Thursday, March 25, 2010

Right Sides Only

Springtime in the foothills of southern Virginia means the Azaleas are blooming, the cars are zooming, and tempers will soon be fuming. And, all of it will be happening at the flat, half-mile paperclip in Martinsville. So, step back in time and enjoy the action and a world famous Martinsville hotdog.

Oh no, not Again

Jimmie Johnson has 15 straight top-10 finishes at Martinsville, including six wins! JJ has already won three of the first five races this year. While none of these wins have been runaways, nobody likes to see the same robot win over and over.

Spoiled Rotten

Forty Sprint Cup teams participated in a two day test at Charlotte Motor Speedway earlier this week. This was the final shakedown for the transition from rear wings to rear spoilers which begins this Sunday. Many of the drivers said that there wasn't that much difference in the speeds or the handling between the wings and the spoilers. Juan Montoya ran virtually the same speeds with the wing and the spoiler on the same car.

All Green, no Checkers

For the second straight year Dale Earnhardt Jr made the most bank among NASCAR drivers. According to Junebug made $30 million last year including salary, endorsements, licensing income, and track purses. Thirty million! Not bad for zero wins and a 25th place points run. Jeff Gordon was next at $27 million. The champ, JJ was third on the list at 23 mil.

Hot Dog

Martinsville Speedway was built in 1947, two years before NASCAR cranked up. The first World Famous Martinsville Hot Dog probably dates back that far also. For $2 you get a Jesse Jones frank with slaw (not coleslaw, just slaw), onions, and chili. If you've never seen a Jesse Jones frank, be warned, they are RED! FDA #1 food dye RED! I much preferred the dipped in batter, then deep fried, corn dogs at the old Richmond Fairgrounds Raceway.



  1. Good RSO. It's pretty obvious who's going to win Sunday's race. Never heard of getting that much food at a sporting event for only two bucks! Ten dollars at Atlanta will barely even buy you a barbecue sandwich...

  2. That is just gross looking my friend! blech Perhaps you get what you pay for eh Gonger?

    JJ will catch Junior in no time in $$ once we all start buying #48 bears to do voodoo on...

    Dont care if JJ wins the paperclip as long as he doesnt win again in the desert!

  3. Gonger...yeah, the cost of food at ball games is outrageous fo sho. Then most of the time, it is not that good either. They have Outback at Jacksonville Stadium. A paper cup of overcooked "steak", mushrooms, and onions is $12!

  4. Kristen....Don't blast those hotdogs... Jr says he eats at least 3 a day at the track. I bet JJ doesn't eat any.

    Damn, I was in Lowes yesterday and forgot to look for any JJ swag for voo doo purposes. Have to remember next time.

  5. Great stop again this week. Let's just get that rain oughta there. Happens at least once at Martinsville every year.

    Johnson hasn't been this much of a favorite since California and Pheonix last year, and he spanked the field at both of those events.

  6. Nice roll Gene ....

    I have had a Martinsville hotdog, taste like they came from 1947.

    Yeah, Jimmie is on fire at the Clip and his stats are right there with Jeffy.

    Martinsville is one of the few things remaining from the beginnings of Nascar. God help the Boys at the Beach if they even think about dropping this venue. Biggest mistake they have made was not buying all of the tracks before Bruton Smith dropped a load and took a bunch of history with it. Back to what is good.

    To be sure Martinsville was Richard Petty's wheel house and epitomised what Nacsar was about in the early days. Jimmie, Jeffy and Earnhardt have grabbed a few grandfather clocks but that is still far away from Petty's astonishing 15 victories at this half mile facility.

    500 laps at Martinsville is the real deal.

    Enjoy the race and the weekend

  7. I hope to see some action after the race. I loved the Truck race today. I hope they can get the race in tomorrow. It doesn't look good right now.

  8. JM....Right. The rain got em today. Guess it will delay Denny's knee operation on Monday. Phoenix is next....more JJ on the way.x(

  9. Rick...I've only been to Martinsville once... and it was a great day. Cale and Darrell battling all day for the win.

    It seems like Martinsville is the only track that still races the same way that it did 30 years ago.

  10. Fireball...Rained out! The truck race got very exciting towards the end. Lots of old time rooting and gouging on the short track. Would love to see the Cup boys racing like that again.

  11. Hey, Han! Did Forbes include Junyer's earnings from the Whiskey Rivers? or was that just pocket change?lol