Tuesday, August 4, 2009

View From The Flagstand

This week's View From the Flagstand is slightly oversaturated from all the rain on Sunday and Denny Hamlin's tears on Monday. The race at Pocono was rained out on Sunday and went off one day later.

CHECKERED FLAG....goes to Denny Hamlin. He won to break his 50 race winless streak, only three days after losing his grandmother. It was an emotional scene in victory lane as Hamlin was overcome with the full spectrum, from grief to relief.

GREEN FLAGS.....Juan Pablo Montoya was very strong for the second week in a row, and finished second. Watkins Glen next week may be the breakthrough that assures his place in the Chase. Clint Bowyer (3), and Sam Hornish Jr (4) both had much needed stout finishes.

YELLOW FLAG.....Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr looks to be regressing to his old bad habits. When the handling went away on his racer, Jr resorted to jerking his car around, smoking the tires coming off the turns, and trying to show up his crew chief. He really should just concentrate on his job at HMS.....testing parts and pieces for his three teammates who will be in the Chase.

RED FLAG......NASCAR's dumbass 'free pass', 'lucky dog' rule. After going three laps down with mechanical issues, Jimmie Johnson never passed the leaders, and yet 'makes up' the three laps and finishes 13th. Is there any other sport where the officials give a contestant such a lopsided chance to cut into their opponent's advantage?

BLACK FLAG.....Robby Gordon once again lets his temper get the better of him. He and David Stremme decided to play bumper tag and both were parked for five laps by NASCAR. Stremme will be out of the Cup series soon enough, but Robby just won't go away. He's trying to remain in the top 35 in points. He was having a heated battle with Stremme for oh, about 28th postion! Will he ever be relevant in Cup racing?



  1. Great read!

    To answer your question about the Red Flag- the 1972 Olympic Basketball game between the US and the USSR comes to mind.

  2. I have to say, man, watching the Hamlin post-race interview was something special.

    Good for him.

  3. SB14....Great point about the '72 Olympic game. What a crock of BS that officiating at the end was. And, I suppose there are some boxing matches with unwarranted scores....but NASCAR does this every week!

  4. Rev....Hamlin is no favorite of mine, but you had to feel for the kid. He's in his mid-20s, so it was probably the first time he's dealt with death so close to him.

  5. Didn't really watch the race so not much to add except that JJ sure is a lucky-dawg...

  6. I does seem ironic that Johnson can come from behind and end up in the top 15 after being 3 laps down. did any one see him get foggy lucky dog passes???

  7. All that rain from Pocono came down to the Ville, we got 6 inches in 1 hr this AM.

    Mixed emotions on the Hamlin win. I like Denny but he did take out a couple of guys I root for on his way to the front. He did apologize, so I will let him slide this time. Denny, next time boot those HMS cars out of the way, it will make life more exciting.

    As for RG and Stremme. I have been vocal many times that Gordon should just go away, but he never listens. Stremme, as you correctly noted, will be back in the truck series or ARCA, next year. I hope.

  8. KLV...that rule is getting ridiculous, and now with the 'wave around' for all the cars one lap down NASCAR has become a Nanny-State for underperformers. lol

  9. Photo...JJ's team worked hard to correct his mechanical woes.

    Maybe there should be a limit on how many lucky dog passes you get in one race?

  10. Stork....I used to like Denny. He raced on the local track that I grew up going to. He seems to pout and be very moody the longer he stays in the SCS.

    Why isn't Robby in the IRL? He would be competitive and only spend a tenth of what he does in Cup racing.

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  12. S....I don't really know. I'll find out and let you know. Thanks for checking it out.

  13. Stork....try this....

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  14. Nice flagstand Gene...

    So it looks like Denny the Space Man has come down to earth ...for a minute. Looks strong this year.

    JPM will not have arrived till he pops an oval track and the Glenn is not a lock. Juan does look like Playoff material though ....

    Jr. will not have arrived till he makes a NAPA commercial with Mikey.

    The government has the hidden tax and Nascar has the hidden rule ....at least three cautions in the last 30 laps of a Cup race or maybe these guys just forget how to drive.

    The rest better watch out or get up on it because JJ and Chad are lookin for 4.

    Robby always knows when JJ is around, he quickly moves out of the way.

    It has been quite awhile since a Hendrick car has not finished top 5 .....lets party.

  15. I agree that getting 3 laps back isn't right. I think Nascar should limit it to 1-2, and it may depend on the track. Bristol maybe 2 laps but Pocono or Michigan only 1.