Friday, February 26, 2010

Right Sides Only

After a surprisingly watchable race at Fontana, the stars and cars are in Las Vegas this weekend. Maybe even more amazing than the racing in Cali is that it looks like no one has started points racing....yet. I'm sure that will soon change.

Victories in Vegas

Hendrick Motorsports and Roush Fenway Racing have won 10 of the 12 Cup events in Las Vegas. Sterling Marlin in 2002 for Chip Ganassi Racing, and Kyle Busch last year for Joe Gibbs Racing are the only streak busters, so far. Busch is the only winner here to start on the pole.

Have a Seat

Vegas, with just one Cup race a year, seats 142,000, and at least 100,000 will be filled on Sunday. Fontana, with two races per year, seats 92,000, and, even though NASCAR estimated last week's crowd at 72,000, other, unbiased, estimates were as low as 45,000. Oh, yeah, one of NASCAR's spin offs owns Fontana.

The Suitcase is Packed

"Suitcase" Jake Elder passed away this week at the age of 73. Elder started in NASCAR in 1959, and was a garage fixture for the next 40 years. He led David Pearson to back-to-back titles in the late 1960s, and also was chief for Dale Earnhardt and Darrell Waltrip among many others. Elder was a no-nonsense type man, and "Suitcase" would leave a team in a huff if anyone questioned his methods on anything. Winners like Elder would never get a chance in today's politically correct, sponsor approved, media driven, NASCAR.

Parking a Start and Parker?

NASCAR seized Dave Blaney's Prism Motorsports racer after last week's race in Fontana. Blaney started 5th, led a few laps, then (as usual) parked it when it was time for his first pit stop. Blaney's car was, allegedly, the random car to be inspected after the race. Then NASCAR decided to tear it down, effectively leaving Blaney with just his backup car to drive in Vegas.

The real reason is that Prism got greedy. After "earning" FIVE MILLION dollars last year, they decided to field two start and park teams this season. Last week three cars failed to qualify while Prism had their two cars solidly in the field. This tear down is NASCAR's way of telling Prism that they'll let them know when they can bring more than one S&P car to the track.

Stat Rat

Eighteen drivers have completed every lap in the two races this year. However, only four have top-10s in both.... RFR's Greg Biffle and Matt Kenseth, and RCR's Clint Bowyer, and Kevin Harvick. It would be no surprise to see those four in the top-10 in Vegas.

Turn on the Telly

Our friends in the United Kingdom can now get their NASCAR fix on TV again. Jamie, check out the action on Open Access Three.

Turn Off the Telly

Kim Kardashian will give the starting command on Sunday. Tell me again, what is she famous for? In other 'never was' news, former race announcer Bill Weber is now performing a magic act (true, even I couldn't make this up). I'm thinking retirement homes for his Nana, and such. Talk about a tough job market. I did like the way NBC made him disappear, though.


  1. Nice roll Gene

    For sure Jake Elder is a legend. He probably would have difficulty wrenching today with the Cup cars being static or in other words not very adjustable.

    Richard Petty surely is thankful to Elder for building his cars during the 60's. His seat of the pants approcah resulted in many checkered flags.

    Jake is one of the All Timers and was one of the best at settin up a car. We are worlds away from the early days in Nascar.

    Start and Parkers, Kardashawho ? and Weber ....Time for recycling bin ....

    Enjoy the race and the weekend

  2. Did you say Weber was doing magic or NBC? Holy crap that is funny and very very sad.

    RIP Suitcase

    NASCAR is pretty slick with the random tear downs...lesson learned I hope but man I hate to see Blaney in a S&P. As one of my official friends said "Well if he were a better driver he wouldnt be in this situation"...OUCH!

  3. Great job Gene....
    Blaney has talent. I think he would do very well given the right opportunity.
    RIP Jake. NASCAR needs more like you. But it will never be. Sad.
    Who's Bill Weber? TNT did their magic act and poof.. no more Weber
    Hey Kim turn around and show Gene why you're famous. Among her assets are that her late father was one OJs lawyers. Remember the shocked look on his face when OJ was acquitted. And how ironic or fitting that the race is in Vegas this weekend and that is where OJ finally got his due.
    Do you think FOX will try and tie Kardashian, Vegas, OJ together? Nah.. It would make the boogity retards head explode.
    Sorry couldn't resist the "assets" remark

  4. Rick...Jake was an old school hard ass for sure. The closest crew chief to that now would be Todd Parrott... and he changes teams about half as often as Jake did. lol

    You guys have been getting snowed in all winter up there haven't you? Al Gore may have some snow shovels for sale.

  5. Kristen...Kind of a poetic justice for Weber. No, being a mime would be the perfect justice for him.

    Poor Blaney, he just never got in a competitive ride. Probably born 20 years to late... all the teenagers are getting the good contracts now.

  6. It gets worse. Not only will Kim be giving the command Sunday, Mike Bliss will be driving a hot pink car sponsored by her new fragrance(see picture of car here:

    There are three possible reasons why she's famous- 1)her dad was one of O.J.'s lawyers; 2)she dates Reggie Bush; 3)she's known for her well endowed rear end.

  7. Nice RSO as usual. I will really get a kick out of it if a start and park team eventually decides to field four cars.

    Kim is famous among us guys but women consider her INfamous... lol.

  8. SoCal... I had an OJ reference in the original draft, but it was a little too offensive... even for me! LOL

    So, if you make a sex tape with a hip-hop 'artist', five years later... you may get to say the four most famous words in racing?

  9. Nice RSO. I thought the Fords would come out stronger than they have. Maybe they are gearing up for the spoiler change. The last time there was a change made to the car Hendrick dominated while everyone else learned. Hope that doesn't happen this year.

    NASCAR may not like star and parks, but they like it better than not having 43 cars start the race, which may happen if they push this deal too far.

  10. Yeah Gene, plenty of the white stuff up here .....Speaking of Al Gore, I wonder what his electric bill is at his mansion I mean his house in Nashville ?

  11. Speedy...Hah, Bliss deserves to be in a pink

    So, she's famous for her father, her boyfriend, and a physical deformity. She must be an inspiration to young women everywhere!

  12. Gonger...Four start and parkers all on one team... I love it!

    I thought KK was famous because one of her sisters looks like the 'female' wrestler...Chyna.

  13. JM...Righto. I'm sure when they don't have enough cars show up, NASCAR will give Prism a call and ask them to bring extra ones.

  14. You can make 5 million bucks in a start and park car? Where do I sign up? I am sure I can come up with enough parts to build one.

  15. Gene, good RSO as usual. KK giving the command to start engines? What, Lindsay Lohan wasn't available?

    RIP Jake Elder. They don't make men like him any more.

    Bill Weber performing a magic act? Must be due to the Obama economy!

  16. Photo...Yeah, that was a shocker...5 million dollars!

    Jon....Only Obama could have a guy go from hosting a national TV sports show, to doing card tricks at a kid's birthday party. LOL

  17. Well, I am certainly am glad to see that NASCAR is finally cracking down, well at least, in the tear down disguise on the S&P.

    Maybe we will start seeing less and less of the S&P in NASCAR, soon. I had no problem with them when there was not a full field. But now that more and more teams are coming in, it is time to get rid of the S&P.

    Jake Elder certainly was one of the great mechanical minds of NASCAR.

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  20. What is Kim famous for? Is she the one on that reality show? LOL

    Bill Webber doing magic? Hmmmm....wonder if he plans on making the NASCAR rulebook disappear? Oh, wait, that is already written in disappearing ink. hahaha

  21. Hey Gene errrr Hanahan!

    Thanks for leaving this address in my old Fox Blogging mail last year... Wouldn't have known how to find ya!

    Good to see you're still at it with your always informative "Right Sides Only".

    Okay, so here's a question for you-

    Remember those heady days when Toyota was tearing it up around the NASCAR circuit? Remember how the "good ole' boys" questioned what was going on until NASCAR found something to force Gibbs Racing to change their set-up? So now we're back to "normal", and that means the HMS wins all the time... Where's NASCAR now? Why aren't they running special checks on the hot Chevys? I hate to think NASCAR plays favorites but it sure looks that way.

    Thanks Gene!

    Dwindy1 (Bob Green)

  22. D-One!!!!! Man, where have you been?

    You need to join us over here. Check out the Lugnuts blog in my favorites over there to the left. Lots of old Fox boys and girls are posting there.

    NASCAR is letting the HMS boys go...they're hoping something may rub off on Jr..LOL

    You would think that Toyota would be doing better...what with those sticky gas pedals and all! LOL

    Don't be a stranger!!!