Thursday, July 16, 2009

Right Sides Only

No Cup race this week, but still plenty of headlines from NASCAR. Also, NNS boys are in St Louie, and the CWTS guys are outside of Cincinatti at Kentucky Speedway. Both those series race on Saturday night, with the trucks starting at 7pm et, and Nationwide jumping off at 9pm et.

The Jeremy Mayfield story won't go away, and it's getting stranger. NASCAR is blabbing that he failed their drug test last Monday. Mayfield says that he passed a test earlier that same day, and another one 30 minutes after NASCAR took their sample. Guilty, or not, why is NASCAR releasing his purported results to the public? What kind of doctor or medical professional does that?

Mayfield's stepmother, Lisa Mayfield, has sworn that she witnessed him snort Meth at least 30 times over a seven year period, and that she saw him cook his own meth until the ingredients became too hard to buy. Another evil NASCAR stepmother? Nobody breaks their stash out in front of their stepmother, unless she was hitting it too. Mayfield chacterizes Lisa as a golddigger, saying, "She's basically a whore."

Mayfield's father, Terry Mayfield, was found dead on Jeremy's property in 2007 from a gunshot to the chest. Lisa said that Terry committed suicide because he was depressed about his relationship with Jeremy. Mayfield says that Lisa has been hounding him for money, as Terry's will left her nothing. Jeremy says that Lisa killed Terry and he's filing a wrongful death suit against her this week. I guess it took Jeremy two years to get the evidence together?

Kevin Harvick reportedly wants out at RCR. His buddy, Tony Stewart, would welcome him to SHR. Especially if Happy brings along Jack Daniels sponsorship. Danica Patrick was at the SHR race shops on Monday, touring the place, and even signing autographs for some fans there. Stewart, Harvick, and Danica? Poor Newman.

Brad Keselowski is supposedly NASCAR's hottest free agent. He's said to be Penske's number one choice to drive the #12 next year. Red Bull may also be in the bidding too, especially if they switch to Chevy, as speculated. Disappointing Red Bull rookie, Scott Speed, is getting married this Saturday in N.C. He may need that second income next year.

The Nationwide team of Rusty Wallace may be changing manufacturers for next season. They're in Chevys now, but GM is slashing budgets everywhere. RWI just joined KHI in an information sharing deal that had Steven Wallace driving a KHI Chevy last week. Didn't help.

A couple of developmental drivers with bright futures get another chance Saturday at Gateway. Ricky Stenhouse Jr is in the RFR #16 again, while Brad Coleman gets another shot in the JGR #20.

After 18 of the season's 36 races the Jr scoreboard was even all the way across. Sam Hornish Jr, Martin Truex Jr, and Dale Earnhardt Jr all had 6 races in which they were the highest finishing Jr. Surprisingly, or maybe not, Sam Hornish Jr leads the other two Jrs in top-10s. Sam has four, Martin and Dale have 3 each.



  1. Not too much funny business in the beginning of this one Gene but stil good as usual.

    The Mayfield circus has and is being created by Mayfield ......he is a done deal.

    There is something funny though ....anyone thinking that Danica can hang in Nascar .....How about 500 laps at Bristol sweetie.

    Harvick maybe laughing when he finds out how good a Hendrick car and engine is. It is kind of funny that two of the hardest heads in Nascar are good friends .....maybe a celebrity UFC match in the future.....

    These young guns ....can you imagine ....Does Lagano shave yet ? Just throw them to the wolves and see what happens .... Yes these bright young drivers are talented but give then a chance to mature ....just maybe ....

    Chow, RL

  2. Han... no matter what, this is going to end poorly for Mayfield, PARTICULARLY if he keeps on failing drug tests.

    In his initial confession, he sounded contrite and almost convincing. Guess he was full of it.

    He's not going to be able to shake this rep. Career over?

    Why do I think this is going to get uglier before it gets better?

  3. Oh yes...NASCAR finally lives up to Jerry Springer off the track. And Helton said they don't need shrinks in the

    If Danica was serious she would be at the shop "privately" not making it an autograph signing event...she is just working it for more money in the IRL. I'll say it again, if she comes to NASCAR I am D.O.N.E. watching.

    I got nothing on Brad coming to the 12, Justin seems much more likely...

  4. It put Tommy (Stewart) and Danica and SHR in the news. Brilliant PR guys!
    Nothing more. If Karvick comes over I don't think Tommy would hang Newman out to dry for a GIRL!

  5. Jeremy needs to sign a deal with Jerry Springer.

    I think the Danica thing was just PR. Newman has nothing to worry about.

    Wonder how Kevin and Richard are handling the silly season rumors? Might be time for Richard to go on another hunting trip. Would probably help him feel better if he could kill something big right now.

    So, Scott will be just another tamed husband?

    Do the JR's on that list ride the short bus?

  6. Wow, I should have read the comments before I posted. I said pretty much the same things others have already said. Oh well, we'll just call it reinforcement of ideas!

  7. It's getting to the point that I don't know what to believe with regards to Jeremy. I do know that the Physician's Desk Reference states that Adderall will cause a false positive for meth use. I also know that long term meth use(if Jeremy's stepmother is telling the truth) has a visible effect on the skin and the teeth which I do not see in pictures of Jeremy(unless he has a good make-up artist and dentist). Whatever the outcome, I agree that his career is over.

  8. Rick...Mayfield has stated that he knows he'll never race in NASCAR again.

    Danica in NASCAR? She's pretty much blame-proof in IRL. She couldn't handle the critism in NASCAR.

  9. Chris....He's done. If he's an addict for real, he should have shut up and went away after the 2nd positive test. But, he didn't, so I don't know what to think.

    As far as the stepmom.....WHO pulls out drugs, and does them in front of his parents? WHO cooks meth in front of his parents?

    I still think that Mayfield's gonna make bank on this. NASCAR does not want ot go to court with her as their #1 witness, and with that half-assed drug policy they have.

  10. Kristen...They don't need shrinks in NASCAR? Haha.

    Would love to see the tape of the Mayfield family counseling

    No doubt Gator is better than BK, but everyone is saying BK is the #1 choice for the #12. He was last year, too. Of course, he could be pulling a Danica and trying to create some heat.

    Sam was 10 times better than Danica in IRL....look at his record in Cup. She wouldn't last half a season.

    It is kinda funny to see the hard-nosed NASCAR guys jumping through hoops for her sponsor's $.

  11. I don't think they would let Newman go. I would just feel sorry for him having to put up with 3 alpha male types instead of just one...LOL

  12. CR....I don't know if the stepmom would even be believeable on Springer.

    I don't think that Richard is handling it too well. Trying to get/keep sponsors when your #1 driver is jumping ship must be difficult.

    Don't know about the short bus, but Sam is the only one on the list that is a better driver than his father was.

  13. SB14....NASCAR says that the 2nd test didn't have any Adderal or Claritin...just meth. And also that his sample was diluted. Meaning that he tried to mask it by drinking large quanities of water.

    Teeth could be implants, or veneers?

  14. Maybe Jeremy has a better dermatologist than Jacko did.

  15. ahhh no race this weekend, and Nascar has to find a way to stay in the news. OK lets throw some more gas on the Mayfield fire. Great plan Mr. Helton!! I know the only person I believe right now is Bobby Wooten, former GM of Mayfield's race team. I think a guy with 9 yrs of police work would know if he was working for a meth head.
    Love the Jr scoreboard. I must have missed previous ones, but thats funny.
    I would bet Harvick is wishing Gene Haas would have come to him with the same deal he gave Smoke. If KHR comes Cup racing, the hard way, like Waltrip, he will have a new fan in me.
    I hope Allgier gets the 12 and not BK. BK better hope he stays in HMS equipment, thats the only way a mediocre driver like him will be able to win, Just look at JJ.

    Nice stop Hanny!!

  16. Stork...Gene Haas, haha. More like Rick Hendrick brokering that deal with Smoke while Geno was in protective custody.

    BK = Clint Bowyer in Cup. Points racer who might win a race every four or five years. Sadly, that's good enough to get/keep a ride nowadays.

    You didn't miss anything, that's the first Jr Scoreboard.

  17. Danica in NASCAR. That might spark some interest if she had her photo shoots in the garages out of uniform..

    Naw. Helton wouldn't go for that. I don't see her handling a 3600 lb. brick for too many laps

  18. Photo...I'm with Kristen, she'll never come to NASCAR. She's just trying to get some leveragefor her IRL contract.

  19. Gene, good RSO as usual. If Harvick does go to SHR and were to bring Jack Daniel's along, Happy and Smoke will be seen sharing some shots of JD after the race. He could bring both JD and Shell to SHR in the #4 Chevrolet. (SHR WILL buy that number from Morgan-McClure.)

    The Mayfield Circus just keeps getting stranger and stranger. *Hears the "Twilight Zone" theme music in the background*

  20. Jon....RCR says that Shell's contract doesn't end until the end of next year. Of course, contracts don't seem to mean much in NASCAR.

    Why would Harvick want #4 for his car?

  21. Gene ,

    Thankfully Mayfield is the type of big brother I never had. What the hell is up with the guy ? He's now going to go after his stepmom in the death of his dad ? When in the coroner's death certificate it clearly states that the elder Mayfield took his own life.

    What's up with that ?

    Alan Parkins aka tophatal ....

  22. Top:

    I can answer that. It is the drugs working in his brain.

  23. whoa.I thought about writng my own blog about this but not as many people read mine.

    I have to disagree with some of these comments (if they are serious)
    Unfortunantly have quite alot of experience about Meth.My son's father was a dealer/user/biker club dude (I got better)

    MANY meth users look and act just as normal as can be to the masses.
    Some very proper looking folks knocked on our door back then,often.
    Even friends may not know about the use. (using does NOT make you look like a cartoon character or a Springer headline)
    (My broken tooth is from being run over by a car btw)

    Step-mom... meth users don't use infront of non-users .period .end .of .arguement.

    even casual use will show a dirty test long after use.
    Are they still UAing him? Have we done other samples? folicle sample would show extent of abuse if any.
    Where are the results from the independant tests he said he took that were negative?

    Why do we have more answers (and questions) than the people running the dog and pony show?


  24. unable to edit....... granted some users do look and act just like the cartoon characters mentioned above.....but just because you don't look it means nothing.

    We ain't done with this story yet I'm thinkin'

  25. Gene H

    It was drugs alright ! But then again look at the Browns' wideout Donte Stallworth and his mess ? Apart from being almost twice the legal limit. This tool also had been smoking weed prior to the vehicular homicide.

    Sometimes The Choices You Make Are Clearly The Choices That Can End Up Defining You ......

    I hear that Brett farted again , so that means he's got something to say.

    Alan Parkins aka tophatal .............

  26. Yee Mum

    And when your lawyer is presenting evidence to the judge to deny the plaintiff's assertions. It'd help if the evidence presented actually has something of merit to it. Instead of being filled with absolute bs !

    The only reason the judge placed a stay was because he felt that NASCAR went beyond what he felt was reasonable at the time.

    Alan Parkins aka tophatal

  27. Al....I'll give Mayfield a pass on his stepmother. She is a golddigging lunatic. I believe Jeremy is trying to say that she somehow assisted or caused his dad to do it.

  28. Photo...either drugs, or maybe just the strain of all of this coming down on him at once?

  29. Yee...excellent points. I, also, have known many users that their close friends and family would be shocked if they knew. I'll say that at least 10% of everyone's friends or contacts are users. Teachers, cops, doctors, all.

    Correct on users appearances....not every addict goes overboard. Some use once a month, once a week... not every day.

    Meth is probably no worse on teeth than other 'addict's' habit of 10 cups of coffee, and a pack of cigs a day. As long as they brush and go to the dentist, not everyone's teeth rot out.

    Thanks for the info, Yee.

  30. Al....The judge also said something about NASCAR's testing policy not meeting the federal one. BFD! All NASCAR competitiors signed off on NASCAR's program. It didn't have to meet the federal one!

  31. Nice RSO as always.

    Danica was in that shop only two days after I was there!

    I think that Harvick should definitely go to SHR. It could totally turn his career around...

  32. Gonger...Too bad you missed Danica... although you've a better chance of driving for SHR next year than she does....LOL

    Go join Kristen's new group site for the old Fox gang.

  33. Nice post Hany,

    I am sticking to my guns like Speedbeagle and say I think he was taking Claritan D like it was candy and became addicting to him, It being over the counter you don't think of it that way.

    NASCAR using his step mom as a leading witness and NOT ANYONE FROM NASCAR THAT WORKED CLOSE WITH HIM DURING HIS RACING CAREER. Heck even Ray Evernham said he always seem fit to drive for him and this is the driver that busted him on cheatting on his wife with whats her name and a oh no to NASCAR's name as a family sport.

    It seems NASCAR is scraping the bottom of the barrel to prove they are right about Mayfield.IMO