Thursday, July 9, 2009

Right Sides Only

This weekend, NASCAR will be putting Right Sides Only on in "that same old place, sweet home, Chicago." Nationwide series on Friday night, and Sprint Cup on Saturday night.

A Jack Roush car has never won a Cup event at Chicagoland Speedway. Along with Indy, these are the only two tracks that he hasn't won a race at. I knew I liked these two tracks for some reason.

His current Cup lineup, featuring David Ragan, Jamie McMurray, Greg Biffle, Carl Edwards, and Matt Kenseth, have made 26 starts here, and have 8 top-10 finishes to show for themselves. Kenseth has four of those eight top-10s himself.

In the month since Dale Earnhardt Jr got his new crew chief, he's really turned his season around.....not for the better! No top-10s. And, while, pre-switch, he once was on the fringe of making the Chase, now even his Nation of die-hards are clamming up about the chances of Jr chasing anything.

AJ Allmendinger will be cooking Hunt Bros Pizza in the #44 Saturday night. Chicago style? Will Bobby Labonte have the remote to go along with DLP on his #96? Matt Kenseth will be skimming along with USG Sheetrock finishing his #17 Ford.

The #34 of John Andretti and #37 of Tony Raines will feature Long John Silvers, Baja Fish Tacos this weekend as part of a promotion to give the fish tacos away on Tuesday, July, 14. Ahh, fish tacos.....

NASCAR called Jeremy Mayfield on Monday at 1:18 and gave him a lab to report to within two hours to give a drug screen sample. Mayfield 'got lost', finally called NASCAR and was told of another lab to go to. He, instead went to his own lab and gave a sample. NASCAR reps showed up at his home that night, and after another hour of delays, got a sample. What a tangled web we weave...

CNBC has a special report concerning the economic state of NASCAR. "Inside Track: The Business of NASCAR" airs Thursday, July, 9 at 9pm, 10pm, and 1am. It reairs on July, 12 and 13. I doubt this will be too warm and fuzzy. Tune in to, hopefully, see Brian France get hammered like a co-ed at a keg stand party.

The #47 Toyota in the NNS series has run out of sponsorship while sitting in 11th place in the point standings. Michael McDowwel is out, and Kelly Bires will be starting and parking it in Chicago.

On the other hand, 18 year old, Trevor Bayne, driver of the MWR #99 in NNS, has had his schedule increased from 8 to 12 races, including Friday night at Chicago.

Kyle Busch has finished in the top two in the last five NNS races.

Congrats to Theresa Earnhardt for finally getting rid of the last reminder of Dale Sr's legacy at DEI when Martin Truex Jr moved on. Truex will be in the NAPA #56 next year for MWR. Sad.



  1. Nice one as usual Hanny.

    Sooner or later a Roushkateer is going to stumble in to one .....

    Jr is just stumbling period, I think that Jr and Kenseth will have those Fish Taco's on their lunch break then go back to laying drywall .....or Sheet Rock that is.

    Mayfield does not have MapQuest ???? What a circus this is.

    You know if Earnhardt Sr. was stil here things would be alot different there. It is what it is.

    Who can beleive that Michael Waltrip's best attributes are spinning out and keeping good sponsor's. MW has it goin on !

    Chicago Chicago ....the crookedest town in the country, Isn't Obama from the Windy City ? Maybe one of these days he will go to a Nascar race ......not !

    Enjoy the race

  2. Nice RSO as always. Extra great on the humor this week!

    I guess I'll have to check out that show on CNBC tonight. That's the channel where my dad watches the stock market ticker all day long.

    Just think of what Theresa has let DEI become. It is practically being foreclosed like everything else...

  3. Hey Rick...Hard to believe that Edwards hasn't won a Cup race yet this year. This could be the night...OH Nooooooo!

    Mayfield's luck may have run out.

    Mikey does know how to BS a sponsor, I suppose.

    Barry O would get booed out of the track.

  4. Gong...I plan on catching that show tonight also.

    She has completely destroyed the legacy. Maybe Jr and his siblings can get the DEI name back when she finally goes under.

    Did you try any of the gadgets on the layout page for your blog? Put the pics you want to use in 'my pictures' on your PC. Then you can add whichever ones you want for a header, or along the side margins.

  5. Is that Mayfield bit for real?? Unbelievable.

    So did you catch the bit Kyle said about last weekend -- per Jeff Gluck on Twitter:
    Kyle on Tony's call this week: "I really don't have feelings, so it didn't mean a whole lot.

    That boy cracks me up...

  6. KLV.....that's all true on Mayfield. Dumb, dumb, dumb. Once that hits the papers and TV tomorrow he'll have no one on his side anymore.

    I saw Kyle at the media center in Chicago. He actually thinks that Tony "dumped" him. He is not happy.

  7. Gene, great RSO as usual. And even better on the humor! With the advent of GPS units and Google Maps, I don't buy Mayfield's BS. He's toast now. Any chance he had of getting back into NASCAR he pissed it all away.

  8. That show was pretty good last night. I never knew how much money it takes to operate a race team. I just think they spent too much time talking about Tony Stewart. Thanks for telling me about it.

    I tried a couple of the gadgets. I may design a new logo for my blog...

  9. Kyle "dumped" Busch... or Bile Busch as I'm now calling him, is not funny. Not that he can't drive, but really Gene, he's pissing me off.

    Wish I would have caught that show last night, but I was watching the Braves and the Billy Mays tribute. Will try to remember to set my DVR for the future showings.

    Isn't Andretti in the #36? Not #34? I can't remember...

  10. It would be nice to see Brian get hammered period.

  11. nice stop hanahan. LOL I just like saying that.

    I thought the CNBC was a Tony Stewart documentary. I think everybody knows my thought on Smokes "new" team.

    I think Mayfield is innocent. A wealthy man can afford to fight guilt. A guilty poor man would run and hide. Mayfield is not "wealthy" so I think he is fight for his innocence.

    What else?? Could care if Roush ever wins again. Sorry Ra6an!
    MMMmmm Fish tacos, sound good!

    As for the NNS start and park. I don't like it, but atleast Brad tried to explain on the pre-race. I know he would rather be racing, so that helps a bit.

    By the way, Gene, when do we get the next Hanner installment???

  12. sure looks like Mayfield is acting like a guilty man. He bought a lot of good will with me when he bumped and ran Big E at Pocono for the win. Now he's trying to sell his equipment and hope for a lib judge at the lawsuit.

  13. Gonger...The show wasn't exactly the hard hitting piece I was expecting. Seemed more like Fox News reporting on NASCAR (their demographic) instead of CNBC.

  14. Lori....LOL, simmer down. He's just a

    Wanting to win is one thing....but rewriting history, that's another. Iraqi Kyle?

  15. Photogr...yes, it would have been nice. I don't understand why CNBC wasted an hour to do a puff piece on NASCAR. Typical non-sports media trying to do a sports related story...not good.

  16. Stork..."New" team. Exactly! Hendrick buys a team and "gives" Tony half. LOL. I can't believe that people were thinking that Rick "let" some of his best people go to "SHR". Has to keep an eye on his interests doesn't he?

    I'm not so sure about Jeremy now. That 7 hour delay on giving NASCAR a sample does not seem like the work of an innocent man.

  17. Hanner coming in a week or so. I was waiting on Jr to give the series a nice ending, but.....

  18. Great rundown of the race Gene. But I must say I am getting alittle sick of Kyle's attitude. Think Gibbs needs to have Home Depot employees come out and rebuild that ole Wood Shed he use to use for Stewart. Maybe it will do Kyle some good to be taken to it a few times. lol

  19. If you are waiting on Jr. to give the series a good ending, you might be waiting until next year to finish this case up. lol Looking like they should have left Eury Jr. on the pit box.

  20. Tsfan....Kyle's act has grown tiresome even for me....can imagine how non-fans feel about him. lol

    Maybe Hanner will stretch the case out. He's getting paid by the day by Miss Lane. lol