Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Right Sides Only

This week's RSO finds the Cup series in Western Pennsylvania for the second time in less than two months. In this day and age of GPS systems and the like, who goes to West Pa twice period? NASCAR's brilliant schedule makers, that's who.

Last time here, way back in June of 2009, Tony Stewart won his first race as a car owner. Gas mileage, yeah. Maybe NASCAR figures this is the way to make the Brickyard seem exciting....follow it with Pocono.

Only 43 cars are entered for Pocono. Even the start and parkers won't take the easy money just to show up here. Bobby Allison and Tim Richmond both won three consecutive races at Pocono. Hendrick Motorsports has 11 total wins here, including one by Richmond.

Drivers still looking for a breakout at Pocono (or, maybe just to get out of Pocono) are Juan Montoya with five starts here and one top-10 finish. Paul Menard has five starts, and no top-10s. David Stremme also has five starts and no top 10s. Reed Sorenson has seven starts, and, you guessed it, no top-10s.

Penske Racing celebrates, sponsor, PPG's 25th year with the team with a special PPG paint job on Sam Hornish's #77 on Sunday. Marcos Ambrose steps his game up with on his #47. Tony Stewart gets his swag on with Old Spice Swagger on the SHR #14 this weekend.

Mustang will be the COT for Ford in the NNS next season. Can Challengers and Camaros be far behind? Jeremy Mayfield's step mother, Lisa Mayfield, filed a defamation lawsuit against Jeremy this week. Claiming that she "suffered damage to her reputation." I think I speak for all men when I ask, "Just what does this golddigger look like?"

Jamie McMurray is out at RFR. Roush claims that if a sponsor can be found, J Mac's 26 team will be moved, intact, to Yates Racing. McMurray's old sponsor, Crown Royal has moved to the #17 of Matt Kenseth. Kenseth's current sponsor, DeWalt, has pulled out of NASCAR. McMurray is also on a short list to go drive EGR's #1 after Martin Truex gets out of it to go to MWR.

Yates is saying that Paul Menard, and more importantly Daddy's funding, is not leaving after the season. Reed Sorenson is in danger of losing the seat in the famous #43 sooner, rather than later. AJ Allmendinger will be in that car in a matter of weeks.

Big get well wishes to my favorite F-1 driver,Felipe Massa. Dude suffered multiple skull fractures after being hit in the helmet by debris during practice last week. Consiga bien pronto, hermano.


  1. This race will be interesting. Sounds like musical chairs is starting up.

    Lets hope Massa recovers quickly but it seems it may be lengthy.

  2. My sentiments exactly re Massa. Hope he gets well enough to race next season.

    As for RSO, good one as usual. If Menard didn't have Daddy's billions behind him, he wouldn't have a Cup ride. And I agree that Allmendinger will be in the #43 in a matter of weeks.

  3. Schumacher will fill Massa's seat. Hope for Filipe's full recovery.

    My picks for Pocono;

    Marcos Ambrose
    Denny Hamlin
    Kasey Kahne
    Mark Martin

  4. Photo....yes musical driver chairs is in full swing.

    Jon....Menard doesn't seem to even have the driving skill that Ricky Hendrick had. And Ricky got out of the car after a few seasons and went into management. Why is Menard still trying to drive a race car?

    CR.....No Tony Stewart?

  5. Nice write as always Gene

    What they will not tell us is that JMeth and his MLaw had a trist of all sorts .....

    No Camaro's in the NNS Ringer series but the Challenger will be there. The new car will have the old rear spoiler but the front suspension will be a full spring set up, no bump stops .....What's up with dat ?

    Years ago Pocono was awsome. The Tunnel turn is just nasty and there is nothing like the freight train coming off of it at 170 mph. That joint is perfect for drafting but with Nascar's rolling Air Foils it is not the same.

    Maybe this weekend will be different, there will be some guys that are looking for it real bad.

    I have been to Pocono two times in 25 YEARS ! That part if Penn is beautiful and good for fishing. This place is perfect if you have a camper and there is plenty of room in the infield. Was able to lay on my back and watch the action in the second turn way back when.

    Did I read it right, CR says Shumacher is going to dust off his helmet ? Our prayers to Filipe and his family.

    Have a great weekend and dont fall asleep Sunday ....

  6. Nice RSO as always.

    A picture of Lisa Mayfield is no where to be found on the world wide web. Shouldn't surprise me....

    I really don't mind missing this race. There's probably not a better one to miss...

  7. Amen on the Massa props, H. It would be terrible if he couldn't come back from this. He isn't a Senna, but he has improved every year and just needed Ferrari to get the KERS package and chassis changes.

    What the Heck is really happening in the Mayfield vs. Mayfield saga? Is there really any $$$$'s to be dug? It has gone way beyond plain weird...

    Here is hoping the Montoya runs just like last week - pits much smarter, too. VIVA MONTOYA!

  8. nice stop Gene. I add my well wishes along with everyone else's to Massa. I look forward to seeing Shummi though. Now we just have to wait a month.

    In this economy, I guess Menard will have a seat till his dad's money runs out. I would think he would just get the idea that maybe he wasn't cut out for big time racing.

    I don't think Lisa Mayfield would be useful for your Damn ! of the Day. maybe the "No thanks I'll pass of the Day.

    I think I will clean the garage this weekend and DVR the race. That way I can FF through the boring parts. Anyone every watched a whole race at 4 times speed??

  9. I'm gonna love watchin that swagger...

    Props G-man.

  10. Rick.....Too bad Government Motors won't break out the Camaro for NNS next year.

    I plan on watching Pocono flat on my back this Can't promise that I won't fall asleep.

    Have a nice race weekend, bro.

  11. Gonger....You won't miss anything this Sunday. Have fun on your trip.

  12. Moseby....Just when you think the Mayfield mess can't get any does!

    The emails between Mayfield's lawyer and one of NASCAR's lawyers are hilarious.

    Viva Felipe!

  13. Stork....I will search high and low until I find a pic of Lisa Mayfield. Just for you guys, of course.

    Wonder why Menard didn't try IRL instead of NASCAR. It's a lot easier (and cheaper) to run in the top-10...look at Danni.

  14. Lori...I bet you are ;p

    Can he smite down the mighty JJ/Knaus express once it gets rolling? And, bad news, it's already rolling.

  15. What a great sports site you have here man. I have a sports blog myself and I would like to exchange links with you. Let me know if this is possible.

  16. Gene I was wondering the same thing about Mayfield's mother in law when I saw that she had filed a lawsuit against him.

    Very good gas and go. Too bad NASCAR will not take the fans opinion and drop one of the Pocono races. Just been watching the Nationwide race at Iowa, and the racing looks to be alot closer than the racing at either Pocono race.

  17. Jason....Paste your link in the comments.

    Tsfan...Pocono is getting rained out, and the filler on TV now is probably better than the race will be.