Thursday, March 4, 2010

Right Sides Only

After two straight races at, relatively new, cookie cutter tracks, the boys are finally back on one of the Southern legacy tracks. Atlanta has been the scene of some great finishes over the last fifty years. It is now NASCAR's fastest track, and points racers don't just luck into wins here.

From Gas Pedal to Gold Medal

Past Daytona 500 winner, Geoff Bodine jumped in to help rescue the USA bobsled program back in 1992. He helped design a new sled, the Bo-Dyn Bobsled. He even used his NASCAR connections to get wind tunnel time for the designers. All the hard work finally paid off as the US men's team won the Olympic gold medal last week in Canada.

Bodine will attempt to make the Truck Series race this week in Atlanta while driving the #95 Bo-Dyn Bobsled entry. The truck will honor this year's bobsled medalists with their names incorporated into the paint scheme. A Bo-Dyn Bobsled is also on display at AMS.

Last Place Gets Even Worse

NASCAR has introduced a new rule in which the lowest finishing, non-wrecked car will be torn down and inspected after each race. They were tired of the start and park teams not spending money on tires, gas, and pit crews, while they took starting positions from other teams that wanted to race the entire event. Now, the start and parkers will have to wait each other out before parking. In some instances, I could see the race not to finish last outshining the race for first.

Nice Guy

Dale Earnhardt Jr donated one million dollars to the Victory Junction. Later this month the Pettys and Dale Jr will break ground on the Dale Jr Corral and Amphitheatre at the camp in Randleman, NC.

What Happens in Vegas

RCR driver, John Wes Townley was cited for underage alcohol possession last week in Las Vegas. The 20 year old Townley went on to record a career best finish of 15th in Saturday's NNS race. Alcohol? Career best? You're preaching to the choir, kid.


Greg Biffle's RFR #16 Ford will be sponsored by the US Census for the next three races. What is the deal with all the Census advertising we're seeing this year? I've been around for a few of them, but I don't remember this level of publicity for a census.

Down the Straightaway

Kurt Busch will make his NHRA debut next weekend at the Gatornationals in Gainesville, FL. Busch will be steering his own 1970 Dodge Chalenger in the Super Gas class. I can only think of one word....Why?

Sticky Pedals (Magnets?)

Toyota is undergoing a massive recall due to allegedly sticky accelerator mechanisms. Congress was quick to get in on the act. Making Toyota jump through hoops in some hastily called hearings. I'm sure all that bad pub for Toyota has nothing to do with them being in direct competition with the bailed out Chrysler and General Motors, or that Toyota uses non-union labor. This is what happens when the government takes over private businesses.... they unfairly gut the competition.


  1. Gene, I'll raise a Jack and Coke to John Wes Townley's career-best finish! Hear hear! The start and parkers are PRAYING that there's an early accident that takes out a non-S & P car. (At last year's Sonoma race, P.J. Jones parked his car after TWO LAPS.)

  2. Excellent as usual.

    On the subject of government take-over of businesses, this came in my e-mail the other day:

    "BAIL'EM OUT!!! ???? Back in 1990, the Government seized the Mustang Ranch brothel in Nevada for tax evasion and, as required by law, tried to run it. They failed and it closed. Now, we are trusting the economy of our country, our banking system, our auto industry and possibly our health plans to the same nit-wits who couldn't make money running a whore house and selling whiskey?!"

  3. Jon...They'll be inspecting the first non-wrecked car out of the race. So, it won't necessarily be the 43rd place car.


  4. SB-14....I saw a program about the history of the Mustang Ranch a few months ago. May have been on the History Channel. Very interesting.

    When the govt failed, and auctioned it off (for pennies on the dollar), some associates of the former owner bought it. I think the original owner is still alive in S America.

  5. We will see some qustionable or misterous spin outs and come to a slow inpact with softwalls 2 say thy ave been in a reck if they are very near first pit stops and no tires to replace worn.

    been in bed for a week now fighting a ulcer so they think and with draws from big cut back coke,ciggs and coffee. I think heck just give me a I-V like the drivers get to clean me


  6. F-2....It will be interesting to see what the S&Ps do to outsmart NASCAR. It can't be that hard, can it? LOL

    Maybe alcohol would have prevented the ulcer? LOL. Seriously, get better soon, J Dog. We would have loved to see your frame by frame of how Jr finished 2nd at Daytona.

    Skoal, bro!

  7. Hey Gene!

    Is it true that Chevrolet is going to offer a new vehicle next year? I understand it will be called the Obama Cruiser... It's built to drive us all into the poor house!

  8. BTW-

    I went ahead and posted a new blog on Fox last night then went back this morning to check it out for comments and it had been buried by some dude who posted like eight consecutive blogs of literal gobbletygook... Man that site has gone way off the radar. Won't be posting anything there again!

    Where can a football/baseball guy like me post my thoughts on my favorite sports? I guess I've got to shop around...

  9. On Lugnuts Dwindy! FoxSports is a mess...

    First off congrats to Bodine and the bobsledders! What a comeback. If he could get us gold in that sport - he might be able to fix the COT!

    NASCAR is being pretty slick with those S&P's...did they ever name who was replacing Darby? Whoever it is has a few good ideas at least.

    Kurt and his drag racing ... no idea there he just seems to like it.

  10. I didn't know Bodine was part-German and therefore designed their 2-man bobsleigh, nice job!

  11. ...and yes, that was sarcasm since you didn't say which bobsled event ;)

  12. D-One....Who will be able to afford that Cruiser? LOL

    Check my faves, to the right of this page. Go to Lug Nuts and post away. Plenty of nice boys and girls there that became tired of Fox.

  13. KLV.... I'm amazed that Geoff hung in there that long, and it finally paid off. Good for him. He was underrated as a driver, and one of the very few who wasn't scared to death of Dale Sr.

  14. Tez...2 man bobsled is like 2 man luge... no place for real men. LOL

    And, quit stuffing the ballot box! X)

  15. Uh. I don't know what to say.

    As far as the census, I hear ACORN volunteers are going to help out in the census as under the covers helpers ( what ever that means).

    Forensic has got to lay off the pop and caffeen. I hear green tea ( diet) and plain water is a good substitute. However it too has some consequences.It has been said that too much green tea causes one to speak with a English accent and drinking too much water causes one to retain weight and slosh about when walking thus the need to be near a Loo frequently.

    Back to racing. When does it start??

  16. Good post as usual. That new start and park rule is pretty funny. NASCAR is probably doing this to increase competition since JJ has started winning every week... lol.

  17. I was kind of puzzled by the Townley deal. Wasn't there better things for cops to be doing in Vegas than searching people for alcohol?

    Usually the only time people get cited around the strip is for unruly, loud behavior that drew attention to the police.

    I can't believe that a kid on the verge of a career would be attracting attention to himself.

  18. Photo...We need to get Jamie back over here to the States. I bet it's that English food that is causing his ulcer.

    They ARE racing....for 2nd place!

  19. Gonger...the race to not park first may be more competitive than the race for 1st place! LOL

  20. Fireball...yeah, probably had something to do with either the kids attitude, or the cop's. He's a rich kid and may be used to doing whatever he wants to do. Or, the cop could have just been a wanker.