Thursday, August 6, 2009

Right Sides Only

The NASCAR schedule is winding down, tick, tock. Only four races left until the Chase begins. This week's race at Watkins Glen will probably be the last race with any action for a couple of months.

The Chase has the drivers walking on eggshells. Those in it are points racing. Trying to be conservative and consistent instead of racing for the win. Those not in it are driving conservative thanks to NASCAR ordering them not to harm any Chase contestants.

As usual, a road race in NASCAR brings in the hired guns. The road race 'specialists'. Let me know when one of these 'aces' finishes in the top five. It's been awhile.

PJ Jones is back in Robby Gordon's version of a start and park. Jones will be in the Jim Beam #04. don't worry he'll be parked before the ice melts in his drink back at the motorcoach.

Jacques Villeneuve was called to take over for Reed Sorenson in the RPM #43 at the Glen. That deal has went away now that Sorenson is better. Seems that Reed got a dose of carbon monoxide Monday at Pocono. Carbon monoxide? Are you listening Jeremy?

Patrick Carpentier takes over in the #55 Toyota for Mike Waltrip this week. Baby steps, Mikey. You can do it. Break that habit.

Boris Said is slated to drive the #08 US Chrome Ford at the Glen. But, with four of the last five qualifying sessions there rained out, look for, past champion, Terry Labonte to attempt to qualify the car.

Jeff Gordon and Tony Stewart lead all drivers with four wins apiece at Watkins Glen. Mark Martin won three consecutive poles and races here from 1993-1995. Wow! Buck Baker won the first NASCAR race here in 1957. He won the pole too, Mark.

Looking back at Pocono from this past Monday..... the last half of the race was interesting.... for a change. Amazing the drama that NASCAR can build with some well timed mystery debris cautions, and double file restarts.

Pocono winner, Denny Hamlin apologized for taking out David Reutimann, then accused the Beak of 'brake checking' him to start the accident. Think about that, Denny actually thinks that someone would tap the brakes..... while racing three wide..... with 30 cars right behind him. JGR teammates, WTH? Kyle doesn't know how to act when he loses, and Denny doesn't know how to act when he wins!

Did anyone see the results of Brad Coleman's race car meeting a coyote head on, while testing in Arizona? Send me an email addy if you want to check it out. Not pretty!


  1. Nice RSO as always.

    Denny makes sure to let the media know that nothing is ever his fault... lol. Sometimes it's just better to admit you made a mistake. Kyle even has matured enough to do that now...

    I still think the Bristol night race will be exciting. Something always happens even if the guys are 'trying' to points race...

  2. Nice Rightsides as usual Gene .....

    Building up some nick names for Denny ... Denny the Space Man Hamlin ......Denny I'm open 24/7 Hamlin ....give me a Grand Slam

    Spaceman is not into the classic Clip and Dip move, his specialty is the Run and Gun .....Did it a Chicago and then Pocono. I remember watching him trying to elbow with other drivers during a pre race as a rookie ....they turned around and ignored him .....bad move fella's ....

    The Chase falls on its face ....maybe this year there will be a battle to the end instead of JJ busting a move for first 5 then cruising. It is what it is Chase or not.

    We know that Pocono is a real long grueling race at 500 miles but this week the event has a length of 220 miles. During the 70's the Nascar rule was that a points paying Cup race either had to be a minimum of 250 laps or 250 miles in length. What's up NASCAR.

    Riverside used to be an unreal 500 miles for the first race and 400 for the second summer event.

    Nascar's first race measured in Kilometers for distance was in June of 1976 at Riverside, actual distance in miles ....248.50. Pearson won the first K event in what Stock Car Racing magazine called the Kilowatt 400.

    The super drivers of today can't run 500 miles on a road coarse ! They can't run 500 at Dover. The Rock was dropped to 400 before being dropped like a Rock. I almost forgot ....too much TV time and too many people taking naps during the races as it.

    Enjoy the weekend and the race ...

  3. nice stop Gene.

    Road Course ringers, what a joke. Have any of them actually won a race?

    The Coyote thing was pretty brutal. When I first saw it I thought it was faked, then I saw the underhood shot. Well one less coyote for Wrench to deal with.LOL

    T.V. has shorten the races, but the broadcast still run 6 hrs. How about more racing, less pre-race BS.

    Half the guys out there today couldn't run if the cars were like the old days. No powersteering, no coolsuits etc. etc.

    Have a good weekend everybody!!

  4. I think Terry should qualify AND drive for Bobby. Just my opinion.

    What the frick is it with all pf the rain this year and last year? And why haven't the polar ice caps melted yet?

  5. Gonger....thanks. Denny could have been a little more gracious regarding the accident. He won! He could have taken the blame and moved on.

  6. Nap? Did someone say nap? Hey I think it's time for one.

    I wonder if this weekend's race will be a good time to take a nap?

  7. Rick....good nicknames for Denny. I like the Denny's one. 24-7.

    I didn't know that Riverside had a 400K fun-run way back then. I remember my 8th grade math teacher telling us that the metric system would be in use in the US by 1990. Still waiting.

  8. Stork....I think me and RLG had a conversation about the last ringer to win on a road course in NASCAR. I think it was Mark Donahue, in 1973, at Riverside. Right, RL?

    The coyote pic looked fake to me also. Looked more like a wolf than a coyote. The underhood pic looked very legit though.

  9. Moseby....I like the Labontes, but Terry, and all other 'retired' champions, should stay retired. I hate that they come back just to use their provisional to get a car in the field. Guys, if the team was worth a flip they wouldn't need your past champ's provisional!

    You'll have to ask Professor Gore for his brilliant insights on the global warming hoax.

  10. Photo....The race might be too exciting for napping. The next 3-4 races....sleep away! lol

  11. Gene you are right about the last ringer if you can call Donahue a ringer ? I prefer a truly great driver.

    I blew it way back talking Dan Gurney stuff being the last ringer to win, You corrected me. Gurney was pretty stout also.

  12. Not to chime on your post Gene but Riverside was an awsome track, it was 2.6 miles in length and had it all. Not to take anything away from the Glen or Infineon but the Side was a beast.

    To this day I still am amazed that they would run 500 miles on a road coarse but that is what distinguished Nascar racing from other forms of motorsports. No other asphalt series has as many 400 and 500 mile races and that may be why Pocono is still on the schedule.

  13. JJ on the pole... blah.

    Hoping Marcos wins this one.

  14. What? No mention of Mad Max Papis? Hmmm, now I think I should have picked him on my fantasy team. Under the radar, Max may surprise...

  15. Rl....Chime away, bro. LOL....You always have something good to say about the good old days.

    I seem to remember that the cars looked like they were going very fast at Riverside. Too bad that track shut down about the time that all the races were getting televised.

  16. Lori....Marcos would be fine with me. You have to smile just by how upbeat he always is.

  17. CR...Max is another guy that's always positive. I'll be pulling for him, but I don't see a top-5...unless it's through pit stategy....and I suppose that could happen at the Glen.

    Hint for fantasy teams....when it comes down to a choice between which driver(s) you take.... all things being equal, always take the guy higher in points. With all the qualifying that's been rained out this year, it pays off a little when field is set by points. 5 or 6 times already this year!

  18. 'Are you listening, Jeremy?' LOL!

    You just out do yourself every week, Gene! You should apply for David Cooper's job! I bet you'd be right up there with Benny Parsons as an announcer! Mike Helton can't hold a candle to your ideas. And that Kyle Busch, he's dreamy!lol

    RSO ROCKS!!!

  19. Gene, great RSO as usual. I have a nickname for Denny Hamlin: Space Cadet. Too often, he doesn't think.

  20. Ah, picking on the road-rash-ringers in this week's episode of RSO eh?

    I'd say Carpentier has a shot at a top 5 and will pull for Papis cuz he is so dang funny on twitter.

    I am hoping for a red flag and some more drunk fans seeking autographs! Or more fist fighting between auto racing aliens with super baggy firesuits. =P

  21. ATH....Okay it's getting deep now. Had to switch from boots to hip waders.

  22. Jon...great name for Denny. I bet he was an only child.

  23. Kris....Looks like rain there today, so there will be some red flags probably.

    Space aliens?

  24. Gene

    So few races and so little time. It's now make or break for those who want to be the life and soul of the party. And it ought not to come as a surprise that there'll be one or who two guys who won't be getting an invite.

    I hear that Pitino's looking for a way out of his problems at present ? Got any advice for the shmuck ?

    You Don't Sh_t Where You Eat You Hear That ?

    Here's my take on his problem .

    Alan Parkins