Thursday, March 18, 2010

Right Sides Only

Welcome to all you millions of new NASCAR fans. We know you are all tuning in after seeing that one driver flip that other driver's car through the air. And then, we just flipped the script and gave the bad guy a 'warning'. So, after viewing the wreck scores of times on Sports Center, welcome to Extreme Auto X, live from Bristol!

Yes, the boys in marketing have come up with another brilliant idea to improve NASCAR's flat TV ratings. We're going after that WWE, X Games, Grand Theft Auto, unemployed, audience. This is a can't miss, a home run. After all, these are the same geniuses that came up with Digger.

Not so Hot Wings

Good riddance. This week will be the end of the rear wing. For reasons unknown (boys in marketing) NASCAR bolted a wing on the trunk lid of the COT when it debuted a few years back. The drivers and fans never accepted the European look on our red-blooded stock cars. Finally, NASCAR listened to the fans ($), clipped the wings, and went back to the all-American spoiler on the rear deck.

Thunder and Lightning

This one's for all the haters. Kurt and Kyle, the Busch brothers, have combined to win eight of the past 16 races at Thunder Valley. Kurt just won at Atlanta two weeks ago. Kyle won here at BMS, three years ago in the COT--- with rear wing--- debut. And....this is the wing's final race.

Bouncing Off the Walls

Bristol Motor Speedway has added SAFER barriers exiting turns 2 and 4. The new soft walls have removed 3 feet from the already tight track. After resurfacing the track in 2007, cars were able to race side by side around the high banked half miler. Since the drivers usually exited turns 2 and 4 right up against the old wall, it should be exciting to see how losing that real estate will effect the racing. Will it revert back to a single groove, move or be moved, circuit? Or, will there still be room for two wide racing?

Talladega Test

Earlier this week 24 drivers tested various aerodynamic and restrictor plate combinations for NASCAR in preparation for next month's Aaron's 499 at Talladega. Speeds climbed way above 200 MPH before NASCAR adjusted the spoilers, fender skirting, and plates to get the speeds down in the mid-190 MPH range. Dale Earnhardt Jr claimed to have hit 213 down the superstretch. So, now Jr has a speedometer to avoid all those pesky speeding tickets on pit road?



  1. Millions of new NASCAR fans? Where?

    It would be good to see some tight fender crunching and rubbing for a change.

  2. Nice roll Gene and photo is one in a million

    Putting the wing back on ? Nice try but not enough. These cars are a joke ....has any of those million fans taken a good look at these Nascar efforts at race car design ?

    Bristol got softer ? Wrong again ...well what can they do, it would be a major project to actually widen the track. Still dont like it but maybe those million or so will see the Bristol of old, seems like the last few races there have been tame.

    Jr hit 213, Bill Elliott does that in his sleep every night. Of course Jr's crew chief looked at the max RPM's on the tach to determine 213 mph.

    Enjoy the weekend rain or shine

  3. Photo...Oh yeah, millions! At least that what NASCAR thinks will happen because of them not penalizing Carl.

  4. Rick....I remember back about 10-12 years ago, Bristol widened both straightaways by about 4 feet. They actually moved the concrete walls further out. It made the track wider but it didn't take long for the drivers to use up that extra space.

    Between resurfacing the track 3 years ago, and the Chase, they have just about killed the old Bristol.

    It would have to be Jr's crew chief... we already know that Jr can't calculate speed. LOL

    Have a nice weekend, bro. You too, Photo!

  5. I remember when they widened Bristol, did not know that it was that long ago.

    The age of innosence is long gone with Nascar unfortunately but we still enjoy. It is what it is and for me, right here is as good as it gets. Have not been able to check in much for awhile but I think about it alot.

    You guys are top's in my book.

  6. Good RSO. SAFER barriers at Bristol??? I guess they'll also be at Martinsville before we know it. Cars flying through the air is always a big danger at those two tracks... lol.

  7. On Trackside, David Pearson (sitting next to Kyle Busch) is so funny with his comebacks at DW's ridiculous comments!lol