Monday, July 13, 2009

View From The Flagstand

This week's View is coming to us from the artery clogged suburbs of Chicago, as NASCAR was an hour away in Joliet for the weekend. In honor of the Second City I reviewed the races while partaking in a little pizza, brats, and beer.

"It's gotta be better than that slop in the Cook County slammer." Yeah, I even had time to watch the 'Blues Brothers' during Friday and Saturday night's races.

CHECKERED FLAG......Mark Martin won for a series leading fourth time this season. Yes, the world's most gracious and humble driver is on a roll. Jr Nation---- Martin's bandwagon is loading at Gate B, and Tony's is almost full at Gate A.

Some loudmouth (Hanahan, I think) predicted before the season that Martin had nothing left, couldn't get it done, wouldn't make the Chase, was over the hill, was a has-been. Stop me anytime, y'all.

GREEN FLAG.... Jeff Gordon came out of nowhere to finish second, and Kasey Kahne had a strong third place run. Pole winner, Brian Vickers ended up 7th. Nice finishes by: Clint Bowyer (9), Juan Montoya (10), and Marcos Ambrose (11).

YELLOW FLAG....Dale Earnhardt Jr was pressing a little bit, as he tried not to get shown up by a ten race rookie (Brad Keselowski) who just happened to be using Jr's old crew chief. Until some late race misfortune, BK would have finished ahead of Jr....again. Jr also cut Paul Menard's tire while racing him hard. Marinate on that one....Jr and Menard racing each other! For position!

BLACK FLAG....Reed Sorenson was black flagged for not doing a pass through penalty after passing a car on pit road. After ignoring the black flag, Sorenson was given the black flag with a white stripe on it (Uh oh, you in trouble). That flag means that NASCAR has quit scoring your car. NASCAR did quit scoring him....for one lap! WTH?

RED FLAG....Martin Truex's crew chief, Bono Manion, may be trying to leave EGR early with Truex. Truex's car was found too high in post-race inspection. That's a no-no. The resulting fine will cost Theresa E. some money, that's an even bigger no-no.

M&Ms FLAG....Kyle, Kyle, Kyle. It is one thing to have a huge chip on your shoulder and an unquenchable will to win, BUT this is geting a little ridiculous. Sometimes it's just not your night. Take the points and move on.....especially now that you are in real danger of falling out of the Chase.



  1. Uh..... the damn of the day caught my attention. Is that my birthday present?

    No need to giftwrap, brother.

  2. LMAO at every word under the yellow flag!

    I was with you "Hanahan" about Martin -- fine, he is winning but still not a big fan.

    Are you going to add the M&Ms flag every race? I think you should...LOL

  3. That 5 team has been good for longer than this year. The double file restarts are great and that allowed Jeff Gordon with new tires to run up there. Jimmie Johnson was going to walk until Denny "I am open 24/7", Hamlin sniffed him out.

    Hamlin acted like he was in outer space with his interview after the race ? Did he say anything about his team or having a good run ?

    Jr cant catch a cold and his cars are shopped right next to Martin's. hmmmm ....Gustafson is already taken Dale ....

    No to often they stop scoring a car, been so long since Sorenson passed anybody it is no wonder he did not see the black flag. Was running good at the end of it with "new tires".

    Used to be that being too high wasnt a problem so Manion gets the Bono. Next Nascar is going to do all of this with laser beams and will be challenged in court. Hard to imagine what it is like to hang a body on the COT.

    Kyle should soak his head in a bucket of ice so the swelling will go down, then take a look around.

    Mark Martin is in great physical condition and it shows, give him a good car and he roll's. I am surprised has has not won more races over his career ? ......I forgot he wasnt driving for Hendrick back in the day.

    Cant keep those Hendrick cars off the point, did not matter what happened to who because another Hendrick car was right there.


  4. Chris....All yours, bro.

    Happy Birthday!

  5. Kristen...Is there any way for a man to be as humble as Martin? Seems a litle phony to me.

    Not sure about the M&Ms flag. I'm sure Kyle will do something every race to be flag

    Can't believe how many of us forgot our fantasy teams this week....Arrgghhh!

  6. Rick....I'm with you on Denny. He seemed the same way after Daytona. Is he a friend of Jeremy's?

    I wonder how a car rises in height during a race? that seems strange.

    HMS is definitely on point right now. Well, almost.

  7. At least with the "Rowdy" one - you have to watch the whole race because SOMETHING is going to happen.

    Ain't it ironic that the only person at HMS not points racing is Mark?


  8. Yeah, that Hanahan guy is a real dorkfish!

  9. Gene, good view. Yeah, that Hanahan guy is probably eating his words right about now. I do like the M&M's Flag, great idea!

  10. Moseby....So, Little E is points racing? LOL

    TNT made sure that we saw Rowdy all night long.

  11. RA6AN....I consider that a high compliment, considering who your other dorfish is.

    Now, Shuddup! LOL (^0^)

  12. Jon...Hanahan also predicted that Ryan Newman would get discouraged and leave SHR. lol

    Kyle acts like he needs his own flag, so maybe I'll keep it.

  13. Interesting. One has to wonder if Kyle over reved his car to loose a cylinder due to his temper during the last pit stop.

    Yep Ole Man Martin won a fourth race.Amazing what you can do with RHR power under the hood.

  14. Photo....I think that Kyle over reved it, because he was angry. I don't think he meant to blow it up. I hope not, he almost fell out of the Chase.

    Yes, those Hendrick engines are amazing. Well, all but

  15. Gene, I believe Robby Gordon is quite familiar with the Black Flag bearing the White Stripe. I think that was the subject of my first ever blog over in that Foxland of old!

  16. Did you hear Kyle coming out of his pit stall that one time? Oh that poor engine!

  17. J Dub....It's always on. Just like the porch lights in Green Bay on gameday.

  18. CR....I don't recall that Robby blog. Must have been before my time.

    Kyle was just using that race as a test session. I guess he was testing how long the rev limiter would