Monday, March 22, 2010

View From The Flagstand

This week's View saw some great racing at NASCAR's greatest track. Bristol is back, baby! After two or three years of somewhat boring, follow the leader, pace for the Chase, type racing, the boys brought the noise to the venerable half-mile track.


For the third time in the first five races this year, Jimmie Johnson wheeled home a winner. There is really nothing left to say about this team. They are, that, damn, good! The only way to beat them may involve Kryptonite.

I have to include, first time NNS winner, Justin Algaier in this category. In fact, Penske Racing was en fuego at Bristol. Algaier and Brad Keselowski were first and second in the NNS race, while Kurt Busch led the most laps in the Cup race and finished third. The Situation also led 26 laps and was 13th on Sunday.


Tony Stewart waved JJ by for the win, then held Busch up long enough to finish second. Dale Earnhardt Jr got his fans overexcited by racing into the top-10, speeding on pit road (I thought he had a speedometer now?), and earning his 7th place finish. Jamie McMurray was 8th, and Martin Truex Jr dodged enough wrecks to end up 12th.


Greg Biffle caused the Big One as he tried to connect his radio. Buckle up, eyes straight ahead, hands at ten and two, check your mirrors, and pull over to tune your radio! Back to Driver's Ed for you, Biff.

Kevin Harvick dumped Joey Logano on the last lap of the NNS race, and gained a position. NASCAR used to frown on that, not anymore, I guess. Logano gave Harvick the outside lane for over 20 laps. Harvick couldn't pass him cleanly, so he wrecked the kid. Then Harvick gave some lame ass excuse on TV. We know, that he knew, that NASCAR wouldn't punish him after the Carl Edwards' stunt at Atlanta.


The oldtimers race on Saturday, in which two drivers went to the hospital. I grew up watching and worshiping these guys on Sunday afternoons. It's bad enough that Rick Wilson and Phil Parsons were even in a "Legends" race, let alone that they finished one, two!

The real crime was turning these 70-something year olds loose in cars that are not up to NASCAR's safety standards. These drivers were allowed to race at 120 MPH without full face helmets, without proper fire resistant protection, and without HANS devices! Un-friggin-believable! This should be the end of this nonsense.


For the second race in a row, Goodyear tires were not up to big league standards. Last time out, at Atlanta, one team, in particular, seemed to have brought on the majority of the tire problems by disregarding Goodyear's recommendations.

Bristol appeared to be more Goodyear's fault. There were several blowouts during the race, but problems began on Friday. The tires beaded up during practice, instead of adhering to the racing groove. They have brought tires in the past that did this same thing at various tracks. Shouldn't you throw that batch design away after the first time? When I heard that these were the same tires that they used in Indy, I asked myself, "Are these the rest of those 10 lap tires from two years ago?"


  1. not so sure about Biffle being the sole cause of it...I thought Mark knew better than to be going at that speed on the apron with a ruined right front corner but I guess I was wrong.

  2. Woot Team Penske! I know Kurt was pretty pissed by the result but Roger has to be pleased with his team performance there. Sam was heading to a top 10 easy when he lost that cylinder too.

    God knows I was overexcited...

    Amen brother on the Legends race - what were they thinking indeed?

  3. Tez... come on, man. You know that (Mr Humility) Mark Martin is a national treasure. He can't ever be blamed for anything. lol

  4. Kristen...I'm just glad that Kez fought off his natural tendencies on Saturday, and Justin got the win.

    Who was the Miller Lite crewman with his fingers crossed on TV Sunday?

  5. Nice View. Missed that NNS race on Saturday. Guess I was too caught up in March Madness...

    Turning the veterans loose like that was just plain stupid. We're lucky that two drivers ending up in the hospital was all that happened...

  6. Every point is right on this week. Thrilled for Allgaier, he looks to be a class act. Too bad things went bad in the legends race. Goodyear, please, get it right. Seems like they keep bringing tires to the track with less stagger this year. What is wrong with running a compound that works at a track two years in a row? Even if it's a good tire, the teams still have to adjust from what they ran the year before, and that hurts the racing.

  7. Gonger... the NNS race was a good one. Almost as good as the end of that Mich St game!

  8. JM....As much testing as Goodyear does you would think that they wouldn't be caught flat-footed as often as they are.

  9. Gene, maybe Phil Parsons is trying to secure sponsorship for the 64 and 66 teams...

    Didn't see the Harvick-Logano dustup, so I won't comment. (I was at a car show AND a Tea Party rally in Fresno.)

  10. I dont recall seeing any of the crew guys crossing their fingers but there was a long shot of Darin Russel our engine tuner near the end of the race after final pit stops. He was only wearing a baseball hat - not helmet cuz he is not on pit crew. Could have been him I guess!?

  11. Jon...Maybe Phil should be driving his #55, instead of Mikey? LOL

  12. KLV....Right before the last restart they had a long shot of just a hand with crossed fingers. As they pulled back, it was a Miller Lite crew guy.

  13. What we need is a lot less in opportune cautions at the last of the race. Who threw out the rubber hose on the track at the last few laps?

  14. Yea, that was Darin - didnt see his fingers crossed but I was folding laundry at the time! LOL