Thursday, August 27, 2009

Right Sides Only

Bristol is in the books and we have just two more regular season races left to field our 12 Chase contestants. The boys are catching their breath this week before marching into Atlanta; then some will make their final stand in Richmond, the last battle before the Chase starts.

The Nationwide Series is in Montreal this weekend. Maybe those you that like to watch heavy ass stock cars try to race in the rain will get your wish. The CW Trucks are at Chicagoland as an IRL support series this week.

The first six drivers in the point standings seem safely in the Chase. Ryan Newman in 7th is only 50 p0ints ahead of Matt Kenseth in 12th. Kenseth is then only 34 ahead of Kyle Busch in 13th, and only 39 points ahead of Brian Vickers in 14th. One blown tire, wreck, mechanical failure, anything, and any driver in those final six transfer spots could find his playoff hopes dashed.

Mark Martin finished second at Bristol last week. It was his 250th top-5 finish in his 1,000th start. Pretty amazing.

Ray Evernham and Erin Crocker were married in Vegas recently. Anything to keep her out of a racecar, huh Ray? Bootie Barker was replaced by Gene Nead as Mike Waltrip's crew chief recently. The worst thing about working for Mikey is when you get blamed for his shortcomings as a driver.

Get well wishes to JJ Yeley who suffered three broken vertebrae in a sprint car flip on a Kansas dirt track last Saturday.

Last week's RSO reported that a Dale Earnhardt themed roller coaster, the Intimidator 305, was opening at Kings Dominion next spring. I thought it was kind of neat and newsworthy. Of course I didn't know they were going to go full tilt on these things. Now, Carowinds amusement park outside of Charlotte will introduce their Dale Earnhardt Intimidator roller coaster next spring as well. WTH?

This coaster claims to be the Southeast's tallest, fastest and longest rollercoaster. Even though it is 70 feet lower and 12mph slower than the one in Richmond.

Here's the link for another virtual ride....

Tune in next week to see if Atlanta gets their Intimidator coaster before Tampa does.



  1. Six Flags over Georgia needs ONE more

  2. Hey Gene, they have already built an intimidator ride in Tampa. It's the new 2-75 extension that has people thinking that they're heading for the airport when all of a sudden,bam you have missed your exit and you're headed for Clearwater at 70 m.p.h.

    Have a good weekend my friend.

  3. Ray and Erin -- whatever!!

    I think Bootie is getting freed up now to go to work for Truex but thats just me cuz apparently Lee Spencer and Jenna Fryer think Pat Tryson is going to Truex...what do I know.

  4. Bev....Yes, they do need another roller coaster.

    Aero....Haha. The last time I was in St Pete, I found myself on the big bridge heading south by mistake. For some reason Florida puts the directional signs PAST the exit. Does me know good to learn I just passed my exit.

  5. Kristen...I dunno. Sounds like Bootie is getting the shaft from MWR. Doubt he'll be back there next year.

    Bootie, if you can hear me, PLEASE come to TV full time!

  6. I think someone should build a Michael Waltrip rollercoaster. You know - the kind where incompetent people just try to "hang on" for as long as possible?

    Might be a lot of lawsuits...but I'm just saying....

    Have a drink weekend, Compadre.

  7. Nice RSO as always.

    I'm going to try to go to the Atlanta race next week. $40 tickets!

  8. Mose....A Mikey roller coaster. Kind of slow....but always has plenty of sponsors for some reason.

    Gonger....Sounds like a good time. Under the lights! Always makes the racing more exciting.

  9. Kristen, regarding the Evernham-Crocker nuptials: meh.

    Gene, good RSO as usual. Definitely get well wishes go out to Yeley.

  10. She's a roller.

    What is even more amazing about Mark Martin is that he has not won more races or a championship. He came close in the eary 90's but got hammered at the first Richmond race. His engine's intake manifold had a spacer plate below the carbuerator that was too tall. If not for the points taken away after that event Martin could have been the champ instead of Earhardt.

    Mikey already has an amusement park ride know, that Tea Cup deal where the cups are always spinning ......

    Enjoy the weekend and the non Cup .....Tea Cup racing ....

  11. RL....We miss your OLD SCHOOL!

  12. Thansk Beverly, I have been busy and just changed jobs. I had to leave what used to be a Dodge dealer becuase things were getting bad.

    It was a blessing and kind of funny because the day I was going to tell my supervisor at the Dodge dealer that I was leaving he told me that I was being layed off ! They were good about it by letting me stay for another two weeks but I left in less than a week.

    Now I am working for a Buick dealer near Baltimore and we are fairly busy.

    The Old School is coming .....

    Best wishes

  13. A short winded RSO?? Is that like Bigfoot and the Lochness Monster, stuff we here about but never see??

    Just kidding Gene! Nice Stop as usual.

    Atleast Ray finally married her! Now atleast she gets half when he sleeps around on her! I have heard Ray is the Rick Pitino of racing!

    RL- glad you are back on feet after the Dodge fiasco. I am in the auto business as well, and may be looking at my third job change in 8 mo.

  14. Jon...Ray/ is blind.

    Rick....yeah, I remember when Roush was caught cheating back then at Richmond....looks like nothing's changed...LOL! Glad you caught on with another dealer so fast, bro. It's hard out here for a pimp, trying to get the money for the rent.

    Stork....And Pitino is the Mark Sanford of coaching. If (when) Ray gets caught I hope he does us all a favor....NO press conferences! I'm surprised that you even have to work. With all those huge bonuses you auto execs recieved. LOL

  15. Gene, I can only wish to be a auto EXEC! I am just a lowly parts guy. Looking to be a slightly higher paid lowly parts guy at another dealer.