Thursday, June 11, 2009

Exclusive Kelly Bires Interview

Kelly Bires is a young, up and coming driver trying to get a foothold in the world of NASCAR. Only 25, Bires started out in Late Models in his home state of Wisconsin. He was an ASA Rookie of the Year and series champ. He also has top 5 finishes in NNS and ARCA races.

In 2008, Bires ran every NNS race, and was 13th in the final point standings. The team changed manufacturers and underwent a major overhaul, leaving Bires without a full time ride this year.

Bires will drive the #33 Chevy for KHI in the NNS race this weekend in Kentucky. He came home in fourth place in the KHI Chevy earlier this year in Nashville.

Bires recently took some time out to answer a few questions regarding his career.

You're from Wisconsin, home of some great racers. Who was your racing hero growing up?

"Have to say Jeff Gordon. He was one I rooted for, until Matt Kenseth started making progress in the NASCAR world. Always have to root for your homestate drivers then."

You've driven for the Wood Bros, JTG, and now Kevin Harvick...who has done the most to advance your career?

"They all have been an important part and all have given me great opportunities to race and show my ablility in a car. I would have to say Wood Brothers and JTG, just because they gave me a shot as an unknown driver."

Which drivers do you seek out at the track, for advice?

"Mark Martin has always been a great help to me. He's the one I go to if I have a question or need advice for any siuation I may come across."

You have a couple of races scheduled for later this year with KHI, at Kentucky and Memphis. How about the rest of your schedule? Are you looking for more rides, or are you pretty much booked up for the rest of the year?

"I do have two more races for KHI, this weekend in KY and Memphis later in the year. I will also be running Iowa for Braun Racing. As of now, thats all I got. Working hard to fill the blank spots in. It's tough right now."

You finished fourth in an ARCA race at Talladega in 2006, driving a Ken Schrader-Wood Bros car. Was that your best race so far? And how do you like those huge superspeedways?

"It was my best finish in the couple ARCA races i've done. Nashville's 4th place finish was my best in the Nationwide Series. I do enjoy speedway racing because it really rewards the patient and smart drivers."

I have to ask this one for the ladies. You are still single, right? Steady girlfriend, or just taking it easy?

"Very single right now. It's important at this time to get everything with my career right. Then, there will be time for the ladies."

I know you're a big Packer fan. Can they win their division this year? Has Favre tarnished his image any by going to the Jets, and not staying retired?

"Absolutely they can win their division. I hate that Brett Favre didn't retire as a Packer. I believe he hurt his image, but he still gave us a lot of good years, so I will for forgive him. I still will watch him play, no matter what team its for."

Do you have any charities or organizations you work with that you would like to mention? We have some very generous and caring readers.

"I work directly with Speedway Children's Charity and The Samaritians Feet Organization. Both excellent Charities that serve great purposes."

Thanks, Kelly, and good luck in the

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  1. Go get 'em, Kelly! I'm one of your newer fans, being from New Lisbon. Good Luck!
    Tom Paulson
    Harrisburg PA