Monday, February 8, 2010

Dateline: Daytona

Here we are smack dab in the middle of Speed Weeks. I have a few thoughts on what's cracking down the shore, in Daytona.

Shootout Shoutout

Greg Biffle admitted after the Bud Shootout that he knew his tire was flat before the final restart Saturday night. Why did he stay out then? He was on the outside of the front row! Caused the big one, and had to have known that he could not win the race. A NON-POINTS race, Biff!

Several drivers, fans, and TV Foxheads were confused about the ending of the Shootout. They seemed to think that the race couldn't end under caution.... like last year's rules stated. This year's entry form specified that there would be only one attempt at a green, white, checkered finish. It seemed as if the Foxheads also thought that the last caution laps would not count either.

Dale Jr and team have been preparing since about July of last year. For that?

More than a few pundits seem to think that the other Hendrick Motorsports drivers didn't look too good in the Shootout either. I could have sworn that Jeff Gordon came from the back to the front a couple of times. And, JimmieJohnson was in the top-5 a lot of laps. Tony Stewart's HMS Chevy was the car to beat until that brain fade of a pit call at the end. Four tires? Restart 16th with two to go? Not brilliant.

But is he Qualified?

Mark Martin on the pole and Little E alongside. There goes Jr, getting his fans' expectations off to a quick start. It's almost cruel.


Six women raced in the ARCA event on Saturday. Your welcome. I know you didn't know that if you watched the SPEED TV coverage of the race.

I'll give Danica a little credit. After all she did finish 6th with the best car in the race. I'm sure there are other drivers who would not have had that good of a finish, or maybe even wrecked that car. She still has a lot to learn, and the NNS race Saturday at Daytona is not the place to continue her education. Unlike ARCA, these drivers will be experienced, fast, and talented. She will only be in the way of drivers that deserve to be in that race.


  1. If I was an Earnhardt Jr. fan I'd be very concerned about how long the 88 will be up before it heads to the back of the pack in the 500 after that team's performance in the Shootout. The car wasn't fast on the short run and only got worse as they ran more laps. Hopefully for the Earnhardt fans their 500 car is a lot better than their shootout car, but something in my gut tells me that its not.

  2. Ah the Bif - up to his old tricks. I didnt pay attention to any post race so had not heard this...what a doofus!

    My hopes are up! =) HMS was testing - track time way more important than the payout. Wouldnt surprise me is that tire call by Grubb was testing too...

    I cannot wait to see NW - I wanna see Kyle, Carl, BK just blow her away and show her if she is serious she has a LOT of work to do. Much prefer it if Ali Owens or another woman who has already put in time had that good of a ride...

  3. Tyler....It doesn't look good for him, even though he qualified second. Like you say, he got worse the longer they went. I'm sure NASCAR will have some well timed yellow flags whenever Jr falls too far back on Sunday...LOL.

  4. Kristen....I can see Knaus testing during the Shootout. But Tony looked like the best in show out there. Seemed like a bad pit call to me. Would be interesting to hear Tony's radio during and after that last caution.

    NASCAR = the only sport you can participate in with no experience and little or no talent. Just remember to bring your cash with you.

  5. Danica needs to figure out what she wants to be. An Indy driver, A NASCAR driver, or a centerfold for girlie photos. Either way she has had to rely on the girlie photos for exposure.

    I am sure the HMS boys aren't too hyped up to win a Bud Shoot out. The real money is in the points race and the results garnered from winning the championship again.

  6. Perfect way for the Bif to make some enemies before the season even starts... lol. Junior fans, have you not realized that starting on the front row of the Daytona 500 is pretty much a curse???

  7. Photo....As long as advertisers keep paying her, she'll be all over the place.

    Some good news... Her Go-Daddy commercial was the LOWEST rated ad during Sunday's Super Bowl, according to USA Today Ad Meter. That speaks volumes on her likeability.

  8. Gonger...Yeah the Biff certainly didn't make any friends out there.

    I'm sure NASCAR will keep Jr near the front as much as they can...LOL

  9. Gene, I can almost guarantee you that if Biff pulls that stunt late in the 500, and takes out Harvick in the process (with Harvick in the lead at that point in the race), the ensuing Harvick-Biffle fight will make Allison-Yarborough pale in comparison. Surely he won't be bonehead enough to try that twice, will he? As far as Jr starting in the front, he's not going to finish there, IMO. I'll have my predicted winner in Gas and Go.

  10. Yeah Jon, remember Harvick taking care of Biffle after the Busch race at Bristol in 02 I think it was?

  11. Jon....I wouldn't mind seeing that. NASCAR said they wanted emotion.... maybe Happy will show them some.

    I was at Bristol for that Busch race when Harvick went straight gangsta on Biff after the race. NASCAR could use more emotion like that.

  12. hey jon, here's a great 4 driver team; Harvick, Stewart, Montoya and one would *touch* them lest the other 3 beat them up, LOL!

  13. someone on a forum posted they felt Danica had done well in Indycar....I pointed out how hers and Dixon's careers began similar. They just didn't get it I guess, 1 win in 3 years with top equipment makes her average at best *shrugs*

  14. Tez.... "1 win in 3 years with top equipment"...

    Now, who were we talking about?


  15. Danica of course....Jr's only had 2 years with it ;)