Friday, August 21, 2009

Right Sides Only

The regular season is winding down as we find ourselves a month away from NASCAR's Chase for the Championship. Let's admit it, for the last few years the Chase, and the Race for Chase, both have been lackluster affairs. I still hate the format of letting a driver only have to shine for the last ten races and be compared to former champs who had to do it all season long, but that's another rant.

Several interesting storylines are developing as the combatants invade Bristol Motor Speedway Saturday night. Will Matt Kenseth miss his first Chase? Will RCR get a car in it? Will underfunded Juan Montoya and Kasey Kahne hang on to their Chase hopes? Will Kyle Busch lend some excitement to the Chase? Will Jimmie Johnson and Tony Stewart be the last two standing when we get to Homestead?

These questions will be answered over the coming weeks, but first the drivers have to survive the Bristol Battledome. Where dreams are dashed against the walls and scattered atop the high banked concrete warfield. We who are about to race, salute you!

NASCAR made it's ninth trip in nine years to the White House this week. President Obama took time out from his busy schedule of buying clunkers to meet with the stars of NASCAR. The Prez also mentioned that he wanted to visit a NASCAR race while campaigning. Yeah, I'm sure he wanted to get booed out of a place by 100,000 folks who weren't going to vote for him anyway.

NASCAR's star witness against Jeremy Mayfield, his step-mom Lisa, was arrested last weekend after showing up drunk at his home. She allegedly threatened him, his wife, and two employees and their family members. Looks like the ball is back in Mr Mayfield's court. I did finally see Lisa's picture, a mug shot. Golddigger? More like gravedigger.

After getting career win number two last week, Brian Vickers re-signed with Red Bull Racing. Mark Martin makes his 1,000th start Saturday night in Bristol. Interestingly, he turns 100 the next Saturday.

Last week RPM swapped crews and crew chiefs among the #44 and #43 teams. This week they named Wally Rogers as the new crew chief for Elliott Sadler in the #19. Sadler is thought to be leaving soon anyway, possibly getting in the Jack Daniels ride at RCR. E Sad and JD? No, makes too much sense.

This week, Jack Daniels "Toast the Troops" on Casey Mears' #07 Chevy. Paul Menard takes a peek at the wall with Peak on his #98. McClure Racing makes a return to their home track with Scott Wimmer doing the dirty work with the famous #4 sponsored by a Virginia coal company. Did I mention that Barry O praised NASCAR's "green" initiatives. Dale Earnhardt Jr's #88 Amp will be sugar free, much like his relationship with Victoria Lane.

Kings Dominion, an amusement park outside of Richmond, will introduce a Dale Earnhardt themed roller coaster next spring. The Intimidator 305 features a 300 foot almost straight drop, and 90 mile per hour speeds during it's thrill packed three minute ride. Hit the link for a virtual ride



  1. And I still hate having to agree with you, but you are always right - the chase format has been fairly lackluster and I am not going to compare favorably what JJ has done to Cale. Just can't do it. Am I an old fuddy-duddy? Yes sir, I am.


    ..and I hope Kasey makes the chase, too.

    Okay, that's the next meeting of the old Fox Blog crew - King's Dominion next spring! Although it is terribly overpriced - we've got to ride an Intimidator coaster - YES! To offset the cost, beers and sodas will be free at Frothy's afterwards....

  3. Can't wait for Sat. Night! Love the Galdiator reference.

    I heard Obama tried to give JJ $4500 and the keys to a Honda Insight, for the 48 that was parked on the lawn.

    Menard in a Peak car? Did he decide to give his oldmans wallet the weekend off?

    Mark looks good for a centurian, Must be all the Folgers he drank back in the day.

    Congrats to Vickers for getting his deal signed, now if Red Bull can just get him a teammate that can give him a little support.

    Seems a little weird to have a coaster named for a person, even if it is SR. Looks like a shameless ploy for customers.

    My dream for the Chase, is that Kyle gets in and makes ruckus en route to a title, which he captures by punting JJ in Homestead. Then has to hire large goons to protect him from the legions of haters.

    But I will settle for the title atleast being up for grabs in the last race.

    Nice Stop Gene!!

  4. Nice Roller Coaster Ride Gene .....

    The Chase is a curious deal. Nascar doesnt want a driver to take the cake with one win like Kenseth did a minute or two ago, they do not want anyone to have an advantage but they stil do. Jimmie and the 48 bunch have been having a test session for more than a month.

    I see only two weaknesses with this team, the road courses and running a fuel race. It means nothing because they are going to let the string out for the last 10.

    This Chase may surprise us for a change, we are do for a good one. But the way this year has looked like no other team consistently performs better the the 48 it going to be four in a row ? Hope not.

    Enjoy the weekend and the race

  5. Dude, big news about Obama inviting NASCAR to the White House, no?

  6. Bristol does indeed bring out the gladiator aspect. Only thing missing is lions feasting on the fallen drivers.

    The Intimidator sounds like a blast. I'll include 6 Flags Magic Mountain the weekend of the Fontana race. I've got to have some excitement on my trip. Sure won't find it at the race!

  7. Moseby...the Chase has everyone points racing all year long now.

    I haven't been to Kings Dominion in over 20 years, but it used to be a piece of crap compared to Busch Gardens Williamsburg. Its better now?

    Have a great Birthday dude.

  8. Stork...great points, bro. Kyle would probably be OK if he rattled JJ's cage. For a sport with a fan base of frontrunners, JJ sure doesn't have a lot of fans.

  9. Rick....The 48 has been testing all year. They could make the Chase very boring, real quickly. When he gets out front in clean air its...Buh-Bye!

    Have a great Fri and Sat night watching the races.

  10. Chris....Yeah, they've been there the last 8 years but I don't recall this much media coverage before.

    CR....Yeah all they need are the lions....and Maximus Fancis.

  11. And... I loved Danny O'Quinn's Sun Drop paint scheme... I can taste it now.

    Oh.. second and...Tony Stewart is now the top seller of merchandise over Dale Junior (per Kenny Wallace).


  12. Nice read, Kurt Busch say's he is going to play it safe at Bristol,, Yeah right, You do that there and your going to get run over. I predict this will be the wildest & exciting night race at Bristol ever, if they get it in at night. If we go on Sunday will be a boaring reck fest in the sun.

    Got to stick with my trifecta pick with Jimmie to come back from last week & make Chad feel better. Thats what happens when you hope to get a caution flag to save fuel.

    Chase, You know who I want and last weeks race was a bad move for Mark. Really Hendricks cars have been the best so if you want a close championship with many drivers then we need JJ,Tony, Jeff Gordon and Mark Martin and throw in Kyle Busch with Kurt to stir it all up for 10 races. Whats up with the 99 team? They are in it but you would have to see it on paper to beleave
    Have a great weekend and Cheers.

  13. Nice RSO as always.

    I took a virtual ride on the coaster from the front seat... looks pretty awesome.

    I think Talladega would have been the perfect track for Obama to visit on his campaign... lol.

  14. Great RSO as usual.

    I agree with moseby-next ex-FOX bloggers get together at King's Dominion. I will need a seeing eye rider to go with me since I don't wear my contacts when riding such things(I won't risk losing a $300 piece of plastic).

  15. I dunno about that coaster, that first hill seems like a killa...but I'll try to be there for the ex-Fox Bloggers reunion if there is free beer at Frothys.

    Hey when is Moseby's bday!?!?

    So you appear to be correct Hanny on the rumor mill about BK going to Penske - I still cant believe they will let BK have what should be Justin's ride in a year at most but what do I know! Perhaps they turn it into a 4 car operation and drop Dodge...

    Only way to make Chase races interesting is for Kyle to get screwed out of the top 12, have a huge chip and have him racing all out for wins wrecking everyone in his path...otherwise, hello points racing!

  16. Lori....that Sun Drop car is badass...the driver ...not so much.

    And...I bet half of those 'fans' wearing their new Smoke tee shirts have their Jr tee shirts close by....just in case. lol

  17. F2....I don't think JJ has ever won at Bristol. He goes into survival mode there, and considers a top-5 great for points.

    Not just Edwards but all the Roush teams are struggling. No wins since Matt's two to start the season. Can't believe Jack is not ranting and raving over something. Ford has a new engine coming to Cup any day now. Maybe that will make the difference.

    Skoal, bro.

  18. Gonger....thanks. I' ve been on some coasters with about a 100 foot drop, can't imagine 300 feet.

    LOL, Obama spending the night in the Dega infield. I think I will write a blog about how that would have turned out.

  19. SB14...thanks. Kings Dominion...yes. Roller coaster....uhhh, I would probably have to go see the Wizard for some courage. 30 stories...straight down? Aaaaahhhhhhhh!

    No worries...the contacts will be safe... we'll get you and Katie some racing goggles to wear. lol

  20. Kristen...Maybe BK killed his chance, last night when he wrecked Gator on the straightaway.

    Dodge says they are only looking to field 3 or 4 cars in Cup now. And RPM is talking to Toyota and Chevy, so Penske will be the only Dodge team next year.

    Love that Kyle scenario. That's what I'm hoping for.

    Moseby's birthday is this weekend, don't know the day. Maybe Lori does?

  21. Well I uuurrrrppp!took the UUUUrrrrpppp! test ride UUURRRPPP! Danged I just got done eating.