Monday, June 29, 2009

View From The Flagstand

This week's View was misty for some, as, hometown boy, Joey Logano won the rain shortened event at his home track in Loudon, N.H. Logano's team used some brilliant strategy to come back from a lap down to victory lane.

If the race had gone the scheduled distance Logano would have had to stop for gas, or run out of fuel. His team went for broke, stayed out, and prayed for rain. And, for the second time in a month, it payed off.

Checkered Flag......Goes to Logano who grabbed his first Cup win at the age of 19, breaking JGR teammate Kyle Busch's record for youngest winner. Logano also finished second in the NNS race on Saturday, just missing the N.H. perfecta.

Green Flags......Jeff Gordon (2nd), and Kurt Busch (3rd) looked to be setting up for a late race shootout, but instead were foiled by a late race rainout. Other nice runs were had by David Reutimann (4th), Brad Keselowski (6th), and Sam Hornish (8th).

Yellow Flag.....Double File restarts. Exciting? Yes. But, the shorter the track the harder it is for the best drivers in the world to execute them cleanly. Bristol and Richmond are coming up---- right before the Chase----- which car owner will be crying over these restarts when he misses the Chase because of a 'big one' during a restart?

Red Flag......Martin Truex Jr. Hey, Marty Mart, just because you think it's fine and dandy to STOP at the front of the field during a restart doesn't mean that everyone else feels the same way. Why were you 20 car lengths behind Dale Jr when Kyle Busch finally hit you? He had nowhere to go, as you STOPPED in front of him. Evidently, you think he should have STOPPED also so he would have been run over by 30 cars. Brilliant!

Simple advice for my least favorite Martin.....the next time you want to STOP at the front of the field, at least pull down out of the line of traffic behind you. You'll be the only one down there, as no one can pass on the inside, so you won't get hit in the ass when you STOP. I know your car is a POS, and you're not used to starting up front, but watch the tapes and think before you look like a jackass next time.

Black Flag.....TNT still gets the black flag. This time more for their pre-race show than their race coverage. Oh, the race coverage is still not great, but their pre-race show actually makes me want to watch that televised root canal on Speed TV with Kenny Wallace and Jimmy Spencer.


  1. So word is Bill Weber got in some obnoxious fight in a hotel in Louden and was given the bench for one week. I was hoping for good things to come of that but alas, TNT still horrible!

    Yea Kurt and Sam!! Team Penske is coming on!

  2. Lori....Yay Joey, indeed!

    Kristen....Wish I had been there to cheer on whoever was kicking Weber's ass...LOL

    Wonder why they didn't use Bestwick as the lead?

    I'm thinking of doing a story on the highest finishing 'Jr' each race. Between Dale, Sam, and Truex. I think it's Sam so far this year.

  3. Like the Jr idea! That is sorta a tossup between them all....

    Bestwick is the best IMO...

    I woulda taken a swing at Webber right along with you...we looked it up so you wouldnt have to!