Thursday, July 23, 2009

Right Sides Only

Brian's Traveling Road and Medicine (OTC only) Show swindles into Indiana this weekend. Yes, much like an unwanted Cousin Eddie, Indy turns up once a year. We all know the history. Too bad for NASCAR all that history is in open wheelers. Who knows *wink* maybe the double file restarts (following the mystery debris cautions) will add a smidgen of excitement to this annual 400 mile parade.

This race starts yet another TV network down the path of certain viewer ire. ESPN returns without making any major changes to it's on-air "talent". "Is Rusty still in the Navy?" Unfortunately, no.

We've seen 11 different winners in the 19 Cup races so far this season. Who will be number 12? Carl Edwards, Dale Earnhardt Jr, Denny Hamlin, or Greg Biffle? Paul Menard is offering his daddy's sponsorship money to any team that will take it. Even though he has no top-10s this year, he will get multiple offers.

David Ragan is reportedly the odd man out at RFR. That's what happens when you don't have a top-10 since February, or a Fortune 500 father. Kasey Kahne makes his 200th consecutive Cup start this week. 81 year old Herschell McGriff made a start last Sunday in the CWW series race in Portland. Not just a gimmick, McGriff finished 13th.

Four drivers have started all 15 Brickyard 400s, Bobby Labonte, Jeff Gordon, Jeff Burton, and Mark Martin. Burton is the only driver to be running at the end of each of the 15 races. His #31 Chevy will be sporting the purple Prilosec flair this Sunday.

Juan Montoya has one top-5 in his two Brickyard starts. Of course, he won the Indy 500 in 2000. This year, his #41 will have the same Target paint scheme as his Indy winning racer did. Viva la Retro!

Terry Labonte brings his past champion's exemption to the #08 this week. Kyle Busch will be talking Snacklish in the #18 Snickers Toyota. Robby Gordon hooks up with Johns Manfield at Indy again. Martin Truex Jr tries to rock out with Guitar Hero on his #1.

Bill Elliott has 14 starts here with one win and nine top-10s. Kevin Harvick has eight starts with a win, three top-5s, and five top-10s. Kurt Busch has three top-10s in his eight starts.

Tyler Hansbrough, the NBA Pacer's first round pick, will be the Grand Marshall. Infineon's Grand Marshall, that ever irritating tool bag, Guy Fieri has his mug on the hood of Mike Skinner's #36 at Indy. This car has been a start-and-park all season. Here's hoping that nothing changes.

One slice that tells all we need to know about the state of NASCAR: There are still tickets available for next month's night race at Bristol!


  1. Tickets available for the night race at Bristol??? I thought you had to be put on a waiting list while you were still just a gleam in your father's eye to get tickets(not that I could go either way).

  2. I'm okay with the one double file restart to add excitement...just not 15.

    If JPM wins he might demand $35m to go back to F1. McLaren could pay it, too.

    Wow, Bristol is not sold out? Guess Obama hasn't visited there yet....

  3. Viva la who cares ..... think I sssnnnffff need a pick me up.

    Terry must be getting bank to yank the Champ's provisional or prilosecal or ....or ....this is not new ....Start and cant win.

    Start and park ...that's it ! Been readin about the fast food portion of Nascar all year, I think that they are on to something .....get paid and beat the traffic.

    There is a silver lining at Indy this weekend, Tony George is outa there.

    Great write as usual Gene, enjoy the weekend

  4. SB14...Still available. I got a leter back in December trying to sell me season packages (4 races). Got a post card last week where they are now trying to sell 'half-season' packages. You have to buy the Fri night NNS ticket to also buy a Cup ticket.

    Anyone wanting Bristol tix, call their ticket office @.....


  5. Moseby...Correct on the 2-file restarts. 3 or 4 in the last 20 laps at every race now.

    After laughing at Barry O's silliness last night, I wonder how long before he declares martial law to make everyone see things his way.

  6. Rick...remember back in the old days when some haulers would be loaded and lined up in the infield, waiting to leave the track before the race was halfway over?

    Chitwood is outa there too. So, no daredevil show this year? LOL

    Have a nice Brickyard nap.

  7. Maybe they were on to something last year at Indy .... Slow them every twenty laps, heck the last 20 or 40 laps of a Cup race takes forrr everrr anyhow ......

    Speakin of the Prez .....doesn't he have a daily talk show now ? He has held 6 press conferences in 6 months. Ole GW only had 4 in 8 years. This Chatter box is throwing up all over us every day and the Hot Air types in the Capitol are making us throw up.

    Martial Law .....I can't wait !

  8. Great RSO as always. You do an awesome job keeping us up-to-date!

    I was also shocked when I saw an ad for the Bristol night race tickets. I bet they'll manage to sell it out with walk-up fans.

    The Prilosec flair seems to be Burton's good luck charm; he usually does well with that paint scheme. He needs some luck...

  9. Great RSO's Gene - particularly like the new name for the series...

    Breaking news -- Dewalt is leaving Kenseth and the sport as of end of year. Wow...and possibly leaves Matty in the lurch as odd man out?

  10. Rick...I wouldn't be surprised if the same thing happens with the tires this year, too.

  11. Gonger....Chicago didn't sell out because they wouldn't sell willing buyers a lone Cup ticket. Wanted to make them also buy an IRL ticket.

    I wonder if Bristol will eat Cup tickets like Chicago did instead of selling singles?

  12. KLV...may have to anagram that new name, it's kinda long.

    I'd heard that DeWalt wanted to reduce their presence on Matt's car. And that RFR was looking for other primarys to bundle them with. Downturn in construction must be really hurting DeWalt. Great tools at reasonable prices.

  13. The tires maybe a question mark but they say it is good.

    I am not a fan of Indy because the track surface was grinded or levigated several years ago plus there is only one groove. The old apron in the turns was eliminated for safety reasons before the first Brick Yard 400. I posted about that on the FOX boards.

    Those Indy cars would use the apron to compensate for a push condition but if a car snapped loose it would back into the wall real hard.

    The old Indy had great racing because of the lower groove. If that apron was still there with good pavement the Stocker's would put on a great show.


  14. I hope that this weekend's race is better than last year's. That was a major embarrassment for Goodyear and NASCAR.

    What Bristol still has tickets? Hmmm...Where is the phone?

  15. groove = parade! No passing!

  16. tsfan....I still look for the tires to last no more than 25-30 most.

    Bristol's not that far away.

  17. I'd love to go to Bristol. Unfortunately the money tree is a little down right now. Maybe I should buy to get my foot in the door? :)

    Indy will be interesting - the double file restarts may actually work there. I'm thinking of the prior years where the 2nd place car can't clear traffic and thus can't win. If the tires don't hold, it's all moot anyway. The real race will then be on pole day.

  18. IGirl....not a bad idea. Buy a couple tix this year just to get season tix rights. Then sell this year's tix online and let the buyer pick them up at will call.

  19. nice stop Hanny! I hope someone takes out the Grand Marshal. LOL.

    Sad to see Bristol not selling out. I went once to the night race. It is still my favorite Nascar moment. The noise and the people, even had a car on the roof that night. I will never forget it.

  20. Stork....definitely the best race to watch in person. TV can't begin to relay the live experience of Bristol after dark.

  21. Gene, are you going to repair your Trifecta picks, or are you set on Kyle winning every race held on the globe this weekend, other than the Tour de France? LOL

    Ryan Newman will prevail! ...fingers crossed...

  22. That whole Chicago ticket thing reminds me of a similar thing that happened...

    Last month, when my dad and I wanted to go to the Braves-Yankees game, the guy at the ticket office tried to trick us by saying that we also had to buy some whole package that included the Red Sox. We ended up getting to get the single game we wanted in the first place because no one else was willing to buy the multi-game package either. It's crazy what things have come to in this economy...

  23. Gene, good RSO as usual. Instead of Allstate 400 at the Brickyard, perhaps the race title should be the Brickyard Parade 400 Presented by Allstate. Other than the inaugural Brickyard 400, the race clearly hasn't lived up to the hype.