Monday, February 22, 2010

View From The Flagstand

This week's View comes from warm, sunny, Southern California. What? Neither? Oh well, better luck with that great weather during your second race later this year. As, that, very well could be your last race in the fall if your ticket sales don't double by then.

CHECKERED FLAGS..... Jimmie Johnson owns Auto Club Speedway. He just lets the other drivers make laps as they race for second place. JJ may have a golden horseshoe located somewhere (where the sun doesn't shine, per Kevin Harvick) but he probably didn't need any luck to win Sunday. Saturday's NNS race didn't suck either, as Kyle Busch won a close one.

GREEN FLAGS.... RCR is back, baby! Kevin Harvick (2), Jeff Burton (3), and Clint Bowyer (8) had their Childress Chevys in the mix all afternoon. Scott Speed led three laps, as he prayed for a red flag, and finished 11th. Sam Hornish (16), Paul Menard (18), and Regan Smith (19) all finished on the lead lap.

YELLOW FLAGS.... Joey Logano finished 5th, but he wrecked himself in the NNS race on Saturday. He came close to wrecking himself a couple of times on Sunday as well when he was 'racing' Greg Biffle. This looks like the next big feud in NASCAR.

RED FLAG.....Two races a year in Fontana? Seriously? While the racing was much better than usual, that many empty seats for the season's second race can't look good. Face it, NASCAR, the peeps in L.A. are way too cool for your 43 cars, each turning left 500 times on a Sunday afternoon. Hell, they've already buried two NASCAR tracks in SoCal. What's one more?

BLACK FLAG.... Junior Nation's high hopes. After Dale Jr's second place finish in the Daytona 500, his millions of fans were proclaiming this to be his year. It took just seven days for his year to turn into the same old, same old. Take a look at some of the drivers who finished on the lead lap Sunday in Cali. Menard, Speed, Bliss, etc. Mike Bliss?! If Jr didn't break his axle, he still would have finished behind all those drivers because he couldn't stay on the lead lap even before he broke the car. So, Nation, how about holding it down, the rest of us are trying to watch what's going on up front.


  1. Leave it to Harvick to state what many fans were thinking! Actually, JJ was both good and lucky. He did have a stout car, and NASCAR made the right call on Keselowski's spinout. I think it's on between the #29, #31, and #48 for the championship.

  2. Right on this week. Racing can be brutal. One week you can be on the top of the world and the next week slammed back into reality.

  3. Great View this week. I think Las Vegas should get Fontana's fall race. Look how packed the stands are there. Speaking of Vegas, next week will be Junior's big test as that has been one of his better tracks...

  4. Jon....yeah it takes a little luck, but you don't win 4 titles in a row by being lucky.

    It's a long season. We've only ran one cookie cutter, non plate track. Kind of early to pick the finalists. Although, it's never to early to pick

  5. JM...Yes, it can be brutal. I don't think Jr will make me eat my words any time soon. LOL

    Gonger....Definitely! Vegas needs to have the final race of the year, then have the awards ceremony the next week.

  6. Viva! Las Vegas!!!

    My money is on Kurt Busch and Ryan Newman for the Cup race.

  7. What the heck! This is CR Racing talking!!!