3. At least Hendirck didn't tell the drivrs to slow down and let Jr. lead a lap. That would have been too obvious.

    Sorry I missed this race entirely.

  4. each his/her own. some people like to listen to DW. lol

  5. CR....Agree that Kenseth looks worried, but anything can happen....mechanical issues, blown tire, kid going across three lanes of traffic while looking for a CD....anything.

  6. Kristen.... Adam Ant? Somebody's been watching "I Love the 80's" on VH1. LOL

    I could not believe they went to that commercial. I think that was when JJ passed Mark.

  7. Photo....LOL. Way to obvious, indeed.

    I was thinking of you when Mikey stayed on the track in the rain and assumed the lead. Lightning did not strike twice though.

  8. I like Dr. Punch too, on pit road, not in the booth. I have slowed my roll on bashing the announcers though. It seems they catch enough hell on the Daly Planet blog. Boy are those some venomous people over there.

    I think Kyle would have had the trifecta, were it not for that rookie. Did ya notice the pleasant interview he gave after 10 minutes in the truck. He did call the rookie a single name, or call him stupid. It also went unnoticed by the media.

  9. Punch used to be the best guy on pit road. I quit reading the DP, cause its the same thing over and over. Whicever announcers are not currently working the races are everyone's fave.

    DJ and Petree have some chemistry together, and if DJ could pick up the excitement a little, those two, only, might make a good team.

    The trifecta was his. That rookie was looking between his feet for that Nickleback CD, and just drifted across three lanes of traffic. We've all done that before.

  10. GENE,




  11. Gunny....thanks. DJ and Kyle might be good together.

    Yeah, it certainly looks like Bowyer's Chase dreams are over. Harvick admitted that he reacted differently to a situation because it involved his teammate trying to make the Chase. That never works.

  12. RED FLAG?? Was the 48 team asking Mark if they could lead for the first time and get 5 bonus points and he gave Jimmie the lead and then took it lead back. When was Jimmie told to give the lead back to Mark?

    Looks like Kyle has things going in the right direction to make the chase.


  13. Glad to see that the Shrub is finally calming down enough to give his team the feedback that they need to fix the car. Maybe Harvick and his crew chief need to sit down and have a heart to heart like Steve Addington and Kyle Busch this past week.

    I am Dr. Jerry Punch also. He was one of the reasons I was glad that ESPN got NASCAR races back. But they certainly can get rid of Rusty Wallace as far as I am concern.

  14. F-2...Martin did NOT 'let' JJ pass to get the 5 points! JJ had to catch him, race him, and pass him. As soon as JJ got the lead, someone on the radio told JJ to 'let' Mark have the lead back.

    I was told this by someone who heard it on scanner at the race. Also, reported the same thing. Don't worry, Mark's halo is still shining. He didn't ask JJ to let himself back by.

  15. Tsfan...Harvick and Kyle are in different situations. Happy is just pouting because RCR won't let him out of his contract early so he can go and play on Tony's team.

    Harvick has been a lot more unprofessional towards his team lately than Kyle has. Maybe Kev should take some lessons from Kyle? lol

  16. On the TV during the race Mark's crew chief asked mark if they would let the 48 team lead a lap just after the restart. Mark replied I will do it as a team mate but the 5 car is dearest to are hearts and we need to lead the most. He moved up high so Jimime could go by and Mark was running low. Heck even DJ and Petree where saying why would the 48 team even being asking when Mark needs the points.

    Later on Mark was taking it easy passing lap cars and Jimmie just pushed on by and never gave up the lead till pit stops.

    Thats why I was asking when this was said, cause they aired during the race Mark and crew chief. Now what was said over the scanners don't make sense?